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Mickey Rooney -- Truce In Legal War w/ Stepson

4/6/2011 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rooney has agreed to drop his restraining order against his stepson Chris Aber after the two sides reached a settlement in their heated family feud ... TMZ has learned.


Just a few months ago, the 90-year-old actor claimed he was scared Aber would try to kidnap him ... if Mickey didn't sign over his assets.

But now, according to documents filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Rooney and Aber reached some sort of settlement ... and Rooney has agreed to drop the restraining order.

The terms of the settlement are confidential -- but sources connected to the case tell us Aber promised he would leave Rooney alone and stay away from the actor's house.

Calls to Rooney's attorney have not been returned.


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So tired of Mickey Rooney. He was staying at The Mansion on Turtle Creek and actually pulled a chair outside to greet guests. Said a lot about his ego. Go away please. I am so tired of attention hungry old people.

Posted at 5:27 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by Darla


sound like he is a great person to me. and u sound like a jealous loser!

1239 days ago


I live with my father and treat him like gold. This elderly abuse crap has gotta go!!!

1239 days ago


He may not be that likable, and, yes, he's probably gay (SO WHAT!) but he should not be abused by his sons, stepsons...anyone

1239 days ago


This was the look of his face I saw some years back at an autograph signing at the Beverly Garland Hotel in the Valley. He was angry and yelling at people and threatened to leave if he didn't get the fire doors behind his table opened for air. I really wanted to tear up is $20 signed photo and drop it on his table he was such an *******. Oh course when he passes on no one will remember his later life and he will be the Hollywood Icon. At least Liz earned her title.

1238 days ago


You should be ashamed for posting a photo of the mick like that. Always trying to throw in that extra kick. The editor needs to take some refresher courses since he/she is trying way to hard to be noticed. have some respect for the greats.

1238 days ago


I know Mickey and the whole sordid story and while 90 seems old, when he is on stage, he really is amazing. He had no checkbook or ATM card yet his account went from 400K to less than 2K. He has a legitimate fear of his stepson, especially when he realized that he was signing assets away and living in his own house where the wife put a padlock on the refrigerator. He is still sharp s a tack and his career in pictures and on broadway outshines most of the "stars" working today. He is a good man and no one, especially the elderly, deserves to be abused or neglected by members of their own family, even if it a step son. The wife is in denial and I know torn between her loyalty to her son and her husband, but Mickey's appearences are what created his income, not the son or the wife and now he is broke. This matter is nowhere near over and more will be revealed once the court appointed conservator reviews the last several years of income and expenses. Mickey showed me his empty wallet, has no direct access to any cash, and is somewhat helpless given his age. I hope that the real truth comes out so people will show a little more respect for this man who raised a ton of money in war bonds, made classic motion pictures, and who continues to be a living legend.

1232 days ago


Unfortunately Mickey has been a part of my family for 30+ years and I can tell you first hand this man has NO social graces whatsoever, is verbally abusive, can be physically abusive (pushes people)has never ever taken any interested in his financial well he says "I pay people to do that". For years we told him he needs to pay attention to his finances, what is coming in, what is going out, what he pays to whom. He never cared. Most of what has been in the media are half truths or just plain lies and all of this has been engineered by another member of the family who have their own agenda. Mickey is an ACTOR and apparently his ability to act has paid off and the media as usual without knowning the whole truth about this man, bought his story as did the Senate. The words that came out of Mickey's mouth while speaking before the Senate "I'm told to shut up, I don't know what I'm talking about" is something I have heard many many times out of HIS mouth to his wife and/or anyone else whom he doesn't agree with. This is NOT a nice man! If family, friends, & neighbors were asked to testify about this man and his behavior and abuse there would be a very long line of us. There are many layers to this story and it makes me sick what he has done to his Stepson and how all of this mess has been handled.

1229 days ago


I hope he stays strong he is an amazing man and my new hero

Check out videos on our father's trust and his elder abuse by our stepmother

and here too

1204 days ago
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