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Mel Gibson Turns Himself In for Booking

3/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson tied up the loose ends last night in his criminal battery case, by going to the El Segundo Police Department near L.A. for booking ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Mel a week from his sentencing last Friday to go to a police station, where his mug shot would be taken and he would be fingerprinted -- all part of the process.

Mel went to the El Segundo PD -- near LAX -- Wednesday night at 9:30 PM PT.

Mel's info includes his age, 55, his weight, 190 lbs, and his height, 5'10". 



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TMZ dont like me    

LOL, Mel lyin' like hell about his height, the same way he probably lied to Oksana about his penis size, when they first met...

1285 days ago


Congrats Mel on the Beaver and the positive reviews...I think that now that the Ox has done such a good job of showing how evil she is, Mel has gotten a lot of sympathy from a lot of people who may have forgotten about him before this came out. I have always been a huge Mel fan but seriously I didn't even realize that he was back to acting when Edge of Darkness came out last year. Sometimes negative publicity is still good publicity...
Get that OX! Bet you're pulling your hair out thinking of the success of this movie and how you will only be mentioned as the scary from hell baby mama who was DUMPED!

1285 days ago


Interesting how the haters don't know how to deviate from their script. None bother to investigate - even a tad - to search for any semblance of truth. It is so much easier to type in mindless sound bites. Perhaps there is some truth to the "dumbing down of society" allegations.

This article contains no new information. Anyone following this story knew Mr. Gibson would be turning himself in at a police station. It's all part of the process. The only unknowns were when and where he would go.

I'm glad "The Beaver" has received good reviews. Mental illness is a challenging topic. I look forward to seeing this movie.

To those who say they will boycott any Mel Gibson movies...if you boycott entertainment based on the private lives of the actors, producers, directors, etc., you must not get out very much. Unless you have a very narrow criteria for your hate.

1285 days ago


gonesi -
I applaud you.

Everything you went through, the sheer gut wrenching frustration, the heartache when your boy wanted to go live with "Good Time Daddy" - it paid off a year later.

Who does your son spend holidays with now?

Posted at 6:59 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Curious

I see you have all moved to a new thread, so I will answer you Curious, here.

My son spends the holidays now with me. It has been a long ugly road, but I never gave up on my child.

When he first came home, he was full of anger. Since his father didn't care, my son directed it at me. I cried many tears and waited. I wouldn't give up. He has overcome that and is a very good son.

He won't talk to his father at all and it has been years. I don't encourage it or, at the same time try to make him call. My son has worked thru it and is doing what is best for him. The path is different for everyone.

I love my son and all has paid off. He is in college and is a good young man I'm proud of.

Thank you for asking.

1285 days ago


Oh, 190 lbs. . . I would do ANYTHING (except diet and exersize) to weight 190!

1285 days ago


TMZ why do you allow people to post advertisements on this blog?

1285 days ago


More praise for The Beaver....

I could be wrong, but after tonight, I truly believe Mel Gibson will be the first actor talked about for a 2011 Oscar.

What did I say? Glad THE BEAVER got the response I hoped it would.

The Beaver was pretty good. Interesting look into the psyche. good job Jodie Foster, you may save Mel Gibson's career.

The Beaver features puppets as unlicensed psychotherapy and offers a picture of the effect depression has on the modern family unit.

Lots of unique touches of character throughout. Great performances--Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence almost outshine Mel's puppet act.

Beaver might be a little heavy for its own good, but Gibson's in the zone. He's engrossing.

World premiere of Jodie Foster-directed The Beaver w/ Mel Gibson. Funny movie title, but poignant film about spiritual crisis.

.Just finished the premier of Jodi Foster's The Beaver with Mel Gibson. Very original and powerful movie.

Rousing round of applause for THE BEAVER. And I think I heard more than a few sniffles in the house.

"The Beaver" is definitely a different kind of puppet movie than "Being Elmo."

Big round of applause for Mel Gibson when Jodie says she has no regrets about his performance.

THE BEAVER is dark, solemn, at times beautiful and, at times, as silly as I feared.

Breaking News: The Beaver is an awesome movie. So much better than we expected and Gibson is great!!

Just watched The Beaver. What amazingly moving movie. Not a dry eye in the house.

SXSW film "The Beaver" : a HUGE success! I watched the audience throughout- they all laughed, they ALL cried, it was amazing!

THE BEAVER rocked me. watched most of it through glassy eyes. to say I was moved is an understatement. it's surprisingly profound.

Still recovering from The Beaver. That film was just ridiculous! I'm not convinced it isn't just some joke by the Funny or Die people.

HOLY WOW! THE BEAVER was crazy good...must see

when dealing with the subject matter of THE BEAVER, it's hard to portray a message to people who have never dealt with the situation

I think Jodie Foster did a great job

1285 days ago

M. Gabriel    

I read an article about Oksana. She was spotted running around the backyard with her hair matted, twisted and all knotted up. She was wearing the same face she had on while giving the People magazine interview of her Mel impression. Supposedly she was madly chasing leprechauns in a desperate attempt of getting the pot of gold. They out smarted her and tried to turn her into a frog but the frog leader opposed the action, stating "they would not participate in this ridicule ... it would be a condemnation of their integrity" Apparently, even frogs have standards and Oksana was too insulting to be part of the tribe. It was also rumored that she made sexual sorcery attempts toward these little men with pots of gold, it was "extremely frightening" said one red haired shoe maker who requested anonymity out of fear Oksana would make bogus claims against him. A bulletin of alert has been issued alongside a mugshot of Oksana. Sources say the photo is that of her dental picture with a level red threat warning. Leprechauns have been urged to take extreme caution today!

1285 days ago


I knew the reviews would be great. Mel is just one great actor. I can hardly wait until the movie shows in this area.

I wonder if the people that are making remarks about Mels height know how stupid they sound. In his fans eyes he is 6 feet tall and more of a man than some of these posters will ever be.


1285 days ago

Gregory Pecker    

I hope it was some "dirty black Jew" with "sugartits" who booked him.

1285 days ago


Last light??? TMZ, did you mean last night?

1285 days ago


Howdy Gang :)

Gonesi -
Just got here and was so happy you posted. I got all sniffly reading about you and your son. Your wisdom in handling a truly heartbreaking situation is inspiring. I don't know that I could have been so strong. Dammit, now i need a tissue.

1285 days ago


So, I take it you've met Mel Gibson?

Posted at 6:22 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Tellthetruth59"

Oh please everyone knows he's full of it claiming he's 5'10". It's only tools like you who believe him. There are to many movie scenes and other photos and footage that make it easy to see he isn't a true 5'10".

1285 days ago


I knew the reviews would be great. Mel is just one great actor. I can hardly wait until the movie shows in this area.

I wonder if the people that are making remarks about Mels height know how stupid they sound. In his fans eyes he is 6 feet tall and more of a man than some of these posters will ever be.


Posted at 6:44 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by kelly

Kelly, they're just mad because they have to eat crap now that the reviews are in for The Beaver. They have to find something to pick on and if they can't find something they make stuff up.

1285 days ago


Let's see I will give him less than 6 months to violate his probation. Whether it is driving drunk, resisting an officer, drunk in public, which now means even in a car with someone else driving, jaywalking, or deciding to beat up another woman, with his track record he will do something big and stupid.

Posted at 5:51 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by honesty
And what track record would that be? Let's see there was a DUI around 1981 and then NOTHING until a DUI in 2006. Yeah, that's really out of control. Some effing track record.

1285 days ago
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