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Lindsay Lohan -- New York State of Mind

3/18/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cheered for hometown New York Knicks last night, alongside her sister Ali and two brothers, Cody and Michael.

After the game, Lindsay was a lot less animated as she and her siblings made their way to their ride home.

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Good morning, Bootsy! (And everyone else except the Lohan trolls and Mikey the women beater.)

How's your cat today? One of mine is giving me the cat evil eye at the moment. She really wants to go out and hunt mice except I won't let her out. Hence the evil eye she's giving me.

1259 days ago


Uh FooL (or whoever)? I'm not Lou. Unlike some people, some of us don't feel the need to hide behind other people's handles.

1259 days ago


I can just imagine the conversation before the Basketball game. Dina- "Now Lindsay, make sure you are the center of attention at the game so all the paparazzi take your picture,I'll make sure to sell them to TMZ and Radaronline in the morning, Mama needs a brand new designer handbag."

1259 days ago


Uh Linds, the girl behind you , who probably actually paid to see the game, would love it if you sat your fame whore ass down so she could see!

1259 days ago


Hoo boy, Lindsay Dimbulb must be sporting a mega-hangover today cause she is Miss Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaanky Pants. (What, did the spray on pants get caught in your crotch and cause a case of the ouchies?)

The only "God" you've found, Lie-han, is the one in your vodka bottle. That's the only "God" you worship or ever will. Too bad that that "God" makes you into a creepy criminal who can't even figure out that your career is kaput. All you have left to hang on to, like some weird 80-year-old former child star, is your tired old movies.

But have fun pretending, babe, cause it sure is fun to laugh at your ridiculous assertions and mega-ridiculous attempts to get attention at a game, where you end up looking like a 12 year old who has just embarrassed her parents by acting like a fool. Oh yeah, FooL, that's you.

1259 days ago


You would seriously think if this dumb tick was so happy from the game last night that she wouldn't be on here trolling again today.

1259 days ago


What a dork. I would be embarrassed to sit next to her no matter how popular Friend of Lindsay claims her to still be. If Lindsay gets any future roles she will be playing some kind of dweeb,dork,geek,or nerd because thats what Lindsay really is.

1259 days ago


Hi Lou,

She is sweet! The kitties do love mice. The evil cat eye, that is funny!

I see FOL is back and happy as ever!

FOL - I loved your, I mean Lindsay's, renewed interest in God, and her committment to sobriety (regardless of her refusing a breathalyzer, jumping over a wall at bf, and being late for curfew).

I'm sure if you, I mean Lindsay, can't be committed to sobriety in a treatment facility, I'm sure you, I mean Lindsay, are having a hard time with it in the 'real world'.

And how can you tell 'us' the crowd was simply abuzz with her presence? Don't be ridiculous. Hi Trollhans.

1259 days ago

Davey Boy    

I loved it how the announcer sardonically stated that it was hardly a gulag that she was going to. Everyone was onto her ridiculous crocodile tears during the Great Injustice.

Also, Lindsay, your various posts on here have been GREAT fodder for humor. You really MUST continue to post such idiotic, egotistical, unrealistic crap so we can continue to laugh at it. You are so darned GOOD at unintentional humor.


THAT was the so-called "injustice" Nicole keeps referring to? LMAO! I'm tempted to ask, you've got to be kidding, but I'm sure you'll answer the obvious.

Too funny. Nicole's child is out partying in Cannes (doing lines of coke) when she should be attending her classes. The judge calls LieLo on it and Nicole cries foul.

Oh the INJUSTICE when a judge holds "the child" accountable.

::Davey Boy turns off sarcasm::

1259 days ago


I would encourage you losers to spend as much time looking for jobs as you do hating on Lindsay. Perhaps then once you have a job you won't be filled with the disgusting hate and vitriol that fills the pages of TMZ everyday.

I see that Lindsays commitment to improve herself, and not dwell on her mistakes of the past truly angers you posters. Judging by the thousands of fan letters Lindsay receives and responds to everyday it is this attitude of 'never giving up' that serves as an inspiration to her fan base.

Lindsay is a fighter, and a true inspiration for the multitudes of down and out, who look up to her. It is these fans that Lindsay remembers everyday in her prayers. It is this type of love for her fans that continues to draw admiration from others in Hollywood.

The best is yet to come for Lindsay. While others here may tout other actresses, it was Lindsay who was first. So big deal if Portman received an Oscar. Lindsays talent far outshines her. Lindsay is young and has an entire career ahead of her. In 40 years people will be saying Natalie who?

1259 days ago


SIT DOWN!!! idiot. her poor brothers, how do u defend a sister like that? they must get teased mercifully. this is the MOST NON AUTHENTIC "normal thing" to do. does she even know who plays for the Knicks/ANYTHING besides a camera?

can she go back to the hole in california she's been in the last 6 yrs? No one in NY has any interest in her .. and like i've said before, if she committed all these crimes in NY her ass would be sitting in Rikers!

1259 days ago


Are you people serious? I've stop coming here and it's just as idiotic as ever. Don't most of you idiots realize that there are over 30 pictures of Lindsay and her siblings taken at this game and TMZ has manipulated you fools into believing that she stood up throughout the whole game by hand-picking 2 pictures where she is. Go look at the other pictures, fools, she's sitting in them and it's Ali who seems higher up seated in her chair (because she's taller). And there's plenty pics of Ali up and out of her seat cheering as well as the male Lohan siblings. For the most part, Lindsay and her siblings enjoyed a basketball game out. And people at the game didn't tweet that Lindsay acted obnoxiously, yet you fools put words and ideas in their mouths based on pictures. It's truly unbelievable how people conjure up entire stories on split second pictures that represent an eye blink in time. Stupid, stupid comments.

1259 days ago


TMZ, your site is really in the sh*tter lately. All posts are LINDSAY, CHARLIE, or HARVEY. I can't even watch TMZ at night anymore .. HARVEY no one cares about you recording a song, or thinking you're the CIA. the show has become TOO much harvey.

go back to the peoples court u munchkin man

1259 days ago


Vorlon suggests we look at these Laker photos:



Vorlon, were those recent pictures? Because it's a different outfit than the one above.

My heaven's, she looks AWFUL in those photos. Really, really bad. She looks like Dina's MOTHER, for goodness sake. Wow. It's really a shame that she cannot look at those photos and see what everyone else sees - the incredible ill health, deep lines, rough skin...the ravages of drug abuse.

Lindsay, get a clue. You are SICK. You are SICK. Your alcoholism and drug dependency won't let you see it but you are SICK. Do you want to end up in a body bag this year? I don't like your behavior but don't want to see you go there. Please take another look at those pictures, when you're sober, if you can. You look like Hell. Try not to end up in a body bag.

1259 days ago


She reminds me of Jessie on Saved by the Bell when she took the caffeine pills. Whooh! Yeah! Alright! No one else there, who probably attend more of the Knicks games than she does, don't seem to be encouraged to jump up and down by what just happened. Sit down and get out of the way. I'm curious if she ever ever has had FU on her nails except for the court appearance. I think it would be funny if on her next court date, the photographers, the bailiffs, the attorneys and judge just happened to have FU. I mean it was all innocent...right?

1259 days ago
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