Jon Cryer -- More Cracks at Charlie Sheen

3/27/2011 11:11 AM PDT

Jon Cryer -- More Cracks at Charlie Sheen

There's an old expression about messing with the bull and getting the horns -- we don't know how that expression works when you mess with a warlock, but Jon Cryer might find out.

Cryer was a presenter last night at something called The Comedy Awards (see above), put on by the folks at Comedy Central. When it came time to give out the award for Best Actress, Cryer's spiel included a line about feeling that "it's important for an actor to keep out of the public eye." Sound like anyone you know?

He also quipped, "Luckily a lot of talented people are working on shows that are still in production."

Cryer previously went on "Conan" to do some Charlie Sheen-related humor there as well.