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'Teen Mom' Pusher: Jenelle Got PAID for Fight Video

3/31/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who shoved "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans before that fight erupted ... is dropping a dime -- BIG TIME -- claiming Jenelle was actually in on a plot to make money off the brawl.

Brittany Maggard claims Jenelle only got up the guts to fight Britany Truett -- the eventual ass-beat victim -- because Maggard, Maggard's sister, and their friend Nick had her back. Maggard says Nick had the video camera.

After the fight, Maggard claims she and Nick came up with the idea to sell the video -- and Jenelle not only thought it was a "good idea" ... but SHE called "someone she knows at a [photo] agency to purchase the video."

According to Maggard, they sold the vid for $5,000 -- and Jenelle wanted a bigger cut because, as she said, "You wouldn't get any money if I wasn't famous!"

Jenelle's attorney says he doesn't believe Maggard's accusations.


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That's one girl needs some boobs...She should spend any money she gets on that. Future stripper with a real potential then.

1281 days ago


more tit

1281 days ago


I was hoping to see at least one boob pop out.. What the heck ?

1281 days ago


CRJ, by reading and commenting on the story, you are as much to blame as MTV, TMZ and the rest of us. If it bothers you so much, maybe you should stop visiting TMZ's website.

1280 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, that is what usually happens....when you got your ass whopped, all kinds of crazy compartments in you brain are opened up and allllll kinds of crazy starts flowin out your mouth!! lol, tooooo funny!!

1280 days ago


wow...i actually feel sorry for Jenelle...she has a son she cant take care of, she has a loser boyfriend and cant get her **** together and still is looking for is a failure!!! just saying

1280 days ago



1280 days ago


MTV...bringing yet another piece of sh-- show to the masses and calling it entertainment. Whether it's a group of talentless, wannabe italian goofs getting drunk, fighting and having sex on camera or trailer park trash teenagers, having sex; subsequently getting knocked up (which is a requirement of getting on the show) and fighting on camera, you can count on MTV to bring it all to you!

1280 days ago


Instead of making videos with her son, she makes fight videos for 5k. Wow! Wait to Jace gets older and learn that his "egg donor" had time to make a fight video and not a memorable family video. Brokenhearted and the cycle continues :'(

1280 days ago


Fighting for what, what did Jace benefit from that. That skank don't do nothing for her son, send her a$$ my way I spank dat for a quik 5 stacks & halla at me because me & mine no what to do with all that cash...

1280 days ago


You pathetic pathetic loosers!!! What in the hell are you thinking??? Let me guess, not a damn thing.

1280 days ago


I wish Tmz would quit reporting on these so called Teen moms. They aren't real celebs and nobody cares about them.

1280 days ago

Nicholas Mullen    

Thats a lie it wasnt a set up and nobody else is gettin any money for it either

1279 days ago


Janelle may have won the fight technically, but she DID NOT whoop ass!!!I wana know WHAT video every1 else saw bc People keep sayin that she kicked ass and thats BULL..MORE THAN HALF of the punches she threw MISSED,the ones that did make contact were ALL,like AWKWARD,OFF TARGET,LIL GIRLIE PUNCHES! LOL, that girl CANT throw a punch for shiiit..NO body behind it,NO aim,her hand is not even in the right position for a punch!!lol, just bc the other girl couldnt fight AT ALLLL,apparently, doesnt mean Janelle is badass or means she fought some1 that she knew couldnt fight and even knowing that,she was STILL SCARED TO GO ALONE soo whats the deal w every1,all of a sudden, thinking Janelle is badass??? Shes a bad mom, bad daughter,bad person...but NOT a badass!!!

1279 days ago

Nicholas Mullen    

People lie it wasnt a set up and it nobodys sharing anything at all.

1279 days ago
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