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Charlie Sheen

They LOVE Me in Chicago!

4/3/2011 9:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was given a hero's welcome as he entered Chicago Theatre just moments ago for the second night of his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show" tour.

Break a leg.


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Charlie would have a much better show if he just read our comments here to the audience!

1300 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Last night in Detroit, I can confirm that the goddesses were very uncomfortable.

And for the record- Detroit kept yelling and screaming and cheering and asking for more CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE until sooner or later - we all looked around at each other and quit kidding ourselves BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS OVER.

I have NO IDEA what could possibly change tonight unless Chicago is in a very charitable mood. I mean seriously - good luck Charlie. The rest of your life depends on what happens in the next hour.

1300 days ago



HAW! My inner critic is coming out, Chuckles really struck a chord!

I bet he picks up some incoming tonite. Dont see how he is gonna turn it around.

Posted at 6:23 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by Chaps

Well it will be interesting to see what happens at any rate. Wish we could follow it on a live feed but I haven't been able to find live coverage either. I wonder if after last night's debacle the tour managed to ban any sort of live feed by media. If the regular audience is able to get cell phones past security maybe on Twitter soon. Really have to wonder just how tight that venue might be. Then again, if people aren't allowed to bring in phones or use them inside I bet a riot will start even before the show.

1300 days ago


O.K. George...but it better not be a CHUCKLES the CLOWN show! Grrrrrrr....

1300 days ago

george clooney    

Dee Dee, to think I quit drinking after that night! Hmmmm. Well, perhaps you shall be drunk the NEXT time huh?

1300 days ago

Sad sad    

therock Hey, if he did that I will say something nice about him. :)

1300 days ago


Nice vid of a bunch of people taking pics.

1300 days ago


The "truth" is Sheen was never expecting getting FIRED. He screwed himself out of 48 million 16 for the rest of this season and 32 mil for next season, he would have made for 2.5 men. Sheen got himself FIRED because of all his crap and arrogence. WB and Lorre had enough of his crap.

The 'truth' is Sheen has done nothing but badmouth 'publically' anyone who has pissed him off for his screw ups.

The 'truth' is Sheens tour was never sold out in 18 minutes but got people to jump on the bandwagon and got tickets sold. Sheen got the money upfront.

The 'truth' is Sheen CAN'T BACK HIS BULL UP.

1300 days ago



And the other OP said there were going to be a bunch of goons chasing hecklers. That wont go over well!

This post title is hopeful, its true that he got a good reception coming off the bus, however he didnt acknowledge any fans and looked scared stiff.

And of course the porn stars looked party pooped. Likely no sleep last night.

So, Chicago is going to get Defeated sloppy seconds - He would have to pull a miracle to turn it around!

1300 days ago


Rock, the blow-by-blow accounts blow.

1300 days ago



Thanks for the report - and WOW, that was EPIC on both ends, both the poor start and quick ending.

Sorry you got ripped off, but we warned ya!

1300 days ago

Sad sad    

therock I just read that today. Disgusting. Animals are like kids. How does he take care of his kids? You have to really wonder. He can spend money on bull**** but not dog food? Fill a bowl refill every couple of days at the very least. Harvey here probably hates him to death now.

1300 days ago


Sheen violently hates Trolls, but he looked in a mirror

And saw he was one!

1300 days ago


sad sad

Its hard to say exactly what killed the dog, but its likely it was fed various human foods toxic to animals. Chicken bones, chocolate, there are a lot of things that will kill an animal if not fed properly.

Obviously a sign of the neglect in his porn party crack house.

Amazing someone, like chuckles himself, isnt on a cold slab.

1300 days ago


As someone commented on this board it doesn't matter if Chicago loves you or not Charlie you are done. You and your shows are ridiculous and I'm sure your career as an actor is non-existence.

Now TMZ is reporting he's reading a poem about how much he hates Detroit. He seems to dislike anyone who goes against him, as you can see he cannot function in the real world. Maybe this show will go better for him but I could care less. He's a disgrace to his family and himself with this nonsense.

1300 days ago
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