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Michael Lohan Allegedly

Viciously Attacks Kate Major

3/22/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now knows why Michael Lohan was arrested Monday night on domestic violence charges ... and it involves his ex-girlfriend, Kate Major ... and it appears there was a violent confrontation.


Michael went to his apartment last night -- the one he shared with Kate.  She hasn't lived there for a while and she had dropped by to pick up some of her stuff.

We're told Michael became upset that Kate was packing up for good, and "went ballistic."  They started arguing, and Kate turned her back on him.  She told cops, Michael then grabbed her and threw her across the room.  Kate says she struck the bedpost with her left shoulder.

Kate claims she threatened to call the cops, and then Michael allegedly took a towel and began choking her.  She also claims Michael then threatened to cut himself with a razor blade and tell cops she did it -- if she called police.

Kate went to the Sheriff's sub-station, where cops photographed what we're told are "visible injuries."

TMZ broke the story ... Michael was arrested and booked on inflicting corporal injury on a co-habitant, false imprisonment, and preventing the report of victimization -- all felony charges.

Michael complained of chest pains after the incident and is currently in the hospital.


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Like @The Sham rock tough guy wifebeater

1309 days ago


This is all part of ML's plans to see his daughter. Can't you see the lipstick he is wearing? He will transform into a woman and enjoy 6 months behind bars with his disturbed offspring (which is the only place LL allows him to spend more than 5 minutes with)... Good move daddy. I always said ML was a smart man.

1309 days ago


TO: 119 [lou] who wrote:
“Italia, those are good points but lots of women end up doing exactly what Kate did - going back alone to get their belongings. And then end up getting hurt - or worse. I personally know of such a lady who did that, against the advice of her lawyer. She is now in her grave thanks to her moment of poor judgment. It does happen.”


You’re absolutely right Lou.

1309 days ago

penny green    

Well the apple don't fall to far from the tree, now does it?

1309 days ago


why does she keep going back--they both should be arrested

1309 days ago


How Lindsay ended up so crazy with a stand up guy like this for a father I'll never understand :)

1309 days ago


This is the same sh*t Lindsay did with Samantha Ronson!

The ONLY difference is Samantha never called the cops on Lunatic Lindsay, which she should of

Lindsay always threaten Sam that she was going to cut herself

Lindsay is just like her father! Both are criminals with a rap sheet a mile long too

1309 days ago


Dr. Drews "Celebrity Relapse" gets its name from this very crap. Everyone who enters his "Rehab" ends up failing. The whole Lohan family needs to just disappear. They are all LOSERS.

1309 days ago


I know, Italia, I know. :-( Makes me sad just thinking about the situation I spoke of.

1309 days ago


And how, therock, do you know that all of their claims are fictitious? Little as I like Dina's behavior, I believe that her fear of Milo is real. And, come on, 4 women all lying about the exact same thing? That sounds like Lindsay logic.

1309 days ago


Kates way of retaliation because ML publicly stated he wants back with the wicked witch of the US, Dina Lohan. Plus she's upset that ML's fame is about to explode once CR is aired and he will be able to do so much better!

Posted at 1:16 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by therock

How lame of an explanation. And sorry, don't you mean that Mike's infamy will be greater after CR and this?

1309 days ago


Why are you all even covering this he is a nobody.

One half of two of the worst parents i have ever seen.

1309 days ago


@therock How was Texas??did you paint the town RED??

1309 days ago


Here's a very important fact about human behavior. Once a story gets out about a famous man, such as "he hit me", ALL future women will "claim" the same thing when they're betrayed and kicked to the curb. It's in their DNA.

Posted at 2:12 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by therock

Kinda like once a story, such as "she's a thief," gets out about a famous woman, all future vendors and friends of the woman will claim the same thing? Is that how it goes? Because we all know all of those claims are BS too, right, therock?

1309 days ago


@therock was it true about wanting to get back with the mother of his children and try to help repair the broken and battered home for the sake of the young Ali and cody Lohan??

1309 days ago
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