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'Dancing' Fans: CANCEL Chris Brown's Performance!

3/22/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's "GMA" meltdown this morning pissed off a HORDE of "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- and now they're demanding that ABC cancel the singer's performance on the show next week.


Chris was scheduled to perform on "Dancing" TWICE during the elimination episode next Tuesday -- but fans of the show are rallying online to make sure that doesn't happen ... overtaking the official "DWTS" message board on

Several users plead openly for ABC to cancel Chris' performance after the singer's outburst this morning -- writing messages like, "Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing with the Stars!  I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

But it doesn't stop there ... some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart Chris' performance -- in fact, another person writes, "I just sent an e-mail to ABC about him performing. I truly hope they cancel his appearance."

So we gotta ask ...


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Seems like HE should get over it. Ain't it time to grow up?

1308 days ago



You were given a second chance, you idiot. Time for you to get some serious help. You are headed down the fast and short road to Done-ville.

1308 days ago


Cancel it!

1308 days ago


But these are the same people how are probably following Charlie Sheen .. I can understand what he did was wrong, but he has been trying to rise above it all and it keeps coming back.. No one is giving him a break.. He made a mistake, a bad one.. but let him talk about his music without bringing up the past..

1308 days ago


This is a non-rehabbed bum, just starting off with his "chance", and immediately screwing up. People have to realize that domestic abusers, like pedophiles, NEVER get better. Don't kowtow to that bum. Let him go his own way.

1308 days ago

Mamma Says    

everyone assumes they know what happened at GMA. He has a right to get pissed that Robin kept pressing him about the past. She did it deliberately knowing she'd get a rise out of him. He should be given a chance to move on past his mistakes. People need to realize no one is perfect, and yes what he did to her was horrendous, but if you keep holding a man down will he ever rise again? way to jump to conclusions all you people who say they'd not watch Dancing again. Get a life. Move on. He is trying to move on, and the media won't let him. Charlie SHeen gets all this press and he has abused all of his wives and that is a fact yet people are flocking to his shows.

1308 days ago


Cancel him on Dancing with the Stars. He is still full of rage. There does not need to be any more bad controversy for the show. Bristol Palin and Sarah was enough.

1308 days ago


Jetta...he was given a "break" after his first little issue. Apparently that break wasn't enough to buy him some smarts. As per the other TMZ article, it was discussed with him, before hand, that his other issues would be questioned during the interview. He knew what was coming. Let's face it...he should know that that will be a HUGE part of any discussion from here on out, and he brought that on himself. Man up and talk the good talk if you want to keep a good image...and stay away from the negative publicity.

1308 days ago


He is a loser and always will be. He should recognize his poor actions and apologize, and state he learned his regretful he is EVERY TIME HE IS ASKED.

1308 days ago


without a doubt, I WILL NOT watch DWTS if chris brown performs and I will never watch it again. and anyone who knows me knows that I practice what I preach! If others would do the same as me, the world would be a better place

1308 days ago


get over it people! If you don't like him turn the tv off.

1308 days ago


If Chris Brown performs on DWTS i will not watch it again. I have watched every season faithfully, but if Mr. Brown performs. bye bye for me.

1308 days ago


oh shut up people! hes a great dancer and he should be on a dancing show just because he got tired of people talkin about some old mistake he made and got pissed doesnt mean he needs to be kicked off ****... what about the lady that harassed him about something he did and regrets and paid his debt for... how come no one said anything about her harassment??? rihanna aint bitchin so why are yall?? get over it!

1308 days ago


by valerie, his actions make him dangerous. Breaking a window in down town NY Glass falling on people walking below. This young man has issues, ego problems. He needs to answer for his actions.

1308 days ago


I think that everyone should just let the boy live his life. Ya he hit her so what it happens everyday. Just because he is in the spot light he should apologize every time he gets on camera. Please.. Heck no! She's living her life and not worrying about it so why the hell are we. Eveyrone keep saying he needs to grow up but what about you. You read this crap just to have something to talk about. Read to ya kids, help them with home work. Do something PRODUCTIVE with ya life. The bible say's judge no man but yet that's what we live to do..!.. @ anytime in life this could be you and how would you feel if everyone keeping asking you about it. Ya he made a mistake but tell me is he the first..? Let go and let God AMERICA

1308 days ago
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