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A-Rod's Property

... Down the Drain

3/29/2011 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After years of neglect, it looks like the Florida apartment complex owned by A-Rod is starting to shape up ... tenants say thanks to a little pressure from TMZ.

City officials have finally taken action, ordering some quick changes in the apartment complex -- in particular, the gnarly pool that started to resemble the La Brea Tar Pits. 

We got pics of the progress -- one of the pools has now been drained and the other is still a work in progress. 

There have been numerous other complaints from tenants, including holes in walls, rusty pipes, and overflowing trash.  Several tenants say everyone responsible seemed to step it up after we posted the story last week.

Everybody in the pool -- well, not just yet.

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No Avatar

PRO US    

ARod Fantasy Pool

1282 days ago


It's not even the same pool in the before and after pictures. Looks like someone is doing some photo shopping TMZ!! Get your stories straight and report the truth! Not what a bunch of people who trash their own community want to throw up in your face! Why don't you send a REAL reported to come to Florida and get the real facts!

1282 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude. mr landlord 3rd baseman rodriguez needs to just surrender his property to forclosure aka the gov and give up hope on this thing, cuz that looks like a health and death hazard to me. sue, sue, sue...

1282 days ago


@ Bev, Post # 20: "It's not even the same pool in the before and after pictures. Looks like someone is doing some photo shopping TMZ!! Get your stories straight and report the truth!"

Bev, it's the same pool all right. The photos are just taken from the opposite ends of the same pool. Look closely at the pictures again and you'll see that.

1282 days ago


People can blame ARod if they like, but who put the holes in the walls, threw garbage all around the trash bin and who didn't fix the washer? I'm sure it wasn't AROD!!!!
Looks to me like he has people living in the building that don't care about the place as well as a property maintainence team that's not doing their job!

1282 days ago

Big Daddy    

He will have to pay for a new liner now. Sun light shrinks liners after a few years of being in the pool. Unless he is filling the pool in, he should have chemically cleared the water, and vaced it to waste, while filling with fresh water at the same time. Never empty a liner pool, unless your replacing your liner. He's be better off filling it in. Never put a liner pool in for tenants. It gets expensive!

1282 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

Looks like his properties are as piggish as he is in real life...

1282 days ago


Look folks, these are section-8/welfare ghetto rats! They put the holes in the walls & destroy the apts because they don't have to pay for them, WE DO! They lay up on their rent a center furniture watching their rent a center flat screens, smoking weed, drinking 40's and spitting out babies while they wait for their next check, food stamps & medical cards ALL PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS!! They deserve the sh*tholes they live in! Get a frickin job and stop spitting out illegitimate babies all the while supporting your next baby daddy on the taxpayers back!! I f'n hate these f'n losers - white, black, illegal and asian!! And the f'n govt needs to stop building these traps in our neighborhoods!! What is the point of building brand new houses, only to put govt housing around them? Mind you 8 months later, these new houses are still empty! Well duh, who wants to spend their hard earned money to live in a brand new house surrounded by welfare/ghetto trash? What do they need a pool for? If they have time to swim & bbq, they can get up and go look for a job!!

26. Mike Hunt - Exactly!

1282 days ago

Chad Hulse    

of course his buldings would be trash just like he's trash for the yankees

1281 days ago


motel6...we'll leave the light off

1281 days ago
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