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Paris/Bruno Prosecutor

You Can't Fire Me! I Quit!

4/1/2011 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Schubert -- the deputy D.A. in Las Vegas who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars for cocaine possession -- has beaten his bosses to the punch ... he resigned after his coke arrest.


The D.A.'s office was already in the process of firing Schubert -- in fact, they had already locked him out of his office -- so David decided to cut his losses ... and quit.

As we previously reported, 47-year-old Schubert was no small timer -- according to the police report, the man scored coke 3 to 4 times a week ... at the same time he was prosecuting Paris and Bruno Mars for cocaine possession.

Talk about putting your career on the line.


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Who cares if he quit or got fired. What's important is the DA's Office is going to make an example out of him for making the DA's Office look like fools, and the Judge is going to hammer him at sentencing too. I don't see him getting off lightly, just the opposite.

Somewhere Paris Hilton is giggling her ass off....

1302 days ago


Wait until the prisoners he put away get a hold of him

1302 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Hervé did it HIS WAY!

hey, where dat 4 eyed young brother - hadn't scene him in a while?

I luvs kelli ... wana get busy wit dat white shortie

1302 days ago

Big Daddy    

Thanks Mark.

1302 days ago


He should have just gone to rehab, its California for Christ sake. If he done that and seeing its his first offense the court would reduce it, and if he did not get in trouble in the next year it would be cleared off his record. Everyone has problems folks, it sounds like he wont admit that. If your a good employee and say you have a problem 9 times out of 10 you will not lose your job, just get a downgrade.

1302 days ago


Another WHITE coke head doing what they do. HE's a D.A.? WTF he should never see the light of day again! Thug.

1302 days ago


they should get tested. problem solved

1302 days ago


they should get tested. problem solved

Posted at 7:34 PM on Apr 1, 2011 by marknyc

I agree anyone in a position of authority should be randomly drug tested. They can't claim to be upholding the law if they're breaking it themselves.

1302 days ago


If you spent your career watching wastes of space like Paris Hilton & Bruno Mars skate thanks to their high priced mouthpieces you'd do drugs too.

1302 days ago

PRO US    

Whoever said he's unemployable: How so? He was an Dputy DA. He knows a lot about crime and the legal system in Vegas. Many criminals could find him work as a "consultant". If he quits drugs, there are many companies that would employ him to clean toilets and do a hundred other things. He didn't kill anyone or fake evidence in his trials as far as we know. All he has to do is clean himself up and serve his sentence if he's convicted. If he's imprisoned, the legal system will try to protect him from those he helped convict by putting him in special custody or solitary confinement or a minimum security prison.

1302 days ago


Hmmm...I thought Coke Heads were thin.

1302 days ago


Doing drugs and getting caught happens to every class of people. He betrayed the trust of the people and thats why he should be treated without much if any mercy.

A prosecutor should know better than most that every time you buy cocaine your putting your foot on the throat of some peasant somewhere. America's insatiable appetite for recreational use of cocaine has and will for generations produce people around the world that hate us for the misery that appetite has inflicted on them.

1302 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This man is STUPID!

1302 days ago

Peter Sc    

Never has a person deserved his punishment more for his double standard while trying to destroy the moral standards in the entertainment industry.

1302 days ago


I love it when the tainted, self-riteous, crooked meat-sacks get what is coming to them. This was no accident. If you are in a position of power and you abuse that power you'd better know your enemies very well and be very, very careful. In other words don't go score rock in the hood dip(s)hit, you've probably had private investigators and law enforcement on you for many months. Piss anyone off lately? Enjoy the next phase of your life Mr. Schubert.

1302 days ago
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