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Little People Sue 'The Soup'

They Defamed Us!

3/29/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A  dwarf couple is suing E! Entertainment and "The Soup" host Joel McHale, claiming they made scurrilous, false, defamatory and hurtful comments about them.

Cara and Gibson Reynolds are dwarfs who struggled for years to have children. One child died a day after birth, but they were finally able to conceive a healthy baby. 

The Reynolds' did an interview with the Associated Press about dwarf couples who want to screen their embryos for genetic defects in an effort to intentionally have healthy, dwarf children.  They say the article and photo of them was limited to the AP article (reprinted on

Fast forward to 2009, when McHale and company did a spoof on "The Soup" titled, "Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking."  McHale said it was the newest reality show, and then proceeded to show the AP photo of the Reynolds, saying they are "happy dwarfs ... that can't stop procreating." 

And it got worse.  "The Soup" then allegedly showed a woman purported to be Cara in labor, in the process of giving birth in a bathroom.

Cara claims the piece was so upsetting, she suffered, "depression, insomnia, upset stomach, sleep interference and experiencing feelings of shame and degradation."

The Reynolds are suing for defamation and invasion of privacy.

We could not immediately reach E! for comment.



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The physician that allowed this couple to select a "dwarf" embryo should have his license revoked! To intentionally bring a handicapped person into this world is insane! I'm sure this child will be grateful to be a "little person" when there was another option. I have no issues with dwarfs but this couple should be jailed for preterm child abuse!

1274 days ago


Sue the beejeebers out of them. This couple was part of a serious, legitimate news feature story, not some reality show play for money. Get your facts straight first.

The Soup misused their images, without permission, in a parody. Guess what? They have no legal right to do that, much less, inflict whatever hurt they might have caused by making fun of them.

Any more than you jerkweeds have. Dwarfs don't exist for you to laugh at. Some do use it for their careers. Not all.

1274 days ago


we'll check back after this "short" break.

1274 days ago


No one even knew these people until they filed this suit. THEY are the ones drawing attention to themselves!

1274 days ago


While these comments were cruel and what passes for humor these days is usually just trash, I do question the decision to deliberately have a 'healthy" dwarf child. Dwarfs suffer from serious defects which is why they born as..well..dwarves and they shouldn't be trying to procreate a dwarf child if that is truly the case. Perhaps they are trying to conceive a healthy normal child? But then wouldn't they still be passing on that gene to future generations? I always wonder why people with serious genetic defects would be so irresponsible as to pass that on to innocent children. I am not suggesting we live in a society of genetic perfection but if you have a choice and you know you are passing on something serious such as Deafness, Mental Illness and Morbid Obesity...yes Carnie Wilson I mean you, why would you do that? People need to put their own selfish desires aside and stop and think what they are doing to these kids.
I know a lot of people will think I am a monster for having that opinion but I bet a lot of people agree.

1274 days ago


It's comedy. Grow up.

1274 days ago


Joel McHale can make fun of me anyday. That couple must have low self esteem.

1274 days ago


this is bull**** "the soup" makes fun of all kinds of people .. big small fat skinny.... they need to stop crying and get over it... if you are in the entertainment business expect to be made fun of... its just like a stand up comedian im sure theyve made fun of them too but you dont see them going and suing them... stop crying already!

1274 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ FIBiker

1274 days ago


so stupid, they actually thought they'd have a tv show and nobody would make fun of them?? look at them! if they're that sensitive then they shouldn't have put themselves into the public eye.

1274 days ago


Here's a link to the article the photo was lifted from

and a quote from Cara in the article:
“You cannot tell me that I cannot have a child who’s going to look like me,” Reynolds said. “It’s just unbelievably presumptuous and they’re playing God.”

1274 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What's amazing is the inability of some ignorant people who refuse to hear how this happened. They are so hot to make little people jokes,they refuse to be in the know.

What intelligent people can see, is the need of small minded people, blame, laugh, and mock people with defects who DID NOT PUT THEMSELVES IN THIS POSITION. Can you not understand? When someone steals information, pictures etc. from a ligit article, and use it to humiliate someone, how in the hell can you say these people asked for this and is only seeking money?

Comprehend ........TV SHOW? Dear Lord.

1274 days ago


The unrelenting commentary lacking any sympathy for this innocent couple who are being involuntarily exploited and humiliated, and continuing the same line of "jokes" at their expense, only proves that you can lead idiots to knowledge, but you can't make them think.

1274 days ago


I think they are soo cute!!! where cann I buy one?
I heard if you rub its head if almost feels like human hair.
I want one!!!

1274 days ago


It doesn't sound as though these people were on tv. They apparently were only interviewed by AP, hence the still photo is the only image available. The Soup really should have restricted itself to the plenty of images and video available from tv shows, where people are paid big bucks and they know that they are opening themselves up for such things. These people had no reason to think they were becoming fodder for The Soup with just a simple Associated Press interview. Are you sure that any of you would be okay with this if you were interviewed by your local newspaper and The Soup chose your photo for one of its jokes?

1274 days ago
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