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Angelina Jolie: Rolling with a Rough Crowd in Tunisia

4/6/2011 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie was surrounded by a pushy crowd of onlookers in Tunisia yesterday -- while visiting a refugee camp for those who've fled the violence in Libya.


Jolie was playing the part of goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees when some people in the crowd got physical with each other.

Angelina was eventually escorted into a waiting vehicle and driven away from the scene without incident.


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There are a lot of mindless idiots posting comments on this story. This woman not only funds her own trips, but she has also donated millions of dollars to countless causes in America and around the world. If she were truly in it for the a good image boost then she could write a check and be done with it. Instead she takes the time to visit with these people and get a true understanding of what they are going through. It is a shame that on top of her humanitarian efforts people want to fault her for adopting children from these poverty stricken countries! I don't recall when giving a child a better life became a fault? Not only has she offered an amazing life to her kids, but she is taking the time to keep them connected to their roots and instilling the characteristic of charity. I am really curious to know what you have done lately?

1295 days ago

Gee Gee    

I think all you people that say negative things about celebrities are JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS and have to belittle others with money to make yourself feel better since you have no ambition to succeed in your own life!!!!. You people disgust me!!!!!!!!!

1295 days ago


My question is-do any of those refugees she goes to get photos with even know who the hell she is?

1295 days ago


I cannot believe so many being Anti-Jolie and yet there is NOT one single forum or board where people can bash her ! Someone needs to create that ! I'll be the first to sign !

1295 days ago


Just so everyone knows... all these negative comments come from the same 5 LOSERS at a forum called "FemaleFirst" that actually devotes their entire lives to stalking and hating Jolie and going around to every website to post bad stuff about it. See for yourself here- they gloat over this very article and the comments they wrote to make it seem like the public hates Jolie (who in my opinion is a Saint)

1295 days ago


I can't believe all you haters, you don't even know your information and you are just talking crap. Angelina if you are reading this don't mind the haters....they are just jealous and don't mind them. They are just people who having nothing going on in their life and get off by trashing other. YOU GO AND DO YOUR THING GIRL!!! TEAM ANGIE!! LOL! :-)

1295 days ago


News flash- same 5 desparate losers register on TMZ to make negative comments about Jolie to make it seem like people hate her, then gloat about it on their pathetic Jolie-hater website. They have NO LIVES!! They literally spend hours analyzing every photo, video, sentence of Jolie who is their secret idol.

1295 days ago


I cannot believe so many being Anti-Jolie and yet there is NOT one single forum or board where people can bash her ! Someone needs to create that ! I'll be the first to sign !

1295 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished. What have any of you critical people done for your anyone lately? And she is a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and not there on behalf of the U.S. taxpayers.

1295 days ago


The people who sit on here and rabidly defend this women are psychos or paid bloggers. Period.

1295 days ago


im wondering why an American woman would go into a muslim country dressed like that? didnt she hear what happened to the woman journalist in egypt? dont people working for the UN get any
instruction about appropriate dress in muslim countries? and what did she do there? really? no i mean really???

1295 days ago



1295 days ago


Have never been a fan and suggest this not a smart move!!! Can't understand why stars go to foreign countries to adopt when so many kids in USA need homes!!!

1295 days ago

Muhammad Paryal    

Angelina jolie is very kindness and beautiful. She is very high pesonality woman. I appreciate her with warm heartly.I too much love with her. I am fan of her.

1294 days ago


To M #61 I have no idea what you are talking about. I am not part of any group. I just don't like her. Amazingly enough there are WAY more than 5 people that don't like her. And as for all of us haters that are on here commenting because we have no life, Um, you are on here commenting as well......

1294 days ago
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