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PETA -- Knut's Death Could Have Been Avoided

3/19/2011 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic passing of Knut, everyone's favorite German polar bear, could have been prevented ... maybe ... this according to PETA.

Knut passed away in his habitat this morning of still-to-be determined causes at the age of 4. A rep for PETA tells TMZ they contacted to Berlin Zoo months ago to alert them to the fact that Knut was being "terrorized" by three female polar bears -- including his own mother!

The rep tells us, "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity."

A necropsy is planned for Monday to determine the cause of death.


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That is so sad...Hopefully they can make a nice Bear Rug, or 2 or 3 really nice Bear Skin Coats out of him!!!

1312 days ago


I support what PETA does in theory, but they are constantly doing themselves more harm than good by going overboard on issues, or, like this time, by jumping the gun. Let them do a necropsy then criticize the zookeepers if it appears their actions led to his death.

1312 days ago


RIP Knut.

1312 days ago


It must be nice to be a rich, self absorbed PETA member who can afford to judge everyone else. BTW I'm eating a lamb & baby seal sandwich. FU PETA nazi's UR a terrorist group just like NCLR.

1312 days ago


Mike, where did you get a lamb & baby seal sandwich...I've looked everywhere and can't find them???

1312 days ago


I love animals. I hate PETA.

1312 days ago


Poor bear was *****whipped to death. They were planning on fixing him up with Oxsana and he killed himself rather than live with that fatlipped bitch.

1312 days ago


PETA, I completely respect what you do but you don't know the cause of death any more than the rest of us do. Lets not start pointing the finger just yet. As an organization that is supposedly dedictated to aiding our animal friends, be respectful and let the Berlin Zoo mourn the loss of Knut before you start blaming them for his death. If it turns out you are correct with your "findings", then deal with it accordingly at the proper time but for now, back off and lets find out what happened first.

1312 days ago


I'm not a fan of zoos. I understand rescuing and saving animals that are threatened. I understand that some are injured or domestically socialized to a degree that they cannot be released to the wild. What I don't understand is our need to display them. They should at least be housed in something that is at least close to their natural habitat. An enclosed full viewing pen open daily for visitation 8 to 8, isn't exactly natural. I suggest taking a walk in the woods, jungle, desert etc and taking a respectful look for yourself. Sit quietly for a few hours and maybe you'll get lucky. If you're not willing to do that then maybe looking at these animals isn't as integral to your well being as you think.

1312 days ago


I love animals. Much more than humans. But seriously if they "don't belong in captivity" (I agree) then there isn't anything to be done to avoid his death. Wild animals weed out the weakest link. Humans should be so wise..

...I'm looking at YOU, PETA.

1312 days ago

A Noun    

I don't respect PETA at all. They're hypocrites, only looking for the photo op, not helping animals every day at all. When was the last PETA dog and cat adoption day you saw? Where are the PETA shelters at all? They don't exist.

1312 days ago


This is why polygamy is illegal--it always leads to the man being terrorized by the females and an early death.

1312 days ago


The point PETA is too ignorant to realize is that Knut would have died in 2006 if not for the zookeepers because his mother abandoned him! Duh. He lived a great life from 2006 to now and brought joy to many. RIP (it's just a freaking bear FGS). I like animals alot but people are more important.

1312 days ago


He probably lasted 3 years longer than he would have in the wild. People need to chill out.

1312 days ago


@@ death caused because he was in captivity because polar bears do not belong in captivity...yeah, animals never die out in the wild. @@

how about peta STFU and wait for an autopsy.

1312 days ago
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