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Teen Mom Lawyer on Charges: It's a Set Up!

3/29/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ ... his client is the victim of a set up, and money is at the bottom of it all.

Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle's lawyer, tells us he has a "serious problem" with the fact that Brittany Maggard -- the woman who pushed Jenelle before the brawl -- and other parties involved were "paid substantially" for pictures and videos related to the incident.

Sullivan says it's suspicious that cameras were present when Jenelle arrived -- indeed, Sullivan says, multiple cameras were present capturing different angles of the impending brawl.

Sullivan is in the process of interviewing witnesses to determine if Britany Truett -- the woman who caught the beatdown -- pre-programmed the melee. 

And, Sullivan says, it's "highly suspicious" Britany waited five days before calling the cops.

032811_fight_videoSullivan says if there's proof of a set up, he will make that a centerpiece of the case when it goes before a jury.


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That's a pretty thin defense the lawyer is attempting. He seems to have totally ignored the concept of Personal Responsibility. We are all responsible for our actions and our choices. If they had called her over and told her they had some grade-A cocaine, had it all lined up on the table and handed her a straw, would it still not be HER choice, which she was personally responsible for, whether she snorted it or not?

1311 days ago


OF COURSE it's a setup. It is designed to make more people watch the show. Why else would it be done. Throw the whole bunch in a cage and let them fight until only one is left alive. Now that would be worth watching AND would cleanse the gene pool some too. A win-win!

1311 days ago


it don't matter if she was set up or not. what the hell is she doing fighting? she should of brushed that sh** off, cause she know she can't be doing sh** like that if she wants her kid back.

1311 days ago


it doesn't get any whiter or trashier than this.....god help us all......

1311 days ago


You know I sat here and just cryed cause to see people joy over a fight is just so so sad. What kind of person gets joy over seeing someone get hurt. I so agree with the people about white trash, BUT I think it is the people who just sit there when this is going on and not help. I hope the saying goes around comes around doesnt for all those people.

1311 days ago


They're using the "Lohan" defense. Jenelle is rich and famous and everyone is jealous of her so they're trying to bring her down by making her do things that get her in trouble. Get some mind control experts to testify in her defense.

1311 days ago


She could have just walked away, but seeing her past record & seeing her on Teen Mom, she only thinks about herself and it's good her mom has custody of her son. The only person Jenelle cares about is herself and her boyfriend, when she should be putting her child first and her education second.

1311 days ago


Her lawyer is such a moron. Didn't he ever think that it was one of Jenelle's loser friends that sold the video to the media? Because Britany didn't have video of the incident (she was too busy getting her ass kicked) and I doubt she had any friends there taping it because I'm sure one of her friends would have stepped in to help her. But Jenelle was surrounded by a group of her scuzzy friends cheering her on...

1311 days ago


They are all garbage and from now on I will just roll on by and never read anything more about them..They are such a waste of skin and time...please TMZ no more..

1311 days ago


LOL...I was wondering why the girl who got beat up didn't want to press charges against Jenelle. I'm curious to know if it was a set up.

1311 days ago


I would like to see the contracts MTV has with these children. Who signs it? They are minors. They are being exploited. The fate of these kids are set. No one is going to hire them after their 15 minutes is over. And there are babies with stupid kids for parents. I just don't get how this is legal????

Posted at 6:29 AM on Mar 29, 2011 by whatsgoingon

I also would like to see those contracts and why does the law allow kids to be exploited like this...I think Americans must be so upset to see this kind of thing broad-casted all over the world, it really makes the USA look particularly idiotic. I would think TMZ should think twice before printing stories such as this for the sake of what it makes your country look like. LA is the worst offender I think..crooked judges and crooked DA's by the looks of things, all for the world to see without shame.

1311 days ago


TMZ and other crap shows are what is making the USA, look so ridiculous in the eyes of the wonder other countries are looking down on Americans.

1311 days ago



1311 days ago


How is it suspicious that there were many cameras present during the fight? Doesn't almost everyone have a camera phone that's capable of either still shots or video recording? I think her lawyer is really reaching with the assumption that this was a set up. Jannelle is a trashbag... it was only a matter of time before someone caught her showing her true colors on tape!!

1311 days ago


From what I've seen from the TM2 shows Jenelle is definitely her own worst enemey and it is hard to give a darn about her. But she has such an adorable little boy that you just can't help but really hope that a light bulb will go on in her head to get her act together for that little guy. Come on Jenelle, it's time to flip that switch!!! Jace will be well worth the effort.

1311 days ago
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