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Judging Lohans -- A Family Affair

3/23/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan was just a warm-up act for her daddy at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, because Michael Lohan will go before the very same judge in the very same courtroom in which Lindsay appeared.

Truth be told ... Lindsay has faced two judges in Bev Hills -- Marsha Revel and Elden Fox.  Michael's domestic violence case will go before either Revel or Fox.

At least Michael won't have to ask for directions.


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Its Just a matter of time before E has a new TV show.LOL

1224 days ago


Who cares about the article. You need a new Photoshop artist!

1224 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This ****bag is not worth commen.... er... oh crap.

1224 days ago


Now lock that coke head Dina up and we have a package deal. This family is the joke of the year.

1224 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This ****bag is not worth commen.... er... oh crap.

1224 days ago


What a stellar family. The nut didn't fall far from the tree.

1224 days ago


What really sucks is Lindsay would probably not be in trouble right now if Revel had stayed on the case. Everyone seemed relieved when she was no longer the judge for Lindsay, and people thought it kinda proved the judge was treating her unfairly, but the thing is, she wasn't about to give Lindsay any breaks, and Lindsay probably would have been in jail, and not out stealing jewelry.

Posted at 1:04 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by Disturbed


Ha Ha NO
Lindsay would have violated even before September and would have eventually maxed out her sentence.

1224 days ago


I too would like to know where all of Michael Lohan's money comes from. Does it come from TMZ for selling them "exclusive" news (read: bs) on his daughter Loser Lie-ho? Please clear this up Harvey. Getting tired of this idiot, his worthless daughter, and all these mysterious "sources close to Lie-ho".

1224 days ago


I hope they both go in jail for some time and I hope they pay big fees so they can loose the money they made recently from Jimmy K and Dr.Drew.

1224 days ago


Everyone here asking how MiHo makes money.
He just got recently 80 K from CR. But I hope he looses all the money to lawyers and court fees.

1224 days ago


This family is so wanted in Hollywood....just ask Dina.

Lindsay always plays the victim card, starting frenemy wars all over Hollywood. James G. Robinson (CEO of Morgan Creek Productions): Lindsay Lohan was always late and sick for work because she was out partying with the Hollywood crowd when filming Georgia Rule. Eventually, James G. Robinson wrote her an open letter claiming her behavior was irresponsible and discourteous, and threatened legal action if she continued to disrupt filming.

Inferno Producers to Lindsay Lohan: You're Fired!
Scandal queen Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Fired From Movie 'The Other Side' - MTV Movie News| MTV
... Lindsay Lohan has been fired from the movie "The Other Side" because, according to sources, she is not "bankable."

Lindsay Lohan gets uninvited to the premiere of her new movie, ...
Lindsay Lohan Blacklisted from Swanky Shutters on the Beach Hotel ...

... Lindsay Lohan Blacklisted from Swanky Shutters on the Beach Hotel ...

... Hollywood actress and model Lindsay Lohan could be blacklisted by the Indian government
Lindsay Lohan blacklisted by stars, friends and fellow rehabbers ...
Lindsay Lohan blacklisted by stars, friends and fellow rehabbers.

Lindsay Lohan blacklisted from 2010 New York Fashion Week ...

... New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off, but one former 'It girl' has been left out of the spotlight this year.

I think it's time for Lindsay Lohan to start really worrying. It looks like she's been blacklisted in Hollywood.
In the latest "ban Lindsay Lohan from something to get some media attention", Carvel Ice Cream has blacklisted the entire Lohan family because of an incident at a Long Island Store involving Dina Lohan. The police were called.
Dina should read what Hollywood thinks of her trashy family.

1224 days ago


Ok everybody. Read @81 three times,click your heels three times and maybe just maybe it will sink in. Dump this dump. There is nothing more to figure out here. If you can't seem to rationalise a story that just has no reason it is beyond rationalization. We have to throw up the white flag on this one. None of us will figure out how and why she keeps getting away with it all. It's up to us to stop letting her make a fool out of everyone in her hurricane path.Stop all the madness.No more attention in the direction of this sociologic study.We failed.Please TMZ,love your site but no more on this story. It's dangerous to the normal mind now.

1224 days ago

PRO US    

Father and daughter reunion in jail?

1224 days ago


He has been looking for ways to be in Lindsay's. Here is his chance to see her. Don't buy his chest pain deal. Just wanted to get out of jail. The police bought it hook line and sinker.

1224 days ago


Maybe these Loserhans can get cells next to each other, then they can tap on the wall and ask "what are YOU in for?"


Both of Youse!

1223 days ago
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