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Harvey Levin's 'My Way' -- Proceeds Go to Japan Relief

3/19/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if having your money go to a few adorable pet charities wasn't enough of an incentive to pluck down $1.29 for Harvey Levin's rendition of "My Way" -- now we'll match all sales in the form of a donation to help the efforts in Japan.

Regrets ... don't have a few -- download it on iTunes now!


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I'm sure $2.58 is gonna help a LOT.

1282 days ago

O-C Guy    

Harvey - Wrong song for the crisis in Japan with a tune that starts off: "The end is near"...&..."my faith is certain". What idiot suggested this song?

1282 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

What a sleazy self-promoter.

1282 days ago


This really is a very disgusting attempt at self promotion veiled under a transparent attempt at a relief effort.

Japan needs help not this sort of mockery.

1282 days ago

Sad sad    

Claps. Shut up fools above. Song was done before the earthquake. He's helping 3 charities now. More then you guys I'm sure so button it.

1282 days ago


he was ok a lot better then i thought it would be.

1282 days ago


hey harvey is there anyway to buy the song direct from TMZ website? I would donate as I'm already here and have boycotted apple. If not will donate to japan and christchurch earthquake relief and a pet charity in NZ where I am based.

1282 days ago


I loved it!! Harvey took his time to fully sing it beautifully.
It had a lot of emotion flowing within it. I was a tad bit amazed at how fully I loved listening to it. Only because I didn't know how fully it would be song seriously, seeing how the jokes were flowing when he first sung it outside on TMZ.
But again, Harvey, you did a great job, can really sing when you really go at it, and it's a great blessing that you are helping charities with the profits. For that alone may the Gods give even stronger inner strength to you so that you can sing more tunes and help charities even more. I even look forward to a full cd of songs from you, and I don't really buy cd's much at all! *Love, Light, Peace, Protection Upon You Sir!*

1282 days ago


Nice, and thank you TMZ. That said, donate direct with no middle man to the International Red Cross. That organ does the best job of getting it to the people who need it.

And, oh my God do they need it. Poor Japan. Keep them in your prayers as they did us on Sept. 11.

1282 days ago


I think its one of the nicest things being done by TMZ most recently.

1282 days ago


I dont know if this is an attempt at self promotion, or if it he is genuine about donating. In the end, all it realy does is make him look bad by doing this. I think it would have been MUCH better if he had just donated his own cash to the charity, and did this separately.

1282 days ago


I thought the whole segment with Paul Anka and Harvey was very sweet. Made me want to hug Harvey.

1282 days ago


Harvey, you are adorable!

1282 days ago


good move harvey!....the pets are adorable, but those poor bastards in Japan need that help alot more....

1282 days ago


Cheapskate, yeah, you and the "STARS" use regular people's money to make donations to charities to make yourselves look good. Use your own money instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul. You people have so much money I guess by being fortunate and having all of that money doesn't make you a good and heartfelt person.

1282 days ago
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