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Dr. Murray

Propofol Pharmacy Shut Down

3/24/2011 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Las Vegas pharmacy that supplied Dr. Conrad Murray with massive amounts of Propofol for Michael Jackson has been shut down ... TMZ has learned.

Shut Down!

According to court documents obtained by TMZ ... "Applied Pharmacy has been shut down by the State of Nevada and will file Bankruptcy in 90 days."

The pharmacy shipped multiple packages of Propofol to Murray at his girlfriend's Santa Monica address in the months before MJ died.


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And MJ has died. Why eliminate TWO lives? Because that's basically what will happen. I guess hes obligated to some punishment, But he's no Charles Manson.

1246 days ago


People need to follow rules as they are the rules for a reason. They are tried and true. If only people trusted **** more.

1246 days ago


Legitimate Cardiologist don't give his or her patient a potentially heart stopping without the necessary medical equipment available to restart the patients heart and knew or should have known this potentially heart stopping drug is normally administered in hospitals where medical equipment is available to restart the patients heart.

Legitimate Cardiologist do not wait almost an hour or more to call for medical help with a patient is in cardiac arrest especially when competent medical help is less than 8 minutes away.

Legitimate Cardiologist know how, where and when to give a patient CPR.

Legitimate Cardiologist do not leave a person under a potentially heart stopping drug without proper medical staff to intervene if the patient goes into cardiac arrest.

Legitimate Cardiologist who indulges in the above behavior does not say to the patients children, I've nothing to apologize for after committing homicide against their father.

Legitimate Cardiologist don't try to blame their dead patient for their own death when the patient cannot defend himself.

Evidently, Dr. Murder does and did, so I guess I'm more surprised about the above murdering acts than a pharmacy closing. I'm just saying......

1246 days ago


@#8 Agreed.

1246 days ago


What a break for Dr. Murray. Shut them down, no evidence for the DA. Isn't the law great in California?????????????

1246 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    


1246 days ago


Paypal, huh? Smell me before I'm coming? Lame. If you really want to insult me you're going to have to be more creative than that; that's kindergarden s.h.i.t.

And Scheithaur, you should really man or woman up and use your own name or your own nic; using that name is not intimidating me and you only look like a fool. Sure, it upset me the first time you did it but not anymore. You're a coward. If you want to address me and try to do some real damage, do it under your usual nic. Loser.

1246 days ago


And the number of ruined lives and livelihoods continues to grow. Jackson's drug addiction got him killed, but plenty of other people are paying dearly for getting involved with him and his vices. Sad, sad, sad.

1246 days ago


What happens to your secret new home? Nobody cares to come? Not even Flower Power? Pegasus could be such a bore!!!
Posted at 8:08 PM on Mar 24, 2011 by duilama
I bet they miss the interaction with the haters/realists. They are just pathetic lonely souls.

Posted at 8:38 PM on Mar 24, 2011 by Dumb Ass MiMi

I wish they would all go to their secret place and stay there. They say the same thing day after day after day, and their attempts at cheap shots are becoming increasingly stupid. Yet they sit there on their high horses and they think they are so wonderful. If Michael were alive and saw how they treated people, ANY people, he would be ashamed to call them fans.

1246 days ago


What Michael Jackson did do, was set up his will where his Michael Joseph Jackson estate did not go to his family. His kids are well taken care of through his estate he entrusted to people Michael Jackson trusted. His family (outside of Rebe and Janet) wasn't it. Maybe he thought they sponged off of him long enough.

God knows, they haven't stopped trying.

The Jackson 5 was over 30 years ago. Michael Jackson is still dead.

1246 days ago


Michael Jackson Fans are Committing Suicide
June 30, 2009

According to Michael Jackson's largest online fan club, MJ fanatics have been recently committing suicide because of the pop star's tragic death.

The Sun is reporting that up to 12 die-hard Jackson followers have taken their own lives since his passing on Thursday.

Gary Taylor, who runs, recently said, "I know there has been an increase, I now believe the figure is 12. I believe there may have been one Briton who has taken their life. It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live."

This crazy news came to light when it was revealed that a Jackson lookalike in Russia cut his wrists after Michael's death was announced last week. The fan, Pável Talaláyev, was found bleeding heavily at his home in Moscow just hours after it was announced that Jackson had died. Luckily for him, an ambulance crew found him in time and managed to save his life. Apparently others have not been so fortunate.

The most insane aspect of this story has to be the conversation that took place in the ambulance after the paramedics had saved Talaláyev from death.

One of the paramedics stated, "He was in a terrible state and kept on saying: 'It's all the same to me. I'm going to kill myself. It's the worst tragedy of my life and I don't want to live any more. I don't know why you saved my life, I want to be with him'."

Pável is supposedly Russia's most famous Jacko lookalike and apparently modeled himself after MJ from the age of nine.

Hot damn.

It's just an old true story.
MJ fans worldwide are mental.
They only stopped slicing themselves after JesseJ and that other foolish one AlSharpless went on the waves and pleaded for fans to cease their cultist irrational behavior.


1246 days ago


if sony/aeg want to continue to appeal to the fanbase, they (culprits/judicial system) better put murray's butt away!!!! yet then again I'd love to see a nobody like murray cost a powerful culprit organization like sony and AEG a billion dollars a day or a that would really be fun to see!!!!

Posted at 7:15 PM on Mar 24, 2011 by mymjj5.

Hey, mymjj5, u should see the film Lincoln Lawyer. Just watched it. Very interesting to see how lawyers/prosecutors make deals (in the movie). Wonder what's it like in real life.

1246 days ago


Throw him in jail now!

1246 days ago


But, how is he gonna kill anyone under the protection of the law!?

1246 days ago


God Bless the good Doc Conrad Murray for bringing the unregulated Propofol use issue to the publics attention.

Michael Jackson, in secrecy, wanted and got his M.I.L.K. long before this poor doc came into his evil demented sights.

Justice for Conrad Murray
Bring Michael Jackson to Justice

1246 days ago
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