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Charlie Sheen -- Chicago, Do Or Die

4/3/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will learn tonight whether or not his departure from "Two and a Half Men" was a good career turn or a disaster as he performs his second show -- this time in Chicago.

Charlie Sheen Chicago
A rep for tells TMZ with the rest of the tour already not selling well -- they have between 200-300 seats available per show -- tonight's performance could send the rest of the tour into a tailspin.

And staffers at several ticket agencies tell us there has been a rapid rise in the number of people trying to unload their tickets since last night's disastrous performance.

Either way, we'll be there and we will tell you how it all goes down ... as it happens.



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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Looked in the News Paper this AM and see that Charlie "****-Head" is comming to town on tour!!!1 Who in "F" are these IDIOTS who are going to pay 50 to 100 $ to see this A--Hole- What kind of BRAINLESS people will shell out one dime to see a DECADENT FOOL open his FOUL mouth???

1277 days ago


you couldnt give me a ticket to see that fool

1277 days ago


this average talented actor needs a serious therapy , not a joke for teens like LiLo : this is serious, very. It shows, clearly: he's seriously under the influence of heavy stuff and it doesn't look good. Now I hope that he'll get help and if he doesn't then I couldn't care less.

1277 days ago


Who would be stupid enough to pay to see this ass in person.
Talk about rewarding ridiculous behavior.
The only reason he ever got a job in show biz in the first place
is because of who his father is. Otherwise he would be waiting
tables like thousands of other actors in L.A. who have some talent but will never get noticed because they have nothing special. He is one of those.
And people are going to see him and paying.
Nothing better to do with your money folks?
Send it to Japan, they need it a hell of a lot more than
Charlie Sheen does.

1277 days ago


I live in Chicago. IMO the people who could afford to buy a ticket to the Charlie show are wanting to give him another smack down. Chicago people love to see train wreck too.

1277 days ago


For those of you who have any doubts, here is the link that said Charlie's Detroit and Chicago shows sold out in 18 minutes.

1277 days ago


It seems funny that #1 and #5 appear to be written by someone in Charlies camp or Charlie himself. He is such a loser. Charlie, go be a father to your kids and quit the side show. You're not good at it. Grow up, and go be a dad and adult.

1277 days ago

steven katona    

omg. i saw the leaked youtube videos like i said i would exactly one hour after the performance. the vancouver date is not on hold. there's room for intervention once again as this fan must get his voice out to his hero! the show must go on but you better polymorph this into something much larger and more epic than the minutes i saw on tmz/youtube. mr sheen needs radical adjustment to his itinerary just to survive the onslaught of gnarliness that is his own fanbase. you screw up in vancouver warlock we'll string you up and take your women. you better get your head checked by the time you get to vancouver otherwise the trolls will bar-b-que over the open pit. its over charles. the games up. you hustle the taxpayer and you'll get eaten alive. no ammount of security will save you from the onslaught of hatred from your fanbase as you can't deliver on the goods. here's the truth. for only $1.99 a minute you can get consultations that will save you from total destruction. i saw many opportunities to change the situation and retake control of the mob but unfortunately you failed. now you see why only professionals attempt maneuvers such as this charlie. there's a difference between the power of the box office and the power of a theater hall. now you bare witness to your lack of understanding the socialities and bring forth nothing but shame and angst to you and your loved ones as they have to witness you fail. for only $1.99 a minute charlie you could listen to the words of wisdom from a trained professional that will help you on your road to redemption and bring forth an act that will stun the crowd and bring honor and hope to yoru family for generations to come. you didn't do your homework charlie and it shows. it'll take a new approach to fix this complex dilemma and bring out an emmy award winning performance otherwise get eaten by the trolls. not everyones a troll charlie but sometimes it takes one to know one and you better choose which side of that fence your on now. tmz goes easy on you charlie. this fan can't. i got tiger blood running through my veins! tonights performance is do or die boy! better make it! i know what i'd do if i were you. o wait no i wouldn't cause i'm me and you are you. you're a wounded warlock charlie. better get some tiger blood quick! mob rules charlie. better get yourself a freedom fighter. commando's don't do so well against mobs. mobs are the people charlie. don't divide embrace instead. that's all i can say. $1.99 a minute for anything else. sorry. its the free world and my professionalism has to take over. i didn't get trained as a culturologist to sit by and watch hollywood fail its actors. this man needs support and i'm not going to sit idle as he fails over and over again cause he's got no 'act'. hollywood should fax his something to say on stage before he's eaten alive. someone should text charlie and send him some lines to use. he needs all the help he can get. do or die? more like we'll see this roadshow morph into the butterfly it was suppose to be. by the fifth show he'll have it down pat. eh charlie? practice makes perfect!

1277 days ago


Chicago tour name:

Armless, Droopy Eyed Chuckles the Clown chases Crack Dealer and Crack Ho on Stage Tour!"

1277 days ago


I'm from Chicago and I can tell you people here are already planning on giving Sheen the same treatment here. I know 5 people already that are DESPERATE to get rid of the tickets! I don't feel sorry for anyone that bought them - did you really think you would get anything out of Sheen that is worth that kind of money? He's not a stand up comedian, WTF is he going to do all that time?? Talk nonsense and bash the networks? I can find that on the net on NUMEROUS sites, for FREE thank you.

1277 days ago


TMZ has definately pushed this bozo to the point of having no credibility what so ever. Yes I get that you had your big Charlie interview and feel you owe him something, but is enough enough already?

1277 days ago


Wouldn't go see this sc*bag's performance if it was free. The audience got what they deserved. That'll teach them!

1277 days ago


People in the mid-west have Real problems. Haven't you seen Hardcore Pawn in Detroit. Last thing they want to do is spend their hard earned $$$$$$ to go listen to some Rich, Self-centered, Drug addict rabble on about nothing. WE DON"T CARE ANYMORE>>>?DUDE JUST GO AWAY !!!!!!!

1277 days ago



Well, we cant say the promoters werent warned, he has been exhibiting classic signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder - for like FOREVER Dude!


Chuckles Krack Korner

And they are promoting a live show of this!?!?


Still hard to believe.

2.5 shows until meltdown IS RIGHT - eeerrr wait

I dont think it made it to .5 show before it fell apart...

1277 days ago


Dear Chicago:

Please forgive Armless, Droopy eyed Chuckles the Clown.

Its the Crack talking!

1277 days ago
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