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Valet -- LeBron's Mom HUMILIATED Me!

4/7/2011 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mother screamed the words, "Don't you know who I am?!" -- before slapping a parking valet this morning in Miami ... so says the "humiliated" valet himself.

Rockfeller Sorel surfaced in Miami earlier today -- where he told reporters he feels completely humiliated -- and vows to take legal action against the NBA star's mother, Gloria James ... saying, "I need justice."


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You go...get her for all you can. Bing her back to reality.

1261 days ago


I'm not gold digger, BUT I don't blame the parking attendant. You just can't walk around slapping people because you are P* and get away with it. She thinks that she can do anything she want and hide behind the name Lebron. He probably is embarrassed, heck the whole nation know about it and a everyday person plastered over the media, yes I would be embarrassed if she was dumb enough to do it, yes I would sue her a* too. Its not like he went looking for the situation, she dropped it right in his lap. If Lebron don't watch it his mother is going to always keep him in negative publicity.

1261 days ago


why should anyone know who she is? She must really think she is important to think she can just slap "one of the little people". I'm so sick of these celebrities (and she isn't even that, her son is) thinking they can just do anything they want. I hope he gets money and i wish she would get a couple of days in jail. Maybe it would bring her back down to earth for a while.

1261 days ago


He knows who she is now. I hope he gets PAID.

1261 days ago


#10 LMFAO!!!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!
Well, who do you think would be parking the cars if he wasn't a talented b-ball player????? We know who you are f***ing drunk beotch who thinks she can act like Beyonce when she is only semi-famous for getting knocked up and giving birth (and a holier than thou attitude) to LeBron.

1261 days ago


I scarely know who her freak son is let alone her meaningless ass. So ghetto.

1261 days ago


She is lucky this guy had some class and didn't knock her on her ass! Give these no class, no education people some money and they think they can do whatever they want! To bad he didn"t rip her wig off and beat her with it! Put her drunk @$$ in jail!

1261 days ago


No one has to put up with well-to-do people who feel they are entitled to treated everyone who they feel is beneath them. The valet SHOULD SUE...and then ask her...DO YOU KNOW WHO (I) AM.

1260 days ago


she needs to keep her hands 2 herself. cant treat ppl any way u want because your son i might add is famous and she deserves whatever she gets i hope he gets paid 4 it 2 hell everybody has feelings rich or not.

1260 days ago

Jewel of The Wild    

There's all kinds of wrong with this situation.
She, Gloria is wrong for blabbing with friends while her car is waiting & then the Valet dudes should have just parked the car to the side somewhere. But him dropping her keys, or throwing them to the ground, seems to angered the situation.
Now if she was intoxicated, why didn't the Valet supervisor or someone prevent Gloria from attempting to drive while impaired?
And to fast-talking-angry valet guy, good luck with your suit, because if your GREEN-CARD not legit, those dollars won't be. He would want to be fearful of deportation right along with his family.

1260 days ago


His mother is sad. She is nothing more than a teen ghetto mom, whose son made it to the NBA. Now she walks around as if she's achieved something. Besides riding off her son, what does she do for a living. The justice Dept needs to review the food stamps she used to trade for cash in the "projects".

"Pride comes before Destruction" she should be soo humble that she is able to live off her son the way she has. I would have knocked that ghetto queen the "F" out. He should sue her, we know she don't have "s" but Lebron will pay for his ghetto mother. The slap is worth about 5 million dollars,Tramp come and slap me, my rent is due next month.

1259 days ago


He should sue her! And If she doesnt have any better self-control than that, her ignorant ass is going to get sued again at some point. Its ashamed that she's embarrasing her son with her stupidity. Finally, to answer her question, "Do you know who I am?", hell naw, nobody knows who you are! You are not famous, your son is!

1259 days ago
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