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Lindsay Lohan -- New York State of Mind

3/18/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cheered for hometown New York Knicks last night, alongside her sister Ali and two brothers, Cody and Michael.

After the game, Lindsay was a lot less animated as she and her siblings made their way to their ride home.

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Rabinowitz The Hebe    

It seems that Dreamon is the only one getting it. I am laughing at you VORLON, this poster/idiot sees a conspiracy everywhere. Afraid I'm not Lindsay/FOL. In fact since posters started hijacking her name 'FriendofLindsay' she posted under, I have not seen a true Lindsay/FOL post.

Sad that so many desperate posters looking to seek recognition by hijacking the name. True posts by FOL are easy to spot. She will continually praise Lindsay, while putting down the DA and argue viciously with posters who put down Lindsay.

1314 days ago


I think she's just spotted her lesbo girlfriend sam the skank.

1314 days ago


FUTMZ is in the know: "While Lindsay Lohan was drawing all the attention from folks seated nearby..... Ali was rifling through their purses."

Hahaha! Could be that big sis is teaching lil sis the ropes, judging by the Blind Gossip column I posted a few days back.

Also, got another big laugh out of the poster who wished someone had been behind Blohan to push her over. Except the sprayed on pants wouldn't bend. I'll bet a LOT of the Knicks fans had that very reaction. Lindsay was trying to make the game about her. Sorry but you DON'T DO THAT at a Knicks game!

1314 days ago


#67, BS, Rabinowitz. I too thin you are Lindsay AKA FriendofLindsay but you're too afraid to post under that name again after you got busted AND talked about drinking Red Bull and vodka.

So, how's the hangover this morning? Why don't you drink a whole lot right before you return to LA so you can turn up a dirty piss test and get all of this VoP done with.

1314 days ago


Oh, Ernie, you're wasting your time with her. That girl has "criminal" tattooed on her heart, and I sincerely doubt that she'll ever change her ways or try to think differently. It's good of you to try but she's lost in her criminality, she really is.

1314 days ago


Looking good Lindsay, I'm glad your having fun. You cheering basketball brings back memories. Gotta go to work, see ya,

Posted at 7:44 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by john smith


And here's Mikey trying to win Lindsay back yet AGAIN and failing miserably. Wonder why??????????

1314 days ago


Look how she needs to be the center of attention. I knew a girl just like that and she always had Daddy issues. Wonder if there is a connection?

1314 days ago


As basketball players like to look in the stands occassionally, I'm sure more than one noticed Lindsay cheering them on. I feel a player sees a star of Lindsays magnitude in the crowd, it only makes them play harder to win, and ultimately to get Lindsays attention.


Hahahaha, yeah, WHATEVER! That was good for a laugh. :-D

Did any of those impressed Lakers invited Lindsay Dimbulb to after-game parties? Yeah, I thought not!

1314 days ago


You see these pictures and Harvey wonders why she won't take the plea deal.

1314 days ago


Was she high on something? No one else seems to be jumping up and screaming.

1314 days ago


Lmao at the comments this morning! Especially liked the one wishing someone would push her over while she's standing up blocking everyone's view of the game. Bad manners!

Why is she soooooo annoying!?!?! She looks ridiculous - even from these stills, we can all see the over-acting in play.

"Lindsay Dimbulb" - that's funny Lou!

1314 days ago


Davey Boy says: "What a video. If you haven't seen it, take the time. It's hilarious. Lindsay TOTALLY acting and sobbing crocodile tears. Jeez, all those sad, tired, excuses (see also lies) she made."

Oh, you mean the date of her Great Injustice? (Gasp!)

I loved it how the announcer sardonically stated that it was hardly a gulag that she was going to. Everyone was onto her ridiculous crocodile tears during the Great Injustice.

Also, Lindsay, your various posts on here have been GREAT fodder for humor. You really MUST continue to post such idiotic, egotistical, unrealistic crap so we can continue to laugh at it. You are so darned GOOD at unintentional humor.

1314 days ago


Did any of those impressed Lakers invited Lindsay Dimbulb to after-game parties? Yeah, I thought not!

Posted at 9:27 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by lou

No, but she was turned away from one:

The troubled actress made a late night dash to the Sunset Marquis in the hopes of partying with friends on the back patio of the luxury hotel, but was turned away from the NBA soiree.

"The guest list was pretty specific, so there wasn't much leniency," said a source at party. " But if I'm being honest Lindsay is seen as too much trouble and that's the reason she wasn't allowed in.

"If it had been someone else with a better reputation there is no doubt they would have made an exception."

While Lohan did not put up a fight she became unsettled at being turned away and began wandering aimlessly through the hotel lobby.

"She could have just gone to the Bar 1200 which was right there in the lobby. But she began acting a little strangely instead," said the insider.

"We thought perhaps she had a room there - or that one of the friends with her did - because she headed for the elevators, rode them up and down for about ten minutes before going down to the parking garage and heading out that way.

"She didn't make a fuss, but she definitely looked shocked that she wasn't being welcomed in."

This was the second time in a matter of hours that Lohan headed out on a late night hotel jaunt.

The 24-year-old was spotted outside Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel in the early hours of Friday morning.

However she denied she was doing anything wrong and Tweeted;

"The reports i was at Teddy's are inaccurate. I was just at Roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend. i take my sobriety seriously. Please don't believe this accusation. i know the rules and i wouldn't risk probation."

Get a load of these butt-ugly pics:


1314 days ago



Lou you're a total idiot. I had to laugh at your feeble attempts to 'help' Lindsay a couple weeks ago. If Lindsay needed help she sure wouldn't take it from an old stalker like you, or your younger stalker in training son, who you liked to tout so much

Lindsay was simply enjoying a basketball game with her family. Its certainly not her fault that the stalkerazzi noticed her. I can tell you the crowd was simply abuzz with Lindsays presence. Flashbulbs were going off everywhere. Lindsay was continually beseiged with requests for autographs. Only 'BIG' stars receive adoration like that.

As much as you nobodies on this site like to deny it, Lindsay is a HUGE star. Lindsays continued commitment to her recovery is not going unnoticed. Once the unjust persecution over this trumped up charge is over with, Lindsay has received commitments from several big name producers, for Lindsay to star in there upcoming films.

Lindsay is back from the brink. Her renewed faith in God provides her the strength to continue, one day at a time. While the sick among you live to tear down Lindsay, her faith in God tells her to forgive the haters, for they know not what they do.

As much as you hate hearing it, Lindsay commitment to her sobriety, and her renewed faith in God, does indeed have her in a very good place. A year from now Lindsays comeback will be the talk of Hollywood, and she will be gracing all the magazine covers. America loves a comeback story...Lindsays will be the biggest ever!!

Please do us all a favor and STFU Lou, and the rest of you Haters. You people are in the minority judging by all the words of encouragement Lindsay receives everyday, from around the world.

1314 days ago


The people in the back look pissed, I would be too.

1314 days ago
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