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Lindsay Lohan -- New York State of Mind

3/18/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cheered for hometown New York Knicks last night, alongside her sister Ali and two brothers, Cody and Michael.

After the game, Lindsay was a lot less animated as she and her siblings made their way to their ride home.

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Lindsay is probably the most talented actress of her generation. While some actresses can play comedy and some drama, only Lindsay is acknowledged to play either with equal greatness.

Lindsays sobriety has made her the hottest property in Hollywood again. Lindsay is to be saluted for her commitment to her sobriety that has brought her career back to the top.

Posted at 6:56 PM on Mar 17, 2011 by Rabinowitz The Hebe

Ladies and Gentlemen- let's welcome back our old friend Friend of ol Lindsay (FooL for short).

Word for word the same delusional crack dreams FooL would post several times a day before she outed herself.

So FooL- who are you trying to convince- us or yourself? Is shouting BS at a couple of 100 people on TMZ going to change the fact you can't get a job, your phone isn't ringing, A-list parties won't let you in? I thought not.

Quite frankly you don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Natalie Portman (she already has something you lust after, an Oscar). and then there's Keira Knightley (who refused to work with you and LOOK! Oscar nominations), anne Hathaway- LOOK! more nominations! Even Mila Kunis is in more demand than you.

While these people have been been going to movie sets, going to movie premieres, award ceremonies, A-list parties what has poor Lilo been doing- going to rehab, going to jail, going to court, barred from A-list parties, barred from the premiere of her last movie, fired from her last job, fired by her agency.


1317 days ago


I wonder who was feeding her cues as to when the camera was on her?

1317 days ago



Hebe is being deeply ironic on purpose.

1317 days ago

Enough Already    

Did someone punch her in the upper lip cuz Donald Duck looks better than that???? And everyone has hit it spot on. That was all for show!!!! She is as fake as the hair, boobs, lips, tan she sports. Lindsay, don't take the family values down the toilet by PRETENDING to be the ideal family by going to a game with your younger siblings. Take your sorry ass home, STAY OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE and work on cleaning yourself up. You're a media ho to the max and we're tired of seeing you around. And while you're at it, take your tongue slobbering dad off the streets with you. Such great role models you have!!! No wonder you're all screwed up!!!!

1317 days ago


why does she get to park her ride there?

1317 days ago

Davey Boy    

Lindsey's a punk. She looks the part and plays the part. This "woman" would not give you the time of day. And she will be treated like a scared mouse when she goes to jail....again.


Theres the link of the real Lindsey..... sniveling lil bitch that she is.


Posted at 8:08 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by jim


What a video. If you haven't seen it, take the time. It's hilarious. Lindsay TOTALLY acting and sobbing crocodile tears. Jeez, all those sad, tired, excuses (see also lies) she made.

Lindsay, "I'm sorry. I tried to make all of my court-appointed alcohol rehab classes." What Lindsay really meant, "I'm sorry if I went to Cannes to party it up and do lines of coke. My bad."

The only thing authentic was Lindsay's utter shock that she was "sentenced" to 90 days in jail. Lindsay, "What? You can't do that to me, bitch. I'm Lindsay Lohan!"

1317 days ago


How did all the paps know she would be there? Oh thats right she tweeted she was there so that the paps would be waiting for her when she leaves.

1317 days ago



Yeah that's Nicolenabler's (the coke must flow) favorite hobby horse. This was the great injustice of July 6. The spoiled twit is finally called to account and it's an "injustice".

Even after Nicolenabler (the coke must flow) brags about concocting the "lost passport" story.

The woman is totally clueless.

1317 days ago


She makes a fool of herself, has to be seen and the center of attention no matter where she go's. Grow up and act your age. Fame whore

1317 days ago


Feel so sorry for her brothers and sister having such an embarrassment of a sister!

1317 days ago


Oh I get it...now that she's pretending to be sober she still needs her ego fix....


Unfortunately for Lindsey, the next time people will be "looking" is when they take her out of a flop house after an O.D. in a body bag.

Harsh...but true.

1317 days ago


Wow this was posted at 4:45am it's now 9am..and only 62 posts?

YOU'RE SLIPPING HOHAN...quick, do something nasty to win back all those comments!

1317 days ago


It looks like several of the people in the first photo look annoyed at Lohan's antics. After all, they went to see the game, not her.

1317 days ago


Why is Lindsay standing/sitting so much higher than everyone else, arm extended, especially in the first photo when it's obvious that nothing much is going on in the game?

1317 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I think celebrities only go to basketball games because they know they'll get their picture taken. So sick of photos of celebrities watching basketball....just sayin'

1317 days ago
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