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Gay Wrestling League FURIOUS at WWE Star

3/29/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The champion of the Pro Gay Wrestling Federation is OUTRAGED that WWE announcer Michael Cole has not been suspended for posting a homophobic slur on Twitter ... TMZ has learned.


First off ... yes, there is a Pro Gay Wrestling Federation.

Secondly, we spoke with PGW champion -- The Gay Avenger -- who tells us he's upset by Cole's "intolerant and insensitive" comment ... and insists the word encourages a "hostile bullying environment."

PGW founder and CEO Francis Minks adds, "How can ANYONE at the WWE say anything derogatory about gay people?? Look at what they do and have been doing for a living for years! Big muscles, small tights rolling around! I'm just saying, honey."

Minks adds, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw sconces!"

Cole has since issued an apology for using the slur ... and the WWE says Cole will take part in a GLAAD training session in an effort to educate him about the perils of discrimination. 

The Avenger -- along with several other wrestlers -- tell us they're upset Cole did not get a harsher punishment.


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Give me a Freakin Break. I am so Sick and Tired of hearing this kind of ****. I'm sick of the GLBT whatever group always claiming this and that and fire this person for being insensitive. Give me a freaking break. You guys SUCK. And Yes, pun intended. You make most Americans sick. You've proceeded to make people afraid of you. No one can speak there mind. Not me. Never. I will always speak up about your disgusting behavior. It's immoral and unhealthy. Stop perverting this world. Stop always claiming racism, bigotry and yada yada yada. Enough already!!! You want to be gay? So be it. Leave the rest of it out of it!

1270 days ago


Oh, how I love reading the comments from GOP/KKK members on here. You always know it's them due to the grammatical errors, and incomplete sentences. I'd like to point to something that I've seen mentioned a number of times in the replies to this article here... the 1st Amendment, (aka Freedom of Speech), protects you from GOVERNMENT censorship. This isn't the government. Americans have a reputation for being backwards and stupid, and these comments just add to that stereotype. Way to embarrass the country.

1270 days ago

Nio So-So    

Listen, I'm not down with Cole using words like that on a social service to a co worker where Hundreds of thousands of people can see, ESPECIALLY when he was promoting his twitter account a few weeks ago on live TV. It's screwed. And it shouldn't be condoned. And they can't play it off as his heel gimmick either. This is was screw up and yeah, it's a bit insensitive. He's not a damn idiot kid, either. Shame, shame, shame, cole.

ON THE OTHER HAND; If you WANT to be heard, show a little class. But when you poke fun at the homo eroticism of Wrestling and use that as your defense, nobody is going to take you seriously.

Also, "Gay Avenger"? Why does he have to be the GAY avenger? Why not the Prideful Avenger or something? Tossing in Gay because you're (allegedly) gay doesn't make you awesome. What the heel rival? "The Straight Baron"? C'mon, people...

1270 days ago


If they can take a **** they can take a joke

1270 days ago

Jason Lange    

Who the hell cares what some unknown promotion has to say about WWE. People act like all this is the first time this has ever happened before, how you think they got where they are today? What Cena and Cole did recently is rather tame compared to the past, and hey people hardly remember it anyway, we have moved on.... Yes it was bad timing and pretty stupid but why would anyone care what these people have to say? Take your 2 secs of fame and go back to your gay wrestling, whatever the hell that means.

1270 days ago


anyone else curious as to what that locker room looks like? Me neither. Probably like The Abbey in west hollywood without the walls.

1270 days ago


Oh get over it, people are so thin skinned these days.

1269 days ago


I`m just so tired of gay rights and gay parades, gay this and gay that. I DON`T CARE WHAT YOU FLIPPIN PANSIES DO, JUST KEEP IT OUT OF MY FACE! Yes, you`re a fa ggot you don`t have to make out on the street, don`t have to go around letting everyone know how happy you are to be qu eer. I`m becoming homophobic simply because i`m tired of listening to it.

1269 days ago


Gay Avenger, what is his finishing move, The Pile Driver?

1269 days ago


very clevr comments, salute. stain in front=white out. stain in back_gravey. are they talented=maybe so... everybody tries to earn a buck...do what YOU gotta do

1269 days ago


The probably think, Cole should get a spanking. A very hard fflap right in his little butt *_*

1269 days ago


so do the PGW get boners when they wrestle? that would be a challenge

1268 days ago


I'm a bisexual guy but I hardly ever mention it. Why? Because my sexuality is my business. Straight people don't go around everyday saying "I'm straight!" Who you mess around with in your bedroom really doesn't have to be anyone else's business.

If you are offended by this guy using that word, I suggest you grow a pair. Guys call each other f****ts all the time. It's not a jab at the LGBT community, it's a term to describe a guy who is acting like a b*tch a$$ or a pu**y and it is usually used in a joking manner. Quit taking this stuff so damn seriously. If you don't approve of that word, don't use it. But don't expect others to believe and think the same way you do. Get over it!

And to all you anti-gay people on here, you need to get over it too! No one is forcing the LGBT "lifestyle" (it's really not a choice) on you. Of all TV shows, there's probably less than 5 gay characters. If you go out and walk on the street right now, you probably won't see a single gay person. If you are so angered by Gays and you think that gay culture is being forced on you, the reality of the situation is more than likely that you feel unsure about your own sexuality and that frustration makes you lash out at the people who are open and content with being LGBT.

If you were truly straight, gay people would be of the least concern to you. You wouldn't even waste time reading AND commenting on this post. Like Katy Perry said, you're so GAY! lol

1267 days ago


Some of the best professional wrestlers of all time have been gay. They just aren't open about it and only their friends know. Professional wrestling is the bomb. You get to play dress up, do bad acting, keep a healthy body, be completely crazy and you get paid for it. What else is there for a jock to do when they are too old for professional sports (where a lot of our wrestlers come from). I've been into wrestling since I was a youngster and I'm not 59 years old.

1248 days ago


The homosexual minority should stop trying to own these insults. What's next, we can't "burn" someone because the term *** originally meant a piece of wood used to make fires? Do the Brits not have the option of their slang?

You don't own gay either. I'm using it to mean happy or lame, not homosexual. Homo's not a bad prefix, embrace it.

1246 days ago
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