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Jeff Bridges -- The EMOTIONAL Bombshell

3/29/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Bridges spilled his guts to TMZ last night -- opening up about everything from "Lebowski" to the high school experience that changed his life ... and it ended with one of the most EMOTIONAL moments we've ever caught on tape.

It started outside Toscana restaurant in L.A. -- after The Dude finished a meal with cinematographer Alan Kozlowski ... who did all the visual effects for "Independence Day" and "Volcano."

After Bridges made a shocking confession about his "Lebowski" bowling skills ... he explained how his parents turned him from an "under achiever" into a motivated person ... by sending him to military school.

Now for the emotional part -- after 15 minutes of candid conversation, Bridges decided it was time for the photog to open up about his personal life ... and asked him to look into the camera and deliver a personal message to somebody he cares about.

Our photog tried to joke his way out of it ... but Bridges somehow knew the guy was holding back. You just gotta see the way the exchange ends ...


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Nope. Not gonna do it. Don't trust you after blowing the Mel Gibson night out way out of proportion.

1303 days ago


Hey now

1303 days ago

sloppy seconds    

TZM? wtf? lose the stupid ANNOYING ads on your website! i will stop coming to TMZ if you keep on taking over my screen with your CRAP!


1303 days ago


*Yawns* This is your top story on your website.. must be a slow newsday there in TMZ land!

1303 days ago


*** Jeff Bridges is not just a great actor, he's an amazing humanitarian. He regularly feeds the homeless. There is a rumor which I personally believe is true (the source is credible and was at the place in question) that he scooped up a lot of leftover uneaten food from the kitchen at the Oscars and fed it to the homeless in Los Angeles. Millions of us love Jeff not just because of his largesse as an actor, but because this is a really good guy. He deserves his success. ***

1303 days ago


Nice! One of the best TMZ paparazzi "interviews" ever. Jeff got into this guy's head and helped him finally open up to his gay partner and say something that he has wanted to for a long time. Very nice...

1303 days ago


Slow news day TMZ? No one will give a crap about this story.

1303 days ago


The Dude abides.

1303 days ago


Hey TMZ!!! having money problems? what's with the full screen ads and all the scripts....thank god i use 'no script', 'ABP' and 'Flashblock'....i feel bad for the noobs that still Internet Explorer.

1303 days ago


JEFF BRIDGES is heavenly!! Hoooooooray to your reporter, I hope he IS, IS, IS recognized 4 he's talent, looks & goodness!!
JEFF BRIDGES is just the best!! Hooooooooray 4 MAX!!!! Hooooooooray 4 Mike, he's a grrr8888 reporter, grrr888 2 see him on Jane V-Michell's Show!! Hooooooray 4 Charles' Doggie,
Yogi~he is "sunshine"!! Hooooooray DAX!! Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooray 4 MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX!!!!
Little Harvey is sooooooooooo like a little Jewish woman~YUCK!!!

1303 days ago


He really is the Dude!

1303 days ago


*** wtfungus: I have Macs. Download Firefox. Go to your menu bar at the top that says Firefox. In the drop down menu is Preferences. Click on it. Click on the Tab that says Preferences. Check the box that says Block pop-up windows. Close out. You're done.

HarlotO'Hara, yes The Big Lebowski's heart is REALLY big.

He's an amazing actor and everyone who acts with him can pull out emotions that they never knew they had, just like the guy getting the interview with him, because he pulls something deep and good out of everyone he is around or works with. Jeff Bridges is amazing.***

1303 days ago


Jeff is a really nice guy. Down to Earth and genuine. I met him in about 2001 when he was singing with his friend Michael McDonald...they did a small concert tour hitting up small venues. Anyway I was working at Borders books, and they had a scheduled event at the Costa Mesa store. I was managing the Music Department at that location. He came early and helped me finish set up the event and area where they were to sit and perform. We ended up talking afterward and then he signed some Lebowski items for me and took a photo with me and my 4 yr old, who I had brought to watch the show. Sweet, sweet, gentle loving guy. Super humble and the kind of person who you'd want to have as a friend.

1303 days ago


That was really touching. Kudos to Jeff, who seems like a wonderful man and hats off the the photog for being that vulnerable. I want to see more of that guy!

1303 days ago



Los Angeles - A paparazzi for TMZ has filed suit against actor Jeff Bridges, claiming the actor publicly exposed the pap's massive wussyness. "Now that the world knows I'm a big sissy, I'll never be able to incite and sue someone like Sean Penn, and that cuts directly into my ability to make a living."

Calls to the paparazzi's mommy were not immediately returned.

1303 days ago
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