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Chris Brown

Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst

3/24/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown finally apologized for his destructive behavior at "Good Morning America" -- but he made sure to take a few shots at the show at the same time.

Chris Brown Apology
Though Robin Roberts says Brown was aware she was going to ask about Rihanna, Chris told a different story on last night's "106 & Park" on BET -- where he said the talking points approved by his people were all about "positivity" and his new album.

Brown says he was "thrown off" by Robin's line of questioning -- and said she only brought up the Rihanna incident in an effort to "exploit me."

The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me," adding that "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

For their part, ABC News this morning said "Chris Brown was invited on 'Good Morning America' to perform and be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."

On this morning's "GMA," Robin added "It's time to move on."


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LOSER!!!! The interviewer was very respectful, no one was exploiting him. The only person who has been exploited was Rihanna when those pictures were leaked of her face all bashed up. - IDIOT. Talking about being positive? He's the least positive person! ha ha, what a b*tch - Didn't he also release pictures of his penis right before his album came out? He's exploiting himself!! Dumbass

1308 days ago


When are you going to put on your big boy panties and become a man?? When are you going to learn that throwing a temper tantrum may, on occassion, be acceptable for a two year old it isn't acceptable for an adult. GROW UP and MAYBE people will take your "F.A.M.E." seriously!!!

1308 days ago


CHris Brown, i hope the only reason you apologized is for breaking that WINDOW, OUTHERWISE I DON'T KNOW WHY ANY OF US STOOD BY YOU....

1308 days ago


Everybody need to leave chris alone especially his haters he is doing his things so listen to his music look at him now and stop the hating and this is from team breezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1308 days ago



1308 days ago


Chris Brown is an immature/unintelligent/disrespectful little boy, that can sing. Take away his talent and this dumb arse would be doing zero to five for an assault some where. He cant control his emotions. He is like a 6 foot tall 5 year old.

B.T.W - His talent is his voice- his music is garbage!

He talks about the "what eva" that happened a couple of years ago... It wasn't a "what eva" .. you beat up a woman you ignorant waste of talent!

Breaking up a dressing room, then ripping his shirt off in the middle of the street tells the story of this future felon.

1308 days ago


Humans make mistakes that other humans needa except,,this is one of them if people stop being judgemental and move on theyll see that,,all of you are pathetic an childish speaking talking crap behind your computer screens #TeamBreezy !!!!!!!

1308 days ago


all u guys talkin s*** about him bt was u there 2 kno whnat happened in either incidents, NO bt u damn show have alot 2 stay. jus bcuz a person lashes out doesnt mean they have anger issues, it means that they're tired of all the bulls***. he was there 2 promote his album not be ask about rhianna and/or sumthin that happened 2 years ago. if yall watched the interview and stop going by wat u read in blogs, u wud have seen that he was trying 2 talk about his album and not old news bt she kept going back 2 it. now do u really believe she didnt do anythang wrong. yea he messed up and he apologized 4 it(whether u think it was sincere or not). we all kno yall hate him bt that jus shows how childish and ignorant u r (the samethang u say about him). get it life and stop worrying about his. and chris keep doing ur thang and proving these haters wrong.

1308 days ago


Gee. What a surprise, Another black celebrity making a fool of himself. Chris get a job doing what you are qualified for, shovelling horse manure.

1308 days ago


ABC are cowards for not pressing charges..

1308 days ago


Chris Browns' album FAME haunts me.
To think DWTS will promote this guys R rated album is just not right. Here are some lyrics from NO BullS**t.

"U already know what time it is, reach up i the dresser where the condoms is
And baby when i get it ill never let go, gonna take it slow
We aint gone stop till 9 am, if u cant take it all baby say when
make u c**m over and over again, and imma leave it in "

DWTS is a great show, helping this guy to promote such filth is not really good for ABC.

He should stay and promote his crap on MTV or some other kiddies broadcast. His appearance on prime time is not appropriate.

It seems ABC has deaf ears to this situation. Perhaps they are too scared
to do anything as CBS and Chas. Sheen
has become a media zoo.

This type of entertainer (for lack of a better word) is degrading to all of aspects of television entertainment.

Thank you for your time.

1308 days ago


I like how he substitutes the word violent with "emotional". Dumbass. You'd think he'd be on his best behaviour. We haven't seen the last of this type of outburst. I can guarantee that. Hope fully he sticks to objects and leaves other people alone.

1308 days ago

Jo Ann    

S***, s***, s***! I am so disappointed in GMA for allowing this creep to get away with what he did. It also seems to me that all of the people defending this jerk's actions are black and I can't help but wonder why? I think if CB was white, none of the people currently defending him would even speak out. I don't get it? This is not a racial issue.

1308 days ago

Doesn't matter    

I always try to look for the good in everyone but my gosh! He can't even control himself with GMA??? I never was interested in him after what he did before...this was just icing on the cake. What a nasty, mean, childish kid. I would say everyone needs to treat him the way i treat my child when shes acting out for negative attention and ignore her...but I think he really believes he is ok. For that reason I say he needs serious help!

1308 days ago


f*ck all yall hating a*s b*tches. hop off his d*ck. yall mad as sh*t he gettin money & yall got to watch him get money. you dumb d*ckheads. i love him always have always will F.A.M.E B*TCHES!!!!!


1308 days ago
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