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Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller Custody Agreement

4/2/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller finally formalized the custody agreement for their twin sons, Bob and Max -- and TMZ has all the hits, runs, and errors.


Sources tell TMZ the agreement includes the following:

-- For the first 2 months ... Charlie gets the twins every other weekend, from Saturday AM until Sunday PM.

-- The next 2 months Charlie gets the twins every other weekend ... Saturday AM until Monday AM.

-- The next phase ... as long as Charlie and Brooke remain drug and alcohol free -- Charlie gets the twins every other weekend ... from Saturday morning until Monday morning ... AND Wednesday AM until Thursday AM.

-- Both parents must submit to random drug testing 3 times a month.

-- Both parents must have their regular nannies with them at ALL times when they have the kids.

As for Charlie's goddesses -- they can't show public displays of affection toward the twins.

Charlie and  Brooke can't be photographed around the kids with a romantic counterpart.

BTW, contrary to some reports, neither Charlie nor Brooke had to submit to psychological evaluation.


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what ****, poor kids but then again they will be the out of wack family to again reproduce...

1278 days ago

PRO US    

@SugarBear: You pretend to be anti-racist. So why did you not criticized the person calling himself/herself "ahhah" who wrote in his/her post "@ahhah: "Charlie, I know you catholics love to overpopulate the world, but please go get it snipped.""

Posted at 6:26 AM on Apr 2, 2011 by ahhah

Now, what ahhah said about Catholics, that could be interpreted as racist or prejudiced (bigoted), but you didn't criticize ahhah for that. You only criticized me and I didn't say anything in the least racist.

That proves, SugarBear, that what you said, that your argument is without merit.

You attacked me but you didn't attack the person who made that prejudiced remark against Catholics.

That's because you're mentally defective, insane, and a hypocrite.

What a complete tool and poser you are.

1278 days ago


As usual, if it's true she isn't requiring a mental eval, everybody is doing a huge disservice to Sheen. If he wants to party and whore around, that's his business but...he has 5 kids to think about. He has responsibilities beyond himself and his own pleasures. He also needs to consider his children's financial futures as well as his own. Can't help but think of what's-her-name who played Princess Leah in Star Wars and what she went through in her life with her mental illness & drug abuse. She's far happier & her life much better with the right meds. Sheen could still be a player but he'd be a sane one who perhaps doesn't threaten to murder people left and right.

Posted at 1:12 PM on Apr 2, 2011 by Sammie


She has no freaking moral ground to require anything from him that she wouldn't undergo herself, like mental evaluation. I am sick of people acting like she is the sane one and Charlie is not. It seems that almost everyone is not taking a close look at Brooke Mueller.

1278 days ago


@PRO US please for the love of God shut up and just accept the fact that NO ONE cares what you have to say, which why you spend so much time rambling on about things that don't pertain to the story that everyone else is talking about. I'm done with you as I've found hyped up morons like yourself will just keep going on and on because you get off on arguing with people because you can't make friends and relate to people in real life.

1278 days ago

PRO US    

@SugarBear, Post #63: You can't tell your a-s-s from your elbow, much less a closet racist from a racist.

Why don't you go read the comments on some of the stories about Black celebrities on TMZ. If you do, you will find that I am one of the few people defending the Black people from the racists who make horrible prejudiced comments against them including calling them the worst possible names you can imagine.

You've really blundered here. You've accused me of being a closet racist, when I'm defending all races, religions, etc. who are being unfairly attacked, probably as much or more than any other poster on TMZ.

You owe me a big apology on that issue, but you're not man/woman enough to make it.

And your rants against me prove that you think your way of thinking and what you say and write is so superior to other people that they don't have the right to express an opinion here or there. Get off yourself. You're not all that. Be a little more humble. Make your remarks and let others make theirs.

If I want to write that I disagree with Obama bombing with one hand and holding the Nobel Peace Prize in the other hand once every 50 posts I make, then I have the right to do that. I couldn't care less if you write a post now and then about philosophy, politics or sociology. Who cares?

Stop being so self-righteous and condescending. You're not doing yourself any favors. You don't want to read what I write? Don't read my posts. No one is forcing you to read them, are they? You're such a putz. But, I guess you already knew that.

1278 days ago


I feel sorry for these kids, growing up thinking the word GODDESSES means prostitutes and not believe in monogamy in a marriage. Are there any family members in the Estevez clan that has any real family values left that can maybe raise the kids or assist with morality. The mother is no better than Charlie. Anyways, that is the world we live in now I suppose...

1278 days ago


His porn whores caught him watching Tranny porn, what are his kids going to catch him doing?

1278 days ago


I feel sorry for his twenty-something daughter, can you imagine your dad dating girls your age? Vomits profusely.What's he going to do when his daughters start dating train wrecks like him and his sons start slapping their girl Friends around? What a legacy to leave behind.

1278 days ago

PRO US    

SugarBear: You're hallucinating again. You don't know anything about me. You don't like some of my posts, so you think it means you have more friends or a better family life than I do? You're obviously a simpleton and out of touch with reality. What a total bozo the clown, you are! You think more people want to read your posts bashing me or anything else you have to say for that matter?

What did you do? Take a poll? You're a mindless waste of protoplasm. And you couldn't argue your way out of a paper bag. Put down that paper bag of glue you're sniffing and give your few remaining brain cells a break, you moron.

1278 days ago



1278 days ago

PRO US    

@anonymous, Post # 60: Stop typing in all capital letter, anonymous. That's called "SHOUTING" in internet lingo, and it's considered rude and crazy.

Why don't you get off this site? You're the one who cannot even type a post without shouting.

You are sick, stupid, mean and crazy. No one wants someone like that to exist, but you do. So, there's nothing we can do about it.

Get a brain transplant while you're at it. You're so crazy you haven't learned that you speak only for yourself. No one elected you to speak for others. They can speak for themselves if they want to. And just because there might be a few nutcases here who agree with you, that doesn't mean that the majority of the readers of TMZ agree with you. You can't fathom that because you're ignorant, crazy and stupid. Have a nice day and take your meds.

1278 days ago

PRO US    


1278 days ago


I feel sorry for his twenty-something daughter, can you imagine your dad dating girls your age?
Posted at 1:30 PM on Apr 2, 2011 by SugarBear


No offence, but we live in the 21st century. Nuff said.

1278 days ago


Real original ****e for brains stop looking at free internet porn and move out of your moms basement already. Oh and the neighbors have been notified that you've moved into the neighborhood so looks like you won't get to take your white windowless van for a spin after all. Shucks.

1278 days ago

PRO US    

@CuteTeePi, Post 78: Good luck trying to move out of your mother's basement, CuteTeePi. I'm sure you can't afford to do that. Why do you have a windowless van? What are you trying to hide, you moron? And don't you remember, your driving license was suspended when you got your 3rd DUI? You're such a mental midget.

1278 days ago
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