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Jon Cryer -- More Cracks at Charlie Sheen

3/27/2011 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's an old expression about messing with the bull and getting the horns -- we don't know how that expression works when you mess with a warlock, but Jon Cryer might find out.

Cryer was a presenter last night at something called The Comedy Awards (see above), put on by the folks at Comedy Central. When it came time to give out the award for Best Actress, Cryer's spiel included a line about feeling that "it's important for an actor to keep out of the public eye." Sound like anyone you know?

He also quipped, "Luckily a lot of talented people are working on shows that are still in production."

Cryer previously went on "Conan" to do some Charlie Sheen-related humor there as well.


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Who are those fat dancers???

1309 days ago


where is all the comic's coming to his defense-
I am sure Howard Stern, Joan Rivers would stand up for him. Charlie knows he likes to make jokes.
Quak Quak

1309 days ago


Jon Cryer and the kid make the show. Charlie can be replaced by any one. Oh yea..... Berta. Need her in the mix. They would do fine with Charlie being on a long vacation or in rehab.

1309 days ago


Charlie Sheen is nothing but a drunk and pathetic drug addict. He has proven so over the last weeks. He might be clean and sober, but his actions are delusional.

He got so many people unemployed and all he cares about is Charlie Sheen. I really used to like the show, even his low class trashy character. Too bad he has proven that it wasn't a role but just a mirror of the real Charlie Sheen. #winningmya$$

1309 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Good for him!

1309 days ago


Why shouldn't he make jokes about Charlie? Charlie certainly has invited them by calling anyone not "with him" trolls etc. John Cryer at least has people calling him, inviting him to do things...people WANT him around.

1309 days ago



Charlie is getting more and more free publicity every day from everyone.

You can't buy that type of publicity.

Carlos Estevez is playing the Hollywood machine like a master on a finely tuned Stradivarius.

Time for my morning shot of Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA and to order tickets for the Charlie Sheen show on & off Broadway.

People seem to forget the man is a well trained professional actor and he is delivering what the American public wants to see...

Winning, winning and more winning all the way to the bank.

Keep em guessing and keep those cards & letters coming in.

1309 days ago


Come on Jon, turn the page...

1309 days ago


Looking for drama, TMZ? LOL! You can twist and spin anything into a jab at Charlie.
However if it was one, then I am not one bit surprised. Jon Cryer proved beyond doubt that he is a worthless man who has never been Charlie's friend, so he can go **** himself for all I care. LOL

1309 days ago

joebro2000 Everyone, even two year olds are talking about Charlie Sheen!!

1309 days ago


Obviously, they never had a lot of love between them to begin with. Seriously, can you imagine what a pain it must have been working with Sheen? All the passive-agressive jokes at your expense and the "oh..I was just kidding! Can't you take a joke?" BS that followed? We've all been around big-egoed abusers like that. Puke on Sheen. I hope Cryer gets a wonderful gig that knocks Sheen and his ice castle out of the water.

1309 days ago


This weekend, most lower-priced Sheen tickets were gone but plenty remained at the highest-priced level at the Trump Taj Mahal.

A friend of Sheen's also told Popeater that Sheen would rather cancel the tour than perform of less-than-sold our venues.

"His ego couldn't handle playing to a half-empty house. He would rather dump the entire tour than admit he's losing," the source said.

1309 days ago


Looks like a bacon festival to me.

1309 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Why is he with the ghetto rats?

1309 days ago


He's a TROLL.

1309 days ago
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