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Lindsay D.A.:

Selling Surveillance Tape

Means Nothing

3/31/2011 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan case tells TMZ ... the fact that the alleged victim/jeweler may be selling views of the surveillance video online will have no bearing on the criminal trial.

Danette Meyers tells TMZ ...she isn't fazed by Kamofie & Company purportedly selling views of the video for $2.99 a pop.

Meyers says, "The issue is whether Lindsay stole the necklace, period."

Meyers believes the defense will try and take advantage of the online sale, but she says, "That will just add around 30 minutes to cross examination.  That's it."

Meyers doesn't think the jewelers' credibility will be harmed by the $2.99 deal.  Lindsay has said the necklace was a loan and she didn't steal it.  Meyers says it gets back to the issue, If she didn't steal it, "Why then did Lindsay return the necklace to the police?"

And sources say the owners of Kamofie & Company "got a raw deal" and haven't seen a penny of profits from the sale of the video, at least not yet.  The sources say the owners were taken advantage of, and the contracts they made for the sale of the tape are now being reviewed by lawyers.



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Davey Boy    

What's that? Is that the warble of the red bellied loser i hear? Why yes, yes it is...

Posted at 2:00 PM on Mar 31, 2011 by Puckett


Didn't take too long for Milo to show his true colours. Have you noticed Puckett that you're the only Trollhan that I ride about your grammar?

1266 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I don't get why the DA is talking about this Judge Judy would say...DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

1266 days ago


They sold the video of me stealing the necklace so therefore I am innocent.

1266 days ago


Dreamon, I truly think you are on to something about paid trolls being here to drum up hits.

1266 days ago

Davey Boy    

I always thought that large, Little Orphan Annie type pupils meant you were on drugs. Is that for alcohol and teenie/tiny pupils mean meth or uppers?

1266 days ago


They sold the video of me stealing the necklace so therefore I am innocent.
The logic of Lohan the High School Drop Out.

1266 days ago

PRO US    

@not a lawyer, Post #66: You're absolutely right. The prosecutor is not interested in justice. The prosecutor is not acknowledging that the antics of the store, trying to make money off the incident by selling the video online among other things, is an issue that goes to the issue of motive. If the judge or jury believes the store's motive was to make money off loaning/giving the jewelry to Lindsay, then Lindsay's argument that she borrowed the jewelry gains in credibility and the Prosecutor's case is weakened.

The Prosecutor is not interested in "justice'. The Prosecutor is interested only in "winning" the case. Prosecutors are rated, retained or let go, promoted and paid and sought after by the top Defense Attorney law firms primarily according to their conviction rates.

That said, Lindsay's defense attorney is not interested in "justice" either. She wants to get Lindsay off no matter what and will use any argument she can think of to do it, short of suborning perjury.

This is the adversarial legal system we have. There is very little "justice" in it. But, it's still better than mob justice of people like sean, Davey Boy, lou and a hundred other posters here.

What's funny here is the sheer number of people who read and write---I'll be generous here---at a Grade 3 level who think they're intellectually qualified to criticize the quality of others' posts. And from what they say, their abysmal scribblings cannot even be blamed on the influence of booze or hallucinogenics because they're sober. Wow! I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Ok, I'll laugh!


1266 days ago


Oh, Davy Boy, you are correct, and my bad! It just goes to show how little I know about drugs and druggies. Mea cupla!

1266 days ago


Just another friendly reminder to the TMZ masses.

When you have to resort to accusing everyone you disagree with of being a Lohan, without rebutting one thing that they've actually said... it amounts to nothing more then an ad-hominem attack and a defacto admission that you're flat out wrong, or too mentally deficient to counter what they've said. So you attack them personally instead because that's all you've got.

Basically it's the battle cry of red bellied losers.

1266 days ago


Maybe that is the reason Danette Meyers is doing a low a level felony case instead of homicides she is not to bright. The fact that Lindsay walked out of the shop with the necklace in plain view and than the so called victim sells the video speaks volumes.
You read it here first folks Lindsay walks.

1266 days ago


I have a feeling this April might be a bad month for Lindsay, even if she does skate these charges. She will find herself in a jam at the rate she is going in no time, and nobody can help her.

1266 days ago


I have yet to understand why the pro-Lohan camp tries to tie in gossip site talk to the justice system and potential jurors. What one says and considers on a gossip site is completely different than what one would have to say and consider as a juror. The comparison, to me, is apples to oranges.

And, to correct my own last post, it's mea CULPA, not mea cupla.

1266 days ago

Davey Boy    

Milo, Milo, Milo. Did poor whittle Puckett get his itty/bitty feelings hurt. As you rail against Lou and every other clear-thinking non-Trollhan.

Go have another vodka martini, Milo.

1266 days ago


America......this is where your tax dollars are going.....I trial that should never take place in the fist place over a pathetic $2500 piece of necklace. Tax money should be used for New Orleans maybe....just a thought. This case should be thrown out or give the girl a fine and call it a day. Store owners are greedy and their actitions say plenty. All they have been doing is making money on this case while american tax dollars will be wasted to carry our a trial that is simply put.....pathetic.

1266 days ago


@lou. Truly, I don't think there can be any doubt that more hits = more value. There is no other explanation for the Lohans familys frequent presence here. They make hits and the dumber and more vulgar the story, the better? The more desention they stir up on the forums the higher the value of the stories.

Wasn't Sitting Bull always going on about Lindsay internet hits?

1266 days ago
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