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David Boreanaz Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

3/30/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Boreanaz has put a sexual harassment lawsuit behind him -- the one where a "Bones" actress claims he came onto her while she worked on the show.

Kristina Hagan -- an extra -- claimed David sent her "sexually inappropriate text messages," saying he could "make things happen for her."  She made many other lurid claims as well.

0330_kristina_gloria_launchWhen the lawsuit was filed, David's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, said the allegations were "absurd."

Kristina was repped by Gloria Allred, who sued both FOX and David.

The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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i love how it's now a crime akin to rape to flirt with people at work for the purpose of dating.

eventually, women will be all alone because men won't face the legal liability of interacting with them.

Posted at 12:03 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by lander

Used by people like Gloria Allred for legal extortion. Hide your wallets guys it's now illegal to make any kind of comment to a women to try to get a date or have sex with them, they'll make you pay dearly.
Sad when the laws are so abused.

Posted at 12:08 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Muppet
umm it is illegal if your married... ever heard of adultry..its a crime

1273 days ago


lander: texting innapropriate messages to a subordinate is not flirting and most men know where the line is, some just enjoy crossing it, I suspect you are one of them. I have had a boss who loved coming into work every day and making the most outrageous comments, uttering filth and being a total pig. Ignoring him didn't work, it just got worse, the only two women who ever did stand up to him both got fired. They should have taken legal action and they didn't because they knew damn well they would just end up looking like troublemakers.
You have to remember why these laws were put into place but I agree that women who abuse those laws should be subject to charges themselves.

1273 days ago


The picture proves nothing because, obviously, a tird paty is taking it. Hence, it's innocent. What I want to know is: how did he get her number to send her texts? I can't speaker for anyone else, but a man lets me know he wants my number because he's *interested," and if I'm not, he doesn't get the number. So, did he say he was *interested* and did she give him her number? If yes, the only perosn this should concern is his wife.

1273 days ago


I would love for him to make things happen for me!!!!!!!!!


1273 days ago


Gloria probably pocketed $1 million plus! That is the ONLY reason she gets this kind of to line her pocket. The only woman (not really the word I wanted to use) she is an advocate of is herself . Greedy hog. But, she's a dumborat~the shoe fits & she wears it well.

1273 days ago


I would love for him to make things happen for me!!!!!!!!!


Posted at 12:33 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Bliss

He wasn't then, if he is now?? I don't know, considering his wife just had a kid last year. He was Rachel Yukitel's "OTHER" married man.

Sorry, you give your number to a guy, what are you expecting to happen. This is as bad as those women that call rape that go to the hotel rooms of stars and promptly scream to the audience that they said no. You thought, WHAT was going to happen going to the room of a star?

1273 days ago


Posted at 12:08 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Muppet
umm it is illegal if your married... ever heard of adultry..its a crime

Posted at 12:21 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

NO, not illegal in most states and Calif. is one of those. Now if his wife cut off his balls for trying to fool around? Then yes, that is a crime.

1273 days ago

richard pierce    

DEAR TMZ: WTF is a "legal pitbull" - are you trying to say this shyster lawyer is a Son of a Bitch? We already know that!
Get some new material or is "legal pitbull" how this purebred putz bills himself?

1273 days ago


And there's Gloria Allred's ugly mug again...just as I expected

1273 days ago


Allred, is a dirty, old, gutter bag of a woman who reps for wh*res that think they have a shot a getting some money and fame from busting out a celeb! When there on there back taking it like a groupie its all good, but as soon as thats over and the celeb moves on to something else, they want to get butt hurt. Allred you are the reason lawyers have a bad name.It makes me want to vomit everytime I see a groupie crying on this c**ts shoulder.

1273 days ago


I seem to recall he had an affair with a hooker from NYC.
The same hooker who was used by the then Governor. He was
forced to resign from office.
I wonder what the story is between him and his co-star
Emily Deschanel.

1273 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Never allow yourself to be photographed with the help, it will come back to bite you in the a$$ every time.

1273 days ago


It's hard to believe that he would come on to that nasty Pig. He must have been very drunk or very horny because she is one nasty looking ho.

1273 days ago


oooo, bitch ain't never gonna work in Hollywood again. hope she liked her time in the sun as a nameless extra. who in the hell is gonna want to work with a litigious gold digger. other than Oksana, of course.

1273 days ago


I don't get these actors. If the claims are "absurd", then why settle? If it were me, and it wasn't true, I'd take the bi**h to court and say prove it. When are guys going to learn that when a woman like that comes on to you like that, that she only has one thing on her mind...your wallet?? Dumbass.

1273 days ago
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