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Britney Spears -- Hits the Stage in Las Vegas

3/26/2011 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears made a return to the stage last night in Las Vegas, debuting a new song called "Big Fat Bass" -- and TMZ has the video.

Brit performed three songs during the mini-concert at Rain nightclub in the Palms Casino & Resort -- "Hold It Against Me," "Big Fat Bass" and "Till the World Ends." During "Bass," Brit can be seen climbing up and down various props and sitting down on boxes -- not a lot of choreography going on here.

Draw your own conclusions.



No Avatar


she's so gross

1271 days ago


Shes living by her past.
If you get any good loking girl, say to her 'sing sexy and breathy' and do some smash hits with robotvoice for you, dance with your hands, play the cd track in the back and baaan you are a star!

1271 days ago

Hazel Hayes    

What a stupid mess. Glad I didn't pay to see that. She has always been sooo overrated.

1271 days ago


I want my money back!!!!!!!!

1271 days ago


31 NYchick Are you serious? or just really really stupid? I get that a performance is a lot more fun with good dance moves but c'mon. You don't need to dance to be a singer or artist. There are plenty of artists that just sing instead of dancing. Her career is far from 'over', maybe you're just jealous you got nothing going on in your own life? If you wanna bash her for not singing live, or having bad songs, fine go ahead. But saying that she can't be a singer because she can't dance anymore is stupid.

As for this video, it is bad. Not because of the whole dance thing, but because of the music. What the hell is that? She just repeats the same thing over and over again.. I loved all her previous albums but the new one just sucks. Just take one line and put it on repeat, the music is awful too. Any nerd with good programs on his computer can make those sounds. Music these days suck though. You can kinda feel the end of the world coming when talentless nobodies like justin bieber and miley cyrus start winning awards and where people actually think lady gaga is 'original' and a 'huge talent' and ofcourse in a world where artists don't bother to put much thought into their songs and just dress skimpy and parade around like a whore much like katy petty, rihanna and christina. I'm only 20 but dear god I wish I was 20 in the 80s, good music and actual talent :)

1271 days ago


Lip-syncing AND weak dancing, just like the rest of the pop stars. Britney, I'm disappointed. Even though not everyone likes them, at least Gaga and Adam Lambert sing live WHILE they do some heavy choreography. Both of their concerts were amazing. People want quality these days! Boycott lip-syncers!

1271 days ago


even heidi montag could pull this off

1271 days ago


Thank God GaGa can finally go back to her cave!!!!!! God Bless you Britney!!!1<3

1271 days ago


She looks like that chick on iCarly, episode iFix a Pop Star. She can't sing and can't dance anymore....what is the appeal??? I DON'T GET IT =\

1271 days ago


TMZ=LIAR where is the break of this song, where Britney make a wonderful dancing????
you have just cut this part!!! LIAR
this the part which TMZ had cut:

1271 days ago


TMZ=LIAR where is the break of this song, where Britney make a wonderful dancing????
you have just cut this scene!!! LIAR
here is the true video uncut like TMZ did it :
sorry for rhe quality of the song

1271 days ago


Pathetic and embarrassing.

1271 days ago


I just don't understand how she still has fans. Are they all in denial?!!

1271 days ago

Master Po    

So after reading this David clowns two comments that everyone ignored I went searching for this earth ****tering "break down" that tmz "edited oyt" well its 12 seconds and BARLEY a dance. So what exactly are you whining about being edited out? 10 seconds of almost a dance move? Really?

And just curious david if the people "hating" on this train wreck are losers who make no money I guess you should let us know what you do that makes you a rich winner who defends her.

1271 days ago


Her fans love her as a person and her song.
Because i dont think its possible to someone to like this.
Like i said even heidi montag and kim kardishian, paris hilton could pull this off on stage

1271 days ago
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