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DROPS Kirstie Alley on 'Dancing'

4/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yep ... it happened.

Kirstie Alley had to pick herself up off the ground last night after Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered a "charlie horse" type pain that made his leg give out.

Kirstie eventually forgave Maksim -- tweeting after the show, "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner."


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I think Maks and Kirstie BOTH handled it well. They practiced the routine many times if it was because of her weight don't you think they would have changed the routine a bit. I myself have had my leg give out on me plenty of happens. Don't be so negative and haters.

1298 days ago


Let's see what you all look like when you are her age. Besides, I think Maks has the hots for Kirstie.

1298 days ago

KardASSian Butt    

I just can't stand her. It has nothing to do with her weight. She's just loud, rude and obnoxious.

1298 days ago


hey toasty, does Kristie pay you in donuts?

1298 days ago


Such haters.

Why is it that when women are overweight, they're referred to as farm animals.. but when Warren Sapp was on the show (heavier than Kirstie), I only heard him referred to as "chubby" or a "big boy"? I really liked him, as I do Kirstie, but he was so big that his partner, Kym Johnson, couldn't get her arms or legs around him in the dances. Yet, bring an overweight woman on the show and the haters come out in droves. Does this mean that it's just more natural and acceptable for a man to be overweight? Hmmm

As for Maks and Kirstie's fall, keep in mind that Maks is the one who does the choreography. Kirstie didn't tell him he had to drag her across the floor and I'm sure Maks wouldn't have put it in the dance if he thought he couldn't do it. Trust me, they did that particular move several times in rehearsals.. it just happened to be on live tv the one time Maks cramped up. Would it have been easier with a lighter partner? Sure. Is it Kirstie's fault? NO.

Cristian De La Fuente tore something in his arm on a live show while dancing with Cheryl Burke. Gilles Marini had a partial separation in his shoulder while partnered with Cheryl Burke also. Misty Mae Treanor (an Olympic athlete in volleyball) ruptured her achilles tendon. And so on...

Injuries happen.

Go ahead, haters, and make your jokes at the expense of the fat chick. I'm sure she knew what she was in store for when she signed on for the show and you won't say anything she hasn't heard before. I'm just content knowing she has more class than you.

1298 days ago


I bet she could lose 10 pounds just by shaving her legs.

1298 days ago


I bet you could just by getting out of your computer chair. Or, by shaving the Neanderthal hair off your back. Either one.

1298 days ago


I have looked at the video and it doesn't look like he is forcing or straining himself in that move where he is pulling her with her leg up across the floor. He's be partnered up with plus-sized women before, actually a few of the professional men have. They are men, they work out. Something like that could happen at any time, doing nothing strenuous or specific. She is the first to say that she is heavy and probably will say something funny about it tonight on the results show because that is Kristie... real, honest not embarrassed of who she is. I am not a Maks fan, but with Kristie, he comes across different--likable. She is fun, funny, free-spirited and a beautiful looking lady. She is bringing the best out of him and it comes across on and off the dance floor.

1298 days ago


I originally thought that kirstie was leaning on maks leg, but she wasn't. Maks' leg just went on him.....way too many haters.

1298 days ago


Kirstie Alley is just way too heavy/fat for Maks to have her lean on him when they dance. I think if they do a lift they will have to charge Kirstie with murdering him she is so fat!

1298 days ago


She needs to go on a diet.

1298 days ago


For the same reason, trucks with full loads must slow down before turning a corner, once that weight shifts IT'S A WRAP! Her weight shifted & he wasn't ready for it anymore than his body was - that's a big girl & all his muscle's combined could not have stopped that cow from tipping over!

1298 days ago


@9- I don't think people can sit on their own face, especially not while typing.

1298 days ago


Poor Kirstie; she's super talented and seems like a really nice person. Who cares if she's overweight?? LEAVE KIRSTIE ALONE.

1298 days ago


Sure is alot of ham, to be lifting.

1298 days ago
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