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Glenn Beck's Daily TV Show -- The End Is Near

4/6/2011 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Glenn Beck has announced he will "transition off his daily program" on the Fox News Channel ... and will focus on developing other projects for the network ... so says the pundit himself.

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News

Beck and Fox News released a joint statement saying the final episode of Beck's show  "Glenn Beck" will air "later this year."

The statement explains Beck and Fox News "will work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the FOX News Channel as well as content for other platforms including FOX News' digital properties."

So far, Beck and Fox have not revealed the air date for the final episode.



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He is a true Amreican Hero! People just cant handle the facts! He backed all of his shows with pure facts! Obama is a Fake Fony and a Fraud and you comunist liberals cant take the truth!

Beck will be missed but I'm sure he wont be gone for long!

1260 days ago

Tom Golden    

Who is Glenn Beck?

1260 days ago


I want to know what has Glenn ever lied about? So tired of mean people, most of you people have never seen his show you say what you say because other people say it. Get a mind of your own watch his show one time.

1260 days ago


If everything he said is lies,then why hasnt he been sued.truth hurts.and he new this day was coming before all of you socialist robots did.

1260 days ago


Glenn had a great run believing what he said was true, stating his opinions as truth, and using books offering opinions on what happened in history to stylize the world he believes in to everyone else...

1260 days ago

milford meinheim    

God Bless Glen Beck True American Hero!!! Glen you will be missed.... Thank you for bringing up solid facts on how poorly this country is being run by this administration and how awuful its supporters are i.e George Soros and friends. Obmama has tripled the deficit, doubled unemployment has no plan to come out of this and has proven himeself as a true "PUTZ" i travel international 2x a month to all over the world and i cant tell you how much disgrace i hear about the USA. Glen you brought up Bush's error in over taking Iraq and How Obama is ruining this country. Thank you for teaching us the way you have it is so sad to read the blogs from these people who have minimum wage jobs and or no pension because of what is happening in this country today. I will vote for the man in the future and not the party because of you... You are truly an american hero and I and my children thank you for your courage and belief to make this a better place to live rather than believing Obama's Bull ****, and the rest of our government who just cant seem to get it right ( no matter who is in office!) hey is it true Laura Bush had 8 assistants while her stay at the white house and Michelle Obama has 23 assistants plus her mom.?? just askin??

1260 days ago


I lost respect for him when he mocked president Obama's daughter.

1260 days ago


I'm a big fan of Glen Beck, and I've learned a lot from him.
He'll be fine.
God knows where this country heading to!!!
Shut down government, and what's next?

1260 days ago


Bravo! #180
I agree with you 100%

1260 days ago


Look he is great I am a big fan and I am sad that he is leaving look obamma is a commy not beck he is trying to save us from are selves and you are stupid to think beck is if you think beck is you are the commy get it right pay attintion the next time he is on cause it will blow your mind how truthful he is

1260 days ago


So who agrees?

1260 days ago


Thank God! It's about time we get some of the trash off TV.

1260 days ago

Sandra Leiby    

I can't get over how hateful most of the comments are. I have been both democratic and republican aver the years. I was a union member all my work days and I have seen bad on both sides. However, I have been looking at the world situation and studying it from all sides socially. We have become too militant in our thinking-we are ready to jump on any bandwagon as long as we get what we want and we don't think about what it will cost us in the future. I have been looking into some of the things Glen has said and guess what!--He is right on. We really do have to change our thinking. People need to check out both conservative and liberal media to get a balanced view and
do a little investigating on their own. It surprised the heck out of me. Even Donald Trump is finding some things out he didn't know before.

1260 days ago

Lisa Johnson    

Glenn Beck DARED to tell the truth. He didn't CARE whose toes he stepped on, the President included! He was MY Paul Revere yelling "The liberals are coming and they plan on making us a communist county!" Who else will step up and fill his shoes? NO ONE. The man is one of a kind. I for one am going to profoundly miss him!

1260 days ago


Fox insults itself for considering him for anything. Don't they see that many, many people condemn Fox because of him ?

1259 days ago
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