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'Ghost' Crew -- We NEED to Investigate 'Idol' Mansion!

3/27/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The crew from "Ghost Adventures" believes there may be DEMONIC activity inside the haunted "American Idol" mansion ... and they want to investigate the place ASAP ... TMZ has learned.

American Idol House Haunted
Zak Bagans -- lead investigator of the "Ghost Adventures Crew" -- insists the alleged paranormal activity inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the "A.I." finalists were staying sounds LEGIT and "possibly demonic."

As TMZ first reported, the "Idol" gang MOVED OUT of the place last week after several spooky incidents -- including flickering lights, mysterious spider infestations, and a FLOATING WHITE SHEET!!

Zak tells us he feels the best way to investigate the supernatural situation would be to bring  the "Idol" finalists BACK to the house so he can use them as "trigger objects."

Zak explains, "If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of them ... hence all the activity."

We're told the "Ghost Adventures Crew" has already been in touch with the people at "Idol."

Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuned.


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oh sure,,bring back mr. diva drama queen(casey) back into a haunted house...oh my, i just feel faint, help me stand up straight mr seacrest.... insert southern accent here.

1283 days ago


WOOHOO go Zak and the team!!! You guys are the best of the best!! Hope you get to investigate there!!

1283 days ago


It's all just fun. Imagine how much MORE fun the whole world would be if people stopped being so snarky about things as silly as this.

1283 days ago

pansey arnold     

STUPID !!!!!!!!! They are a joke .If they keep up the stupid acts I wont vote for any of them.Cant the show get good ratings without the lies?

1283 days ago


Ghost Hunters have way more credibility. It would be a more of a story if Jay and Grant wanted to visit the AI mansion.

1283 days ago




1283 days ago


GAC has found more evidence in the past few months then most other teams have only wished to find in YEARS about the Paranormal. Haters are always going to hate. Just shows jealousy. Zak is a great guy, so is Nick and Aaron. They aren't trying to capitalize on anything. They are already a VERY WELL established show on Travel Channel and have been on there for the past 4 years or so. Ever stop to think maybe Zak heard about what's happening at this AI mansion, and wants to check it out for Paranormal Research sake? Also, about Ghost Hunters should be the ones to investigate, this isn't a Competition. It doesn't matter WHICH team investigates it, they are all searching for the same thing. PROOF OF PARANORMAL AND DEMONIC EXISTENCE. The GhostHunting field is a FAMILY.

1283 days ago


Scifake has debunked GA and others. Read the stories over at scifakedotcom.

This is all a sophomoric publicity stunt and much of what GA encounters can be debunked. Evidence is invented to please advertisers and the fans. SIMPLE! Without the advertisers and without the fans have nothing.

When will the humiliation stop? LOL

1283 days ago


Actually Ron, I have investigated WITH GAC at a fan event in Philly at Eastern State Penitentiary. And as a Paranormal Investigator myself, I can honestly say nothing is faked with GAC. I witnessed things firsthand with my own eyes, along with a bunch of other people. Fact still remains hun, this isn't a competition with paranormal teams. Everyone is looking for the same thing. GhostHunters has been debunked several times as well. Remember the infamous jacket pull with Grant? But none of this matters really. If someone can find a piece of evidence that another person didn't find, everyone wins, because we as paranormal investigators are all searching for the same thing. Bashing one team over another really doesn't get this field anywhere.

1283 days ago


I would watch it if Ghost Adventures done it. I wouldn't watch it if Ghost Hunters did it. Those guys have the personality of a wet paper sack. The ghost Adventure crew has personality and charisma. Jay and Grant act like they hate being anywhere and show no emotion other than arrogance.

1283 days ago


These guys are the biggest tools I've ever seen.

1283 days ago


I agree with #37 (Jennifer).Zak from Ghost Adventures is a phony idiot! Put Jason and Grant in there so they can debunk everything. AI is doing this for ratings because the show is tanking. The only ghosts these contestants have probably seen are JLo and Steven Tyler without their makeup.

1283 days ago


Ghost Adventurers is a Comedy of a show. They don't try to debunk the way Ghost Hunters does. Personality has nothing to do with it. They scream like babies and act like children. I stopped watching their program after the second time. They act more than anything.

1283 days ago

marla price    

oh man the three of you are fabulous!! got to meet you last march at the stanley motel have pictures of all of us will cherish them till the end! if their is one!!!!see ya again on friday nite and now saturday toooo!!! lots of haunting marla

1283 days ago


Lmao all this unneeded hate. The GAC are freaking hilarious and try to be celebrities. It only makes sense that they would be asked to check out the house.

1283 days ago
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