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I Smoked WEED

Before My Oscar Speech!

3/24/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg smoked a BIG, FAT JOINT before she won her Oscar in 1991 -- and was stoned off her ass during the victory speech ... so said the actress herself in never-before-seen footage obtained by TMZ.

Whoopi Goldberg

An unabashed Whoopi dropped the bombshell during a voice-over recording session for the movie, "The Pagemaster" back in 1992.

Whoopi explained how she smoked a "wonderful joint" to help calm her nerves before winning the Best Supporting Actress award for "Ghost" ... and was so high during the award show, she had to mentally coach herself on to the stage. 

Whoopi Goldberg WeedAfter the Oscars, Goldberg says she got a call from her mother -- who could tell Whoopi had smoked weed because of her "glistening eyes."

Whoopi noted, "Just because I do it doesn't mean you should do it."

Check out Whoopi's speech -- can you tell she was baked?


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A. Conda    

Good for her !! More people would benefit from relaxing with a J once in a while.

1252 days ago


She must be high all the time with the crap that comes out of her mouth.

1252 days ago


If she say she robbed bank, police will investigate and if evidence, will charge her.

She say she do illegal drugs, police no investigate, no charge.

Why police investigate and DA charge some crimes, not other?

Because celebrity? Or we supposed to follow some law, not other?

1252 days ago


Dear cannabis haters,

When you present a cogent argument that can clearly explain to me or anyone else why cannabis is illegal then I will be willing to listen. As long as you use your "gateway" drug argument (without any research, and that's ZERO, ZIP, NADA) then I'm going to ignore you. Do you know why? Well, it's because you've swallowed what "they" have told you hook, line, and sinker. Because, don't forget, alcohol was also illegal once upon a time too. And, that was a dumb idea too. These are the same people who told you to put butter on a burn. Sounds good, but it's an old wives tale. And, you will eventually get your facts straight, because they WILL legalize it soon.

So, how about a short thank you to all of the conservatives who are making the legalization of cannabis possible through your fiscal irresponsibility. You've left it to the stoners to make the United States a better place to live. Thank you. :-)

1252 days ago

CA Girl    

And this story is important (or interesting or relevant or or or) BECAUSE.................??? News flash: She's just another Hollywood "actress" who smokes dope. Wow. I'm SO informed now. Thanks for sharing.....

1252 days ago


With public examples like 'Pot Head' whoopi in the main(lame) stream liberal media claiming superior intellect and judgement over all the rest of us, no wonder we have such a huge drug problem in the US.

Hey Donald, you win again!

1252 days ago


How about you talk to the doctors who are overpriscribing medications to Americans with a ridiculous sense of entitlement who believe that there is a pill for every problem. If you want to discuss the "huge drug problem" in the United States, you need look no further than your local pharmacy.

As soon as I don't have to hear teenagers tell me how many "xani-bars" they've eaten to calm their exam jitters then I will be willing to accept that Whoopi Golberg was wrong for toking on a joint before appearing on stage. about you stop trying to legislate morality?

1252 days ago


Poor Whoopi.....have you seen a full shot of her standing up? She's a whale! Apparently those munchies have gotten the better of her. She is morbidly obese, and seems to keep on gaining.

1252 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey Whoopi??

Donald Trump should have slapped you across your UGLY FACE on The View the other day.

I can tell you right now. It takes a very polite man to sit there and have to even LOOK at the likes of you let alone SMELL the stench from yo nasty dew rag.

And BTW.

I have to agree with Mr Trump.

Apparently - THAT THING in the White House was indeed born in Hawaii. But WHY? WHY WON'T THAT THING PRODUCE THE ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE??? That is all the man asked. But you need to cover up for YO BOY - by doing the chicken-head THANG that makes almost every decent black male RUN from black females and their babies.

Take a bath and wash yo HAIR woman and come back smelling civilized.

1252 days ago

samantha young    

Please, please Whoopi FIX YOUR HAIR!! It's disgusting!!

1252 days ago

samantha young    

Why are celebrities never charged for their drug use? They do it out in the open, when all can see, and Charlie Sheen aadmits to cocaine use. It this not illegal in the U.S.?

1252 days ago

Sad sad    

easy: Such a great point but everyone thinks it's ok because it's legal. I don't think I know one person who is NOT on anything. Feeling depressed? here's a pill. Feeling nervous? here's a pill. Feeling too happy? your manic here's a pill. WTF The legal drug pushers of America. Weed is probably the most safe out of all of them. You have to laugh at those apposing to legalize as they down a 6 pack of beer at home then get in a car and kill someone or beat their wives and kids. Backwards America.

1252 days ago


Over many, many years, nothing has diminished her monumental ugliness! Looking at her kills my appetite...

1252 days ago


she smoked weed to calm down? so coaxing herself to be in front of people is normal? why do people smoke pot anyways? and why do pot heads think there's nothing wrong with it?

Posted at 4:48 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by Paul

The same reason why people who drink think there is nothing wrong with that. Different things for different people. Not everything has the same effect on everyone. I have an alcohol allergy but sometimes I like to smoke weed while my friends are drinking. I never have a hangover. I never get depressed or do anything stupid. Weed isn't the dangerous drug you think it is. It's actually safer than alcohol. It just isn't legal so you have been brainwashed to think it's bad.

1252 days ago


looks like she could give one hell of a hand job the way she stroked that statue.

1252 days ago
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