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Gallagher -- I'm Selling My Props To Save My Home!

3/17/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gallagher has another emergency on his plate -- TMZ has learned the bank is threatening to seize his L.A. home ... and the comic is now selling off his props in an effort to save his property.


Just days after suffering a heart attack during a live performance last week, Gallagher told us he's having financial issues and needs to raise some cash in a hurry ... or else.

Among the items Gallagher is hoping to sell -- a set of giant bowling pins, an oversized tricycle, a bike contraption, tons of weird contraptions ... and a 1989 Mercedes ... but he can't find the key.

As far as his health is concerned ... the 64-year old comedy legend tells us he's feeling "fine" after  doctors placed a stent in his heart -- and is excited to get back onstage so he can smash more stuff. 

Check out the video to see some of the awesome stuff he's selling!


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northern gypsy    

lord love this fellow...however...his act is... ummm ....stale !!!
regrettably his financial woes aren't funny...just like him...
good luck with the amazing garage sale !!!

1313 days ago


Hmmmm...looking at his "treasures", I can't imagine why he is in financial trouble. He did a show near us recently and the Craigslist reviews were less than kind.

1313 days ago


How did he get his heart attack, coke habit?

He's been working non-stop for 30 years and he still has to have a garage sale to make the mortgage? Definitely been snorting all his paychecks.

1313 days ago


Worthless items! Just donate all to the Goodwill and Salvation Army and get a tax write-off!

1313 days ago


"he can't fine the key." Did they mean "find", or is this another lame Gallagher joke that doesn't make me laugh?

1313 days ago

Anony Moose    

Maybe he should stop smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer like a retard and get a real job. That schtick was tired in the 70's. I am shocked he's still doing it.

1313 days ago

Larry R. Humberd    

Stupid old tea-partying RANDROID deserves to lose his home.

1313 days ago


We all know there's 2 Gallaghers, right? He explained it on Howard Stern a while back:
There's Gallagher, melon crusher extraordinaire we all know, looks like Sonny Bono with a cap on, and then there's his twin brother, who does the SAME show, rips off the whole routine, audience doesn't know any better, he gets the $$, moves on.
Look into it.
Just sayin'!

1313 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Wait. Didn't he own the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at one time? Where'd all that money go?

1313 days ago


Maybe it is time to give ITT Tech. a call. Your act died back in the 1980's. Fast cash, write a book or sue someone. This seems to be the Hollywood trend.

1313 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

He's been in show business for 30+ years and he still has a mortgage?

1313 days ago


These comment sites ARE NOT for people to try to sell their goods. What too cheap to run an add for your knock off shoes and watches. Give Thrifty Nickel a call. The weekend is near, how about a yard sale.

1313 days ago


No matter what you do, or how much money you make doing is all about "living within your means." I doubt even 10% of Americans understand that simple phrase. They either go to the poor house on easy credit terms in order to get the crap they actually cannot afford, or spend every penny they make with the expectations that good old Uncle Sam will provide them with what they need from the day they retire until the day they die.

I'm 51 and have nearly $500K in the bank and expect to have $1 million before I retire...of course, if I wind up dying before I plan to retire, then the joke is on me as I could have lived a life of excess and not worried about saving!

1313 days ago


His key has a fine on it or he can't find the keys?

1313 days ago


Don't you guys know LA-speak? He axed where de' key wus and he cain't fine it.

1313 days ago
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