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DROPS Kirstie Alley on 'Dancing'

4/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yep ... it happened.

Kirstie Alley had to pick herself up off the ground last night after Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered a "charlie horse" type pain that made his leg give out.

Kirstie eventually forgave Maksim -- tweeting after the show, "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner."


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Geez....she's giant. I can't believe it didn't happen sooner.We're pointing out her weight b/c we are being realistic. She is a big ole gal and if anything it's selfish of her to expect him to drag her big @$$ around the stage week after week. As for me thinking I am perfect, yeah I do think I am perfect. I know I am in the weight dept. at least. I'm sorry, I don't feel sorry for fatties, not in the least. quit eating so damn much, take the stair every once in a while and maybe people won't point out the obvious.

1262 days ago


I don't understand y people have to say mean things about her weight. I agree w/u @ toasty. They were on the floor for like a split second and they got back up.

1262 days ago


This just in...In an unrelated story, the National Geological Institute reported a 7.9 earthquake in the vicinity of the show approx the same moment Kirstie hit the ground.

People panicked, dogs & cats ran, rivers ran red, grocery stores were vandalised...people are still hiding under their beds.

1262 days ago


Kirstie looks fabulous. Can you believe she's pushing 60. Wow. She's a tough cookie with a-lot of courage. Anyone who has worked hard and lost even 20 pounds know how much strength, will-power and discipline it takes to get in shape. That's a woman to be admired.

1262 days ago

South Side     

It's funny because she's FAT! :-)

1262 days ago


Erica - If you were "perfect", you wouldn't be such an enormous a-hole. You might not be overweight, but I'm pretty sure I'm safe in saying that judgmental jack*sses such as yourself are always deemed UGLY in the eyes of others.

Kirstie can lose weight, but YOU just can't lose UGLY.

1262 days ago


I love Kirstie!

1262 days ago


Your right Snoogs in your response to Erica.
The way she spoke of fitness makes me think she would support and admire the work Kirstie has already done in her effort to lose weight and get into shape. I bet she looked at DWS as another opportunity to contine her effort.
Erica, I'd say she is "taking the stairs", so to speak

1262 days ago


@The TRUTH: wtf ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Brandy adored him and gushed about him all of the time. He was very sweet to her just like he is to Kirstie. Get your facts straight a-hole!

1262 days ago

moe l.    

He now knows what it's like dancing with a 250 pound sack of potatoes with hooves.

1262 days ago


they shoot horses don't they?

1262 days ago


When are they going to make harassing overweight people a hate crime. It is just as cruel as the other hate crimes. At least she will always be a beautiful person who cares about others. The rest of you will go along in your lives miserable and hateful. When you reach Kirsti's age your looks will be one, but you will still be a very ugly person inside. Very sad for you. Let's make this abuse a hate crime and punish the abusers.

1262 days ago


It's amazing that there is a hate crime bill for everything except you idiots who continue to criticize overweight people. Get a life. Don't realize it is a hate crime that you are commiting. People come in all sizes, thank God, or we would all be malnourished.

1262 days ago


But they saved themselves very quickly and that's what matters. He's a wonderful dancer.

1262 days ago


Only a matter of time before he dropped two ton tessie. They did well after the mishap, but she's a cow as is

1262 days ago
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