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Sammy Hagar -- Alien Expert Believes His Tale

3/28/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sammy Hagar's tale of alien abduction sounds pretty silly to the average person -- but to an alien expert ... it all makes perfect sense.

Sammy spilled it last week, telling the world he was abducted by aliens who "tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth."

Well Sandy Nichols, founder of the Alien Research Group (yeah that's a thing), tells TMZ he wants to work with Sammy to help him understand his abduction. Sandy claims he's also been abducted -- numerous times -- and says he "experienced something similar" to Hagar.

Nichols and some human friends discussed Hagar's tale ... and all agreed nothing in his story sounded like he was lying.



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now this is a bit too much. considering he was on celebrity ghost stories claiming to see his father who was 1000 miles away after he died..the same night.. the story really stuck with me cause it creeped me out. look it up! now i dont believe it at all.. i think he's just looking for attention

1271 days ago


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So we all Know there are Aliens In this Galaxy! If you dont Go to Egypt! I dont care how how many people you get together they did not drag them blocks to make a pyramid or any of those other Rock formations! just Saying

1271 days ago


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1271 days ago


I had an experience like that back in the 70's. It was called a QUALUDE. Old school stoners, luv em.

1271 days ago


when people see aliens or have near death experiences and see crazy things its caused by the bodys release of a drug called DMT, its the most powerful hallucinogen on the planet.

1271 days ago


For those ready to take an in-depth look into UFO activity
on this planet...try the books and DVDs of David Icke.

He has many free clips on Youtube, and will pull you out
of the MATRIX. Learn the truth about the New World Order,
Chemtrails, Secret societies (Bilderburgs, Skull & Bones) The Greys, Reptilians and other forces on planet

1271 days ago


Don't know if his story's true or not but it's highly possible aliens exist somewhere out there. People living all over the world have seen UFOs for hundreds of years. Scientist and military personnel have also reported seeing them. Do people honestly think humans are the only ones in this Universe. They're many dimensions and things happen that we will never understand.
To the person who commented that he saw his dad who died 1000 miles away, that's also possible. He's not the first to experience this. I've experienced ghost sightings and did so at one time with another family member. I've also had psychic dreams and knew people were going to die a few days before they did. I experienced the whole dying process of a loved one in a dream. The feelings, emotions, fears, sounds and the finality. It cannot be explained and I won't even try to but it did happen. My father passed away in January and a week after Valentine's Day I was making supper and thinking of him and my ex husband who passed a few years ago and thinking about love. The food I was cooking overheated and splattered my shirt. I ran to the bathroom to clean up and that's when I noticed the splatter had formed a heart on the shirt right over my heart. I ran to the living room and showed my son. I've experienced numerous things since I was a child and I try to keep an open mind. I don't use drugs, legal or illegal and I have one or two drinks about three times a year. I have a responsible position and I do believe in a higher power.

1271 days ago


I was waiting for someone like old school to bring up the fact that we have structures on this earth that was most likely created by aliens, or created from technology we learned from aliens. Some of you people are sad. Instead of being idiots go research ancient sumerian txt, and other important stuff the government doesn't want you to look into and you might find some surprising ****.

1271 days ago


How ignorant and arrogant can you be? To think that Earth is the only planet in all galaxies to have forms of life. How far do these galaxies go, where is the end? No one knows, but we do know its a long, long ways away.

1271 days ago


I believe him.

I give him mad props for speaking out about his personal experience.

There is so much the human brain cannot understand. If more people come forward with their experiences, maybe we can discover more about of our universe and how our consciousnesses work.

1270 days ago


Ya know. I know of a nice hospital up in central CA that has a special place for guys like them....No sharp utensils at first & only crayola's but its perfect know...Space Trippers!

1270 days ago


Before you condem me as to the hospital remark, I worked in the Aero Space industry &, well, We don't really know if there is life anywhere else out there in the Billions of galaxy's but as for anything that is flying around local?...Its MAN MADE!

1270 days ago


All seriousness aside....I did see a 'flying saucer' once. It was closely followed by the cup & dish. When the silverware started to fly I took cover!...........

1270 days ago
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