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Charlie Sheen -- Chicago, Do Or Die

4/3/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will learn tonight whether or not his departure from "Two and a Half Men" was a good career turn or a disaster as he performs his second show -- this time in Chicago.

Charlie Sheen Chicago
A rep for tells TMZ with the rest of the tour already not selling well -- they have between 200-300 seats available per show -- tonight's performance could send the rest of the tour into a tailspin.

And staffers at several ticket agencies tell us there has been a rapid rise in the number of people trying to unload their tickets since last night's disastrous performance.

Either way, we'll be there and we will tell you how it all goes down ... as it happens.



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His unraveling is happening faster than I thought.

1206 days ago



1206 days ago


The dog killer is handling his warlock status so well. It appears he is mortal. I wonder if he can heal his show with his mind?

1206 days ago


Saying the crowd in Detroit was liquored up is a load of crap. I know many people who were there and they werent drunk. They were pissed off and had every right to be. Maybe if the crowd was drunk or on crack they would have like it better

1206 days ago


I wonder what Sheena****ns he'll pull tonight.

1206 days ago

Richard Arsenault    

Charlie's show may or may not suck. But Yahoo!'s real time coverage appeared biased and heavily manipulated, which has larger implications for entertainers who may be in disfavor with Hollywood. In response to my written observations, Yahoo! threatened to terminate me account. This is even more troubling so here we go:

YAHOO! (4/3/11):

Considering the potential implications of deliberate intimidation, slander, and manipulation, I responded to their allegations.

"I respect Yahoo!'s right to enforce its TOS and certainly understand the spirit and importance of them. However, as last night you sent a violation letter describing alleged violations in the tv forum while commenting on actor Charlie Sheen, I require additional clarification.

What is the basis of your complaint?

a) That I suggested that free speech is only protected when it is not deliberately manipulated? I was basing this question on your authors' increasingly hostile reviews of Mr. Sheen and the biased censorship that appeared to be internally occurring on the blogs.

b) That I suggested Hollywood was a closed society and the "death" of Hollywood's inbred distribution system would be a good thing? This is clearly a symbolic death in the historical sense of business and distribution evolution, and certainly could never be interpreted as a threat to any individual -- but the entire distribution modality itself.

c) That I suggested that Hollywood found Mr. Sheen offensive because he stood up for himself when most others in Hollywood are cowards in my observation.

or d) Deliberately manipulating the opinions against Mr. Sheen for the sake of satisfying Hollywood and thus opening access for OMG! could be considered slander and make Yahoo! culpable.

Mr. Sheen's story has value from a larger standpoint than simple celebrity gossip. Though I personally find his decisions to be unique and don't promote his behavior as such, I do find the first amendment protection of his speech and mine grossly supersede the desire to satisfy corporate agenda.

I would appreciate and deserve further insight as to the basis for your threat to close my account so that I may understand and adhere to your terms of service.

Thank you."

1206 days ago


As a Ex-New Yorker now enjoying life in Sunny Honolulu HI. Let me just say I'm no surfer girl or beach bum, I have a real job! My own business. Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the USA, so I try not to waste or just throw my money around. As a hoot I thought I'd fly from Honolulu to San Fran to see the show. I do recall an interview by the shows' promoter that it would include video clips and spoken performance, music. I don't recall at any point it being billed as a comedy tour? So what was I expecting? I expected to have a nice weekend in San Fran and check out a show or two. I go to shows, concerts, movies. Some I enjoy, some not so much... If you don't like a movie at your local movie house do you go to the manager and ask for a refund! Ask the actors, director, producer for a refund! Those Detroit freaks are Fu@king loons! BTW Detroit is a pubic hair on the body of society. He would do better on the east coast. Charlie Sheen's career is not hanging in the balance of this tour or any other thing he decides to attempt. He's been called every harsh thing and then some... people have actually wished death on this man! Wishing death on a performer is sick and sad! A person with this sort of mis-directed anger and hatred is pathetic. He wanted America's attention and he's got it, good or bad. Charlie Sheen is a great fire walker. Will he be burned at the end of this deal? Nah... but he does have your attention yet again. He'll never quit you know. The promoter will have to pull the plug or if the theaters don't have enough security to control or EJECT drunken or out of control hecklers; possibly inciting a riot and people being injured? I guess the theater owners will have to pull it from the venue. But, he'll never quit. What's next for CS? Always something!

1206 days ago


Duh - LOOOOOSER . I wonder if sobriety has cleared his head of drugs and tiger blood to realize ....Duh made a BIG costly mistake.

1206 days ago

Dina all of you that paid to see this train wreck...You get what you pay for! I heard one of his comments on stage to the audience while they booed him was.."I don't care...I already got your money"! Who is laughing now!

1206 days ago


Sheen did not expect to get FIRED. Sheen was holding out for 3 million to come back.

He screwed himself out of 16 mil for the rest of this season and another 32 million for next season, that's 48 million Sheens lost because of his crap and arrogence. Dah, Stupid. 2 mil per episode for basically doing nothing.

His show tanked really, really big time, and his comment "I already have your money" not good at all.

C'mon people, you think for one minute WB and Lorre did not go over every word of his contract...and they still FIRED his butt.

WB and Lorre, are not shaking in their boots over Sheens lawsuite. They are laughing their butts off. His lawsuite to WB and Lorre mean nothing. They aren't the ones making a laughing stock out of themselves.

1206 days ago



One of the goddesses discovers a Troll hiding behind the stage holding a rope attached to a bucket of Tiger's Blood resting on the rafters. As Charlie begins to speak, the Troll pulls the rope and Charlie is drenched in Tiger's blood. As the crowd looks on in silence, the Troll is knocked unconscious by the bucket and Charlie imagines the whole room laughing and jeering at him, when only a few of Charlie's friends were in reality. Charlie's telekinesis takes over, closing the doors to the theater and turning on a fire hose. Another Troll is killed by the fire hose along with many other people, and Charlie kills another Troll with a falling rafter. Others are electrocuted, which then causes a fire in the Theater. Leaving his fans inside the Chicago Theater as it burns, Charlie walks back to his hotel, covered in blood.

Posted at 3:14 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by pawang

Well, that was disturbing to say the least.

1206 days ago


Mark my words. Charlie Sheen is a done has been now.

1206 days ago

PRO US    

@Lori, Post 183: It sounds like a re-working of what happened in that Carrie movie with Sissy Spacek.

1206 days ago

Sad sad    

He would be that type to kill all his fans. Creepy thought.

1206 days ago




Charlie, I'm told you read TMZ, and I'm sorry the tour has gotten off to a rocky start. .....
I am close to finishing my first script for Austin Film Festival, pursuing voiceover work, and know that I'm a vivacious, attractive woman--something that bitch@$$ emcee only wishes he could be. When next I see Charlie, I hope to get a big smile, a hug, and who knows? :) Love, Blizz Blonde

Posted at 9:49 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by AgentBlonde

Lori, you sound like one ugly, unaccomplished loser. Have another box of doughnuts; that should make up for the ongoing failure that is your life.

Posted at 3:45 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by AgentBlonde

And you sound like a delusional ho bag looking for Chuckles to "discover" your post!.

Your attack really stings....ahahaahahaaha, the "box of doughnuts" was especially hoo....Now, go get checked for STD'S make your mother proud.

1206 days ago
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