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David Boreanaz Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

3/30/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Boreanaz has put a sexual harassment lawsuit behind him -- the one where a "Bones" actress claims he came onto her while she worked on the show.

Kristina Hagan -- an extra -- claimed David sent her "sexually inappropriate text messages," saying he could "make things happen for her."  She made many other lurid claims as well.

0330_kristina_gloria_launchWhen the lawsuit was filed, David's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, said the allegations were "absurd."

Kristina was repped by Gloria Allred, who sued both FOX and David.

The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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...and Gloria Allred needs to GO AWAY. Why is she defending these gold-digging hustlers?? Is it me, or does she ALWAYS look the same? She's just as evil and nasty as the people she represents, if not worse.

1240 days ago


Can Gloria Allred get a life already didn't we just talk about her LAST WEEK Jesus F-ckin Christ shes like the god damn pleg she won't go away,What's next will she be the lawyer for a woman who stubs her toe on the side walk and sues because '' My client injured her self while walking past The Ritz Carlton so we are going to sue The Ritz Carlton for damage and pain and suffering'' GIVE ME A BREAK Gloria GO AWAY No one cares about you no has and no one will.

1240 days ago


I never understood the sex appeal for David. I had heard that he isn't that nice of a guy either. I agree with whoever said why get married & have children if you just want to play around. Who knows. I will, however, say that this woman looks like a lying ho-bag. She seems quite cozy with David & she knew he was married. We can't always blame the man for this. Women should have some sense of worth & respect for themselves as well.

1240 days ago


This is so typical of Allred...and hello! It's unbelievably obvious this chick is just in it for her 15 minutes! She's a wannabe....

1240 days ago


As a woman, I think this case is bs. For one, she looks comfortable with him in the picture, and two..SHE GAVE HIM HER PHONE NUMBER! obviously he's going to try and flirt and text her. Don't give out your number if you don't want to date them..he's not looking for a friend to chit chat with lol

1240 days ago


"umm it is illegal if your married... ever heard of adultry..its a crime"

Look tool bag, (yes, YOU Midnight Toker) adultery (note correct spelling) is onl;y illegal where there is a law in place. It isnt illegal where I live and in many many other places. When was the last time you saw someone being arrested for adultery? STFU loser.

F off you idiot. You are one of the least intelligent posters on here... and there are a lot of them. (are you reading this therock?)

Posted at 12:35 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Chaz
wow I guess you really told me chaz.Guess your loser parents really must have hated you.In maryland its a crime dufus and why would I waste my time researching losers who get caught screwing around on their spouses.I get enough exposure to morons like you through this site..

1240 days ago


Damn I'm glad you showed me how to spell only.Been spelling it wrong my whole life..

1240 days ago


I'm trying to figure out how he got your number to send you test msgs if you didn't the attention you got from him

1240 days ago

who dat    

DB got off the leash along time ago. His wife is a fool for putting up with him.

1240 days ago


maybe he told her he might have work for her
there are many innocent ways to get a girls number...

1240 days ago


why is she so happy in that picture? gold digging skank. I think Gloria is a pimps these bitches out and then she sues the men....seriously

1240 days ago


Ms. Gloria Allred (the embalmed one), you should lay low now before they begin investigating YOU for your role assisting OksanaHo Grigorieva extort MG.
I don't believe we've seen the end of that extortion claim! {o:

1240 days ago


So texting is now a crime? Couldn't she just respond with 'no thnaks, not interested"?

1240 days ago


Gloria is like a ground hog , what a blood sucker.

1240 days ago


I'm thinking you meant to say "he came on to her" rather than "he came onto her."

The former means that he made a pass at her. The latter means, well, that he came ... onto her.

1240 days ago
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