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Brooke Mueller -- Hasn't Japan Suffered Enough?

3/19/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess not. 



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Politico Pablo    

The kamakaze headband might be fashionable, but a miniture Japanese flag might work just as well.

1315 days ago


Not much I know but at least she's better than Charlie. Of course that old wino I saw peeing in alley yesterday is better than Charlie.

1315 days ago


Just another one of Charlie's whores who thinks that makes her newsworthy. If she'd sober up, she MIGHT realize she's nobody but a star-f*cker. One among many, many women in Hollywood. Get sober, be a good will take you a lot further in life than your current path.

1315 days ago

what He said    

She has more lines under her eyes than Paris has in her purse!

1315 days ago


For all the sad, messed up celebs, why does TMZ like to pick on this one so much?

1315 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

she's always got the same stupid, rehearsed smile on her face.

Is that the best you can do Streamlet?

Paris does it too.

How many hours / days in front of a mirror did it take to finalize your public look?

1315 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

What on earth makes this female and the other one with the two daughters think they are better than Charlie....I am more than sure these two females did not have any of the fame and fortune they have now....Charlie, this is what happens when you buy love from unethical , women that have absolutely no morals....They do have your money and your connections.....Too bad you could not find a female that actually behaved like a woman...Fame and fortune will attract females like OKSANA and the last two females you married....They were only out for your money, drugs, and the Hollywood were weak enough to fall for it...All those females seen in you were CASH & DRUGS...which is the sort of female type you are attracted to....Not sure about Casandra's mom ....I am sure she is a real woman....You see Charlie....You hit the jack pot....but you have no strength....too weak for you were a sucker to females like your last two...The female with the two daughters...really has a lot of nerve to think she is any better than you....She is a lot SLICKER,than you are Charlie...Do watch out for that one in particular...So, you were tricked out of your money buy GREEDY, NO/ LOW MORALE HAVING FEMALES... of your choice.....Not a good feeling....though it is a LIFE'S your child support...and let these children grow up and see you if they want...It is a money thing you see.....TARGET for greedy people...with no morals....sad....though they will pay here....and where ever they might end up in the long run...The Creator....does not like plotting , scheming ,sinister, people....they know what they want from you and how to get it once you are sized up....and give in get cashed in.

1315 days ago


Strung out whack job what a tool

1315 days ago


First off, the headband reads "must win" or "certain victory", something along those lines though it's hard to translate exactly. GSP wears while walking out to the ring.

Second, why is everybody on her case about wearing a headband to show support. When the slightest thing happens in America, don't we show our support by raising, wearing, flying, and even putting the American flag as your computer's wallpaper. Sounds hypocritical if people complain about the Japanese flag.

1315 days ago


what a loser.. she needs to be seriously locked away ... charlie... you MUST BE MORE CAREFUL IN YOUR SELECTION OF MATES... STEER CLEAR OF THE FAME WHORES

1315 days ago


TMZ, for once your headline is right on. Brooke Mueller's got nothing on Charlie Sheen - and, right or wrong, he's got all the dough!

1315 days ago


At least Sandra Bullock DONATED 1 million dollars!

No that is something not an empty gesture by an empty soul
of a person!

1315 days ago


this lady is in a very bad situation...she can't seem to stay clean - this isn't her first reportde stay at a 'living faciity' in the last year. she has to be clean EVERY drug test. Charlie only has to be clean when he wants to get the kids. this lady will lose custody very it any wonder that her parents are moving out to take care of her kids? will that be enough to keep their clean daddy from full custody when she relapses?

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


This chick has a chin that makes Jay Leno's look good. Take some money and fix it crack ho. Hope they takes the kids from you for good.You are not a fit mother.

1315 days ago
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