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Halle Berry -- Happy Daddy-Free Birthday, Nahla!

3/17/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While her custody battle wages on, Halle Berry threw her adorable three-year-old daughter Nahla a Gabriel Aubry-free birthday party in Malibu on Wednesday.


We're told baby daddy was specifically not invited to the festivities.

As evidenced in the pics, the 44-year-old Oscar winner can be childish at times.


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I think Halle and Nahla are BOTH adorable!
And I think Gabriel Aubry is a money hungry sperm donar.

1315 days ago


I've always thought that Halle was a little unstable, especially when it comes to men. I think she would be tough to live with.

1315 days ago

mary b    

Weird..... why would Halle be looking at the papparazi all smiling at her daughters birthday!!! did she invite them!? And, Halle paying for the big jumpy thing (big deal) she still loves her dad and can't they make it work for an afternoon at your little girls party!!! The one who looks pathetic here is Halle.... please get over yourself.... your acting like a spoiled self indulgent, arrogant wench.... Your getting on with your life in the way YOU want to.. Why can't Gabriel???? (kIm K) get over it!

1315 days ago


Thats class, not inviting Dad but making sure the party is where the paprazzie can see and photograph what a fun "mommie" she is. Where are the other children?
Its more of a publicity stunt staged by Halle then a childs birthday party, any moron can see that.

1315 days ago


she's such a bitch

1315 days ago


you classless biotch....rather have paps there then the childs cannot by you class or morals, just your picture on tmz and exploit your child....

1315 days ago


Both mothers and fathers need to remember something.....when you are telling your ex that they cannot be with their kids, you're also telling your kids they can't be with their mom or dad.

I wonder if they ever think of it like that? It's not the kids fault that you chose to lay down with someone you now despise either. Grow up and put your big girl/man panties on - do it for your kid! It's called sacrifice!

1315 days ago


Soooooo...daddy can't come, and no friends can come, but a pack of strangers with cameras can?

1315 days ago


Upon checking out this post, I couldn't wait to leave a comment, but after scanning the other comments, I really don't have to...most of the posters nailed it. But since I'm here, I will say that Berry is a screwed up person. This birthday party, oops, photo op, was more for her than for Nahla.

1315 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Halle's a bitch.

1315 days ago


And if Halle is so pro-black these days, why is it that the only men she's been involved with in the past few years, have been quite white? Me thinks she has more issues with the black side of herself than the white side.

1315 days ago


I've never been a fan of this woman but she especially lost me after everything came to light about her in her custody battle. And it's not because of stuff Gabriel Aubry said about her. She did it to herself with her own actions and words. Her "one drop" theory statements, her obvious maliciousness towards him and now garbage like not inviting him to the kid's birthday party. Whether Halle likes it or not, that is the child's father and seems to really love his daughter. She needs to get over her OWN daddy issues and put her daughter first. What a selfish, spoiled, narcissistic idiot.

1315 days ago


Every time you see a picture of that child with her mother she look looks so unhappy like she does want to be with Berry. When you see the little girl with her father she is happy, smiling and so joyful. That's a give away of who that child truly loves and adores being with - certainly not Berry.

1315 days ago


I love how Halle uses slave standards(one drop) when talking about her daughter, Keep it Classy Berry.

1315 days ago


How cute! Happy 3rd birthday Nahla!!

1315 days ago
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