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Charlie Sheen -- Chicago, Do Or Die

4/3/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will learn tonight whether or not his departure from "Two and a Half Men" was a good career turn or a disaster as he performs his second show -- this time in Chicago.

Charlie Sheen Chicago
A rep for tells TMZ with the rest of the tour already not selling well -- they have between 200-300 seats available per show -- tonight's performance could send the rest of the tour into a tailspin.

And staffers at several ticket agencies tell us there has been a rapid rise in the number of people trying to unload their tickets since last night's disastrous performance.

Either way, we'll be there and we will tell you how it all goes down ... as it happens.



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Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn
Ha ha ha
La De DA

1212 days ago


Wait... Did I just read that Charlie, starved a Dog to death??

Huh.? OMG! I have such discust In my heart for this obnoxious,
chain smoking, dirty looking, ASS Hole!!!

Maybe, he should add Michael Vick to his tour!!!

You sicken soooooooooooooooo many people, bye, bye career!

1212 days ago


Lol at all the saps who bought a ticket to his show.

1212 days ago


I can't help but still feel that this is apart of a bigger picture. He keeps reminding me of Andy Kaufman (RIP) with his actions and I think the show is really the audience's reaction rather then what he is doing. I like the Q and A idea.

1212 days ago


You go Charlie! Rock Chicago like no one has done it b4! The man got to eat the man got to work like it or not!

1212 days ago


i thought, maybe it would be a unorganized disaster,with not enough material to keep it afloat.Sounds like losing,duh....

1212 days ago


Getting booed at every show will be the best thing for Charlie Sheen. Only then will he see what the masses really think of him and his delusional visions of grandeur will be smashed to bits. Maybe then he will realize that HE is not a one-man success show; he has MANY people to thank for the success he enjoyed previously. His ego is out of control and I think it's HILARIOUS that he is finally going to see that he can't do it alone. He doesn't have the talent, the brains, or the drive to be a success ON HIS OWN MERITS. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, had everything handed to him and done FOR him, yet he still thinks he's a WINNER in his own right? HA!!! REALITY BITES Charlie. You don't actually deserve any of the money or success you've enjoyed in the past, and soon you will be wishing you were back on easy street, collecting those huge bags of cash for barely doing anything. You will soon come to see what a lonely world it is when you treat everyone around you like crap and no one wants to be around you or work with you.

1212 days ago


it's now on the shoulders of all of Chicago to torpedo Charlie's cashgrab tour and get him to cancel all the rest of the gigs. he has a non-refund policy on the tickets so i can see him just getting his paycheque and burning the show promoters... cause it's all about the warlock... losing duh!?!

1212 days ago


Day late and a dollar short TMZ...You should have been giving the blow by blow last night.

You got scooped, we all know tonight will be a disaster...what I'm wondering is...will people actually BUY tickets for tonight's show so they can see CHUCKLES melt down in person?...hmmmm interesting thought.

1212 days ago


Is anyone who recognizes mental illness really surprised this is turning into a cf? The only place Charlie should be standing up talking about himself is in the group sessions at the facility.

1212 days ago



Charlie, I'm told you read TMZ, and I'm sorry the tour has gotten off to a rocky start. .....
I am close to finishing my first script for Austin Film Festival, pursuing voiceover work, and know that I'm a vivacious, attractive woman--something that bitch@$$ emcee only wishes he could be. When next I see Charlie, I hope to get a big smile, a hug, and who knows? :) Love, Blizz Blonde

Posted at 9:49 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by AgentBlonde

OH MY GOD...CLOSE already post the same sh*t on every CHUCKLES story...what? what do you want? Do want him to send you a secret message to your tin foil hat?
Go get checked by the Gyno already and close your legs to crazy crack heads.

1212 days ago



Good grief Charlie Brown, it's not that you have balls, it's more like you're the ignorant mulish Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail saying... "It's just a flesh wound!!! I'm invincible! "Come back...I'll bite your legs off!"... after his limbs have all been cut off.
Posted at 8:58 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by SaraBellum

Oh...too funny, made me laugh! That's EXACTLY what Chuckles should do on stage...the Monty Python Black Knights schtick!.
THIS IS HIS WHOLE LIFE IN A NUTSHELL (literally a "nut" shell:)

"However, even at this the Knight refuses to stand aside, insisting "'Tis but a scratch", later insisting that "I've had worse," and fights on while holding his sword with his remaining arm. Next his right arm is cut off, but the knight still does not concede. As the Knight is literally disarmed, Arthur assumes the fight is over and kneels to offer a prayer to God. The Black Knight interrupts Arthur's prayer of thanks for his victory by kicking him in the side of the head and accusing him of cowardice. When Arthur points out the Black Knight's injuries, the Knight insists "It's just a flesh wound!". In response to the continued kicks and insults, Arthur chops off the Black Knight's right leg. At this point, the Knight still will not admit to defeat, instead he replies by saying, "Right, I’ll do you for that," and attempts to lean his body on Arthur's body, by hopping on his left leg. Arthur is extremely annoyed at The Black Knight's persistence, and angrily asks the Black Knight if he is going to "bleed on me". The Black Knight replies by saying, "I'm invincible!", to which Arthur replies "You're a loony!". Arthur finally cuts off the left leg, too. After severing all four of the Knight's Limbs, The Knight says that they should "call it a draw." Arthur then puts his sword away and summons Patsy and "rides" away, leaving the Black Knight to scream threats at him ("Come back here you yellow bastards! I'll bite your legs off!"), whereupon the scene fades out."

1212 days ago


"Do or Die"..... I say Die, for sure. Good-bye Charlie

1212 days ago

Bigg Juicy    

Video Of The Detroit "Meet and Greet" I cant Believe He Would Do That To A Little kid

1212 days ago

J Johnson    

@steve katona:

Reading your ridiculous, poorly written, poorly spelled post caused me to blush for being a Canadian for the first time EVER. You're a ****ing moron.

1212 days ago
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