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PETA -- Knut's Death Could Have Been Avoided

3/19/2011 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic passing of Knut, everyone's favorite German polar bear, could have been prevented ... maybe ... this according to PETA.

Knut passed away in his habitat this morning of still-to-be determined causes at the age of 4. A rep for PETA tells TMZ they contacted to Berlin Zoo months ago to alert them to the fact that Knut was being "terrorized" by three female polar bears -- including his own mother!

The rep tells us, "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity."

A necropsy is planned for Monday to determine the cause of death.


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Don't know what happened here - but if he was indeed being bullied by other bears, this is a problem in the zoo environment. In the wild, he would have just moved elsewhere to get away from them. Young males are often pushed away by older animals.

Here's hoping it was neither murder nor suicide...

1281 days ago


Peta supporters need to watch the Penn and Teller show B.S. about Peta. What they do and say are completely different things and waste money on offensive marketing promotions and pr stunts like this one, and help very few animals in reality.

1281 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Grace@#16 is absolutely correct. Poor Knut would have perished as a tiny cub because for whatever reason his mom rejected him. He had 4 years because of the work of humans that grew to love him.

1281 days ago


PETA is responsible for killing dogs that were put in there care after Katrina. They got away with it in court by having good lawyers. NOTHING MORE TO SAY ABOUT THEIR OPENIONS.

1281 days ago


Poor Knut had a tough life. That zoo made a ton of money off of him and should have looked after him better. They will never admit fault if it's determined that his injuries were a result of an attack. I agree with PETA, polar bears don't belong in captivity. I don't need to see them in a concrete cell and neither does anyone else.
People who disrespect animals and find humor in Knut's death are supreme Aholes.

1281 days ago


I'm sure you can prevent anything to a degree? Sounds like PETA is hopping on this for a PR ride. They need to get their name out there and encourage donations to keep their machine going. Tragic for the bear as he was a big draw for the zoo. Polar bears are wild animals and better off staying that way. You always see them pacing back and forth in a zoo as if they're losing their minds. I'm sure they have them all doped up.

1281 days ago


Poor baby.

1281 days ago


I love animals. I also believe most people will not go to heaven, however, I believe most animals I have known will go to heaven. The dogs that have been members of my family have shown more humanity than most people show and this is why I love animals.

1281 days ago


I was wondering when those PETA nitwits would speak up. When Knut was abandoned, did they (PETA) want him to die instead of being saved by humans?

1281 days ago

Craig Swinson    

I have a feeling they are going to find out he was poisoned and it will lead back to some animal "rights" group.

1281 days ago


Ok was it that time of the month or was it menopause? RIP Knut..

1281 days ago


I absolutely despise PETA. They are a hypocritical organization that spends millions of dollars on pornographic ads every year while they murder millions and millions of animals in their "shelters".

1281 days ago


His own mother hated him, that should tell you something. Maybe he was going to be the jeffrey damer of polar bears. This could be a good thing.

1281 days ago


@Jay LOL!

1281 days ago


Considering that no one knows the cause of death yet, perhaps PETA should shut their mouths and wait for the results. Jumping the gun and screaming foul is just their way of garnering attention. And THAT is the most disgusting thing about PETA, they wait for tragedy and then instert themselves into it to gain attention.

1281 days ago
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