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Lil Jon's

Farewell Song for

Amanda Bynes' Dog

4/6/2011 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get your lighters out, because Lil Jon sang a touching farewell tune for Amanda Bynes' dog Little Angel ... who sadly passed away yesterday. Here's to you, dawg ... 040611_TV_bynes_v2_still

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Tasteless - and not the funny kind. Imagine being Amanda and seeing this. Doesn't anyone there filter stories before airing? And here I thought TMZ were animal lovers

1292 days ago



1292 days ago

charlei harper    

are any of you surprised at TMZ for doing this? if you thought for a moment that TMZ was going to take this serious...then you don't know TMZ. If you want serious 60 minutes...DateLine...or Judge Judy, but don't expect any serious from TMZ...and by the did the little dog(?) die??? I heard Bynes left for the a few days and left Paris Hilton watch over her...I'm just sayin'...

1292 days ago


Hilarious and well deserved! Irresponsible pet owners are to be mocked

1292 days ago


You guys are sick !!! Just remember what goes around comes around !!!

1292 days ago


This was not only poor taste and classless, it was cruel. This was the first and last time I will be watching TMZ let alone the talentless punk. My sympathy to Amanda on her loss.

1292 days ago


I don't get how she was irresponsible. She did not let the dog roam around off leash, she didn't leave the dog out intentionally unattended, she didn't leave the dog loose in an non-fenced in area... she wasn't intentionally allowing the dog to escape.

Just because the dog escaped from the house doesn't mean she was negligent. Sometimes bad things happen even when you try to do the right thing.

I pray that all of these people accusing her of being irresponsible when they don't even know the whole situation, never have to go through something like this to realize that point.

1292 days ago


Not cool to make fun of the death of a beloved pet. Poor girl is heart broken. Just because she's a celeb doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings. Shame on you, TMZ.

1292 days ago


TMZ SUCKS for making fun of the loss of an animal. and that Lil' John is a talentless idiot. Losing a pet is devastating.
And mocking it is classless and unforgivable. I hope and pray something equally sad happens to all of you! LOL

1261 days ago


The last time I looked,the majority of people of in this country either like or love animals. Do you know how many people either own or have owned a dog during their lifetime?
Well, newsflash-you morons-those people do not appreciate mocking the loss of a pet. My condolences to Amanda. And I believe that this is not the first time you have made fun of the loss of an animal. I guess you don't care how many people you offend. Keep it up, - then maybe you will all be in the unemployment line when they cancel your show!!! HeHe!!!!LOL

1260 days ago


Just two questions.....Who's Amanda Baynes?
How did the dog die?

Poor doggy!!!

1250 days ago
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