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WWE Announcer Tweets Gay Slur, Deletes It

3/26/2011 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than two weeks after the WWE and GLAAD teamed up to say they were going to work together to curb homophobic slurs in wrestling, one of the WWE's top announcers tweeted one at a fellow announcer.


Earlier today, Michael Cole simply tweeted one disgusting word towards fellow announcer Josh Mathews. Cole quickly took down the tweet and apologized, posting:


The WWE and GLAAD announced a partnership on March 17 to try and put an end to bullying based on sexual orientation after a series of homophobic taunts was made by wrestler John Cena.

WWE said at the time: "WWE takes this issue very seriously, and has already spoken with our talent about these incidents. We are taking steps and working with GLAAD to ensure that our fans know that WWE is against bullying or discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, "WWE has alerted GLAAD to the situation and spoken to Michael Cole about his post. He has removed it and apologized for using hateful language. Michael will be included in the training session being done by GLAAD. WWE takes this very seriously and is against discrimination of any kind based on sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or other."

A rep for GLAAD could not be reached for comment.

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If wrestlers can throw around the F word, then why not the N word? Oh that's right, you're scared of black people so you don't use that word but you're not scared of gay people so the word is OK.

I hope those of you not having a problem with this NEVER reproduce.

1309 days ago


Definition of ***got is:

1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel
2. (Engineering / Metallurgy) a bundle of iron bars, esp a box formed by four pieces of wrought iron and filled with scrap to be forged into wrought iron
3. (Cookery) a ball of chopped meat, usually pork liver, bound with herbs and bread and eaten fried
4. a bundle of anything

I am glad he apologized and will receive sensitivity training and will not call anyone a bundle of twigs or iron bars or chopped meat again.

1309 days ago


@elpablo, Post #86: Obviously you think being gay is something that is learnt and not determined by genetic predisposition or other biological factor.

Most scientists and doctors would disagree with you on that determination. The majority believe based on the available evidence that sexual orientation is usually a matter of nature, not nurture. The matter is still up for research, investigation and debate. Your religious or moral values have no bearings on determining the facts involved in this issue.

1309 days ago


@Jon, Post #84: Not true. The man from GLAAD was this nice white haired gentleman in the kitchen who helped us obtain the right kitchen bags for our trash and compost. He used to be in commercials on TV.

1309 days ago


@Philt, Post #81: Why are you trying to justify to us why you care about this issue?

1309 days ago


@mondo, Post #78: It is indeed politically incorrect to call them by that term and has been for many years now. Have you just awoken from a coma? You might also want to know that Japan and Germany surrendered to the Allied armies. Congratulation on your recovery by the way.

1309 days ago


@west 504, Post #46: Obviously, you are an hateful ignoramus who has no idea what the definitions are of the words you are using. Why don't you look up the definition of "sodomy" in a dictionary? If you did, you would find that over 90% of Americans perform one form of sodomy or another. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary "sodomy" is any form of "an-al" or "or-al" sex with a member of the same of opposite sex.

So you saying that all "sodomites" do not deserve any respect or consideration means that you are inciting disrespect for 90% of Americans. Obviously, 90% of Americans do not hate God or nature, even though you wrote here that they do. You have shown yourself to be a fool and an imbecile.

Normally I would agree with you on 1 thing, that every human life on earth involved a man and a woman. But, I'm not sure about that in your case. Maybe, in your case it involved a jackal like in that movie about the Anti-Christ that was so popular many years ago. Let us know if you find a "666" mark beneath your hair on the back of your skull. Thanks!

1309 days ago


"same or opposite"

1309 days ago


84. GLAAD discriminates against sexual orientation and religion.
They hate ex gays and Christians.

Posted at 11:09 PM on Mar 26, 2011 by Jon

I agree. That whole Carrie Prejean brouhaha was because she stated her belief that "marriage should be between a man and a woman" which the gay people couldn't handle. The same recently when a church, run by an ex-gay man, put out an Apple iPhone and iPad app to help "those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction", then the LGBT community couldn't handle it by petitioning to have the app pulled. Total double standards by these people!

1309 days ago


@miguel, Post #23: Thank you for sharing the information with us that you hate all f*ggots. Please let us know what other groups of human beings you hate so we can alert the media. Should we call the President and wake him up at 4 am to let him know of your feelings. Who gives a frack what you think?

Since when is hating an entire group of people who have done you absolutely no harm, something to be admired?

And no, not all gays are going to die of AIDS. Most of them will die of other causes just like straights. You don't know that because you don't know the rankings of causes of death for the general population. You are an ignoramus. Read a medical journal once in a while and you might learn something, fool.

1309 days ago


@Don, Post #28: "Is anyone else sick of gay people? Go away"

Posted at 3:19 PM on Mar 26, 2011 by Don

Yes, a lot of prejudiced, hateful, intolerant, ignorant and judgmental people like yourself are sick of gay people.

1309 days ago


Oh here we go ahead with the political correctness brigade... sorry but I'm not about to start treading egg shells around gay people... in the same way they feel they have "gay rights", us regular folk can have freedom of speech too... stupid ***gots...

1309 days ago


@Superman, Post #97: Carrie Prejean might not be the person you want to advance as a role model. She has a sex video of herself on the internet that she didn't tell the Miss California or Miss USA organizations about. I think the question Perez Hilton asked her was inappropriate but that's because Perez Hilton is usually a vulgar, outrageous and inappropriate person, not because the whole gay community was against her. She would have had to relinquish the Miss USA title if she had won it for what they would term inappropriate public nudity and activities.

1309 days ago


@musiqbiz, Post #100: Actually, a lot of gay people are smarter than you. Then again, that isn't hard. Just because you don't like them doesn't make them stupid. You actually have things a bit backwards: You probably dislike them because you are stupid.

You do have the right to shall dislike them. And we have a right to think less of you for being so narrow-minded and prejudiced.

Have a nice day and enjoy your unreasoning hate.

1309 days ago


@Howie, you protest too much!! Seriously, WTF?!? I didn't call Prejean a "role model". I stated the truth about what started the brouhaha and who started the backlash against her.

1309 days ago
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