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Willie Nelson Pot Case

Let Him Sing for His Freedom

3/28/2011 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson​’s pot possession case could end on a high note -- because the singer may get off with little more than a small fine ... if he agrees to SING IN COURT.

Willie Nelson

Nelson was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession back in November ... after U.S. Border Patrol in Texas found weed on his tour bus -- but the prosecutor in the case is willing to let Willie off with a $100 fine ... if he sings "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” INSIDE  the courtroom.

According to the prosecutor, the song would count as his community service -- but Willie's punishment ultimately rests in the judge's hands.

No word if Nelson will accept the offer ... but it's a good deal -- because if he gets convicted he faces a maximum of 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.



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Record it and sell it.

It worked for his "IRS Tapes" album.

1302 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

What a messed up justice system sometimes wish i was famous and can sing.

1302 days ago


It's funny how some people shove the law back in the cops/judges faces, and it somehow becomes a joke. But "Average Joe" gets the book thrown at them.

Yeah, everyone knows Willie smokes dope a lot. In fact, a WHOLE lot. Does that make it "legal" just because it's him?

Guess so.

Stupid cops. Stupid judge.

1302 days ago


@ Jim - I agree! but you gotta love Willy! plus guy is super old and still going strong

1302 days ago


Its "blue eyes CRYING in the rain"

1302 days ago


The song is actually called "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"...

Stupid TMZ staff...

1302 days ago


This is OUTRAGEOUS sing in court and you get off??? WTF if they are serious the courts need to be looked into. Cause you bet your sweet ass if i ever get in trouble and i Can't sing away my sentence believe me there will be hell to pay not to mention the largest discrimination law suit ever filed.

1302 days ago


I think Willy is a kick; I'd love to see the guy go free. But c'mon... this is so grossly unfair to every other person who gets caught with that much dope and finds themselves doing some real jail time.

1302 days ago


It seems the Prosecutor is as big an idiot as the TMZ reporting staff. The correct title of the song is "Blue eyes CRYING in the rain" not smiling.

1302 days ago


So they are allowed to pull him over and take his weed and then "ha ha" show up in court, sing a song, and we won't punish you? How about **** you, give me my weed back and stop pulling my god damn bus over. Buy a CD jerkoffs.

1302 days ago


I like Willie Nelson and his music. He helped a lot of farmers with his Farm Aid concerts. So, there was some stuff in his bus? Big deal. He wasn't using it when they stopped the bus and he wasn't driving. Was it even his? Hope they go easy on Willie. He's a good old boy. He's not a mean guy. Who did Willie harm? No one. Who doesn't like Willie Nelson?

1302 days ago


So many people do pot that arresting ANYONE for it is absurd. This judge should be fired if he allows the justice system to be used for such asinine theater. Though, courts truly are theater.

1302 days ago


Would that prosecutor have given Snoop Dogg the same offer to perform? Not!

1302 days ago


What a crock of crap! Are they going to let everybody sing in the courtroom to get a lesser sentence of just a "small fine"? The prosecutor should be disbarred!

1302 days ago


I believe it's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain". Just sayin....

1302 days ago
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