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Lane Garrison -- Prison Was My 'Worst Nightmare'

4/6/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison is a changed man after serving two years behind bars -- claiming his lengthy prison stint was "a painful experience that I would wish on no one."

Lane Garrison Prison Break
Garrison -- who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter back in 2007 for a drunk driving crash that killed a 17-year-old boy -- opened up in L.A. yesterday ... calling his experience in the clink his "worst nightmare."

Check out the clip ... and remember, kids -- never, ever drink and drive.


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Yeah, I am guessing that during future interviews that he will focus more on the victim than himself.

If it is true that he is still drinking, that is repulsive. However, wouldn't he be prohibited from drinking if he is on probation???

1293 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Very telling that the sentence was his worst nightmare. Not destroying a life, devastating a family, breaking a family tree, no, not any of that. He learned about as much as lohan does when she goes to jail for three days.

1293 days ago


The guy made a plea deal with the state of California, and the time he got was close to what most get in this type of deal. Everyone who drinks and drives doesn't realize what the outcome may be at the end of the night, but most who get the plea deal will get the same sentence. Not just celebrities. Granted, the boy he killed will never be able to grow and his family will still be devestated for years, but this was an accident. An alcohol fueled accident, but an accident still. He has to live with the fact that he killed a young man which is a punishment in itself.
And I feel for post #52 whocares, but what a horrible thing to wish someone a horrible death because someone else put them in a wheelchair. That is just absurd. People do all kinds of stupid things, but that doesn't make them bad people.

1293 days ago


The punishments never fit the crime in CA. My brother was killed by a drunk driver on a CA highway and the driver only got 1 year in a county jail.

I do have to say, some people here are missing the point. There is no doubt that the worst nightmare would be on the side of the families of those killed (believe me on that) but I don't think Lane is trying to downplay that. I think he's trying to tell others that even something as little as 2 years is long enough to be a horrible experience & you shouldn't drink and drive or do anything else stupid to get to prison in the first place. I'm surprised I even would see that. Clearly, people under the influence who get behind the wheel have no regard for human life when they make the choice to drive. But I'm hoping Lane has learned his lesson. He has appeared to be sorry for his actions (never excusable actions) but that's more than most families get. The guy that killed my brother was not. He didn't even care that a life was lost.

1293 days ago


He should have been sentenced to a year for every year the 17 year old was on this planet.

Two years is more of an inconvenience than a prison sentence.
Of course it was "his" worst time...shameful.

1293 days ago


Lots of judgmental people usual, spouting off at the usual.

This young man made a mistake that happens to a lot of people: he drove while drunk. But unlike a lot of people who do this and who don't get caught, he had a tragic accident that resulted in someone being fatally injured.

I'll bet that at least one of the people out of the 59 that have posted thus far will have the same horrible thing happen to them. I just hope that people show you more empathy than they're showing this young man.

1293 days ago


a whole lot of ''charlie's'' on tmz today..he ruined many lives..he should still be in prison..

1293 days ago


Don't forget Brandy got lucky and never was charged with anything when she slammed in the guy in front of her.

1293 days ago


I hate to say it, but, I think is is probably all messed up right now, celebrating his new freedom... I just hope he doesn't get behind the wheel...
P.S He is still very good looking...
Be good Lane and don't hurt yourself... you have so much to offer

1293 days ago

wow ew    

he can bet hes not welcome in beverly hills or at bhhs. all the persian kids are pissed one of their own got killed just for acting years ahead of his own age and getting killed. i hope it teaches the little persians they're not immune to **** and thats what happens when you hang out with adult celebs. not that he deserves it but these kids happen to be kind of full of it. They get a life full of opportunities and they spend it mostly drunk or stoned.
or better yet...they drop out for no reason and get a GED!

1293 days ago


This is sad. My cousin did something similiar and did 6 years in prison and everyone treated her like crap when she got out of prison they taunted her and her daughter and threw rocks at her windows...i hate to say but alcohol causes more pain than happiness

1293 days ago


What a goof! Imagine how the guys family feels living their worst nightmare because of a dumb ass decision to get behind the wheel. Crawl back under your rock

1293 days ago



1293 days ago


I'm pretty sure the parents of the kid he killed are living their worst nightmare for their lifetime to come.

These actors need to get over themselves.

He should have gone away for life.

1293 days ago


I saw on E Channel hollywoods trageties the remorse and misery that night caused this man. you people should watch it to. our world is about forgivness. learning from everyones experiences, and second chances. any religion, phycology, philosophy all say the same thing. people must forgive, and give second changes to those who make mistakes. While this was a huge tragedy, and a terrible choice by this man, everyone deserves a second chance.

on a second note. I dont drink now, but, I have drank and drive. after hearing ihis story, I will never do it again, he should go out and speak to as many highschools as he can, tell his story, and prevent this from happening again, 80% of adults that drink, have driven drunk at least 1 time. just because it didnt happen to you that time, doesnt mean it wont happen the next. everyone should give this guy a break and learn from what happened to him. i know I did. I will never drink and drive again.

1293 days ago
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