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LeBron's Mom to Cop -- 'I Don't Trust Your Kind'

4/7/2011 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mother slapped a Miami Beach valet so hard in the face, she lost her balance and fell to the ground -- then told a police officer, "I don't trust your kind" ... this according to the police report.

Gloria James

The arresting officer says he tried to question 43-year-old Gloria James about the alleged incident at the scene early this morning ... but he got "no response just a stare."  After a while, she eventually admitted to having a "minor verbal altercation" with the valet.

The cop says the valet explained that he retrieved James' car and put it on the valet ramp in front of the hotel while Gloria and a female driver stood around talking to people for 30 minutes. Finally, the valet says he turned the car off.

The valet says Gloria then approached him and stated, "Where are my f**king keys and continued yelling profanities at the victim."

The report explains, "Then for no apparent reason the arrestee struck the victim with an open had [sic] across the right side of his face  and in the process causing herself to lose her balance and falling to the ground."

After Gloria was transported to a nearby police station, the report continues, a shift commander -- Lt. Acosta -- tried to speak with James who responded, "I'm trying to trust you but I don't trust your kind ... I don't trust that officer who arrested me."

Gloria then told police she "was not going to cooperate because she did nothing wrong."

UPDATE: Police have released a photo of Gloria being taken into custody.


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Talk about self-entitlement. Sick and tired of this African-American crooked conviction. Like the whole world owe them.

1302 days ago


I cannot believe in this day and age that there are so many racist comments on this subject. It's a bit unsettling. What this women did was wrong...but it's not because of the color of her skin It's what she felt inside that made her do that...I thought we were so above this....kinda ashamed at these comments. I don't agree with the comments she made either but do any of you see pictures of the "People" she was referring too? You just conclude that she's talking about a white guy? Let's see pictures before we start judging. By the way I'm a white chick if you were wondering....

1302 days ago


Good news: The valet gets a big payday for being treated like someone's slave! How is that for "don't trust your kind"?

1302 days ago


Watherone... She should have to go on Glen Beck and tell every one what a rasist bitch she is

1302 days ago

Jon P.    

"i don't trust your kind"

I'm sure the cop was probably like Holy ****; how did you know i was thinking that.....

To quote Jay-Z
"you can pay for school, but you can't buy class"

1302 days ago

Olivia W    

"My mother does not drink!" "She does not slap valets!" "She is not racist!" "The media is outrageous!"

"The Miami Police department failed to issue a field sobriety test to Gloria James and these allegations that she was drinking at the time that she fell are outrageous."

That's what your lawyer needs to be saying tommorow morning Lebron. Denial is in your future. You're used to lying aren't you Lebron?

"I'm trying to trust you but I don't trust your kind ... I don't trust that officer who arrested me."

What was she saying Lebron? "I must say that you're being very kind" That's what she said but everyone heard differetly right Lebron? That's what you're lawyer is advising you right now isn't it Lebron?

1302 days ago


Racist bitch.

1302 days ago

Olivia W    

You're awfully quiet Lebron, don't you love your momma? What a bad son not to come to his mothers defense.

Lebron my neighbor said you're a terrible son for leaving your mother out in the cold twisting in the wind.

She brought you into this world Lebron and all you can do is stand by and watch as the wolves tear her apart. Terrible son Lebron.

Stand up and defend your mother, be a man. Do something responsible for a change.

1302 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, LeBron's mom look like a dude with a wig on, in that booking photo. I hope she didn't look like that, the night Delonte West banged her, for goodness sake....

1302 days ago

Olivia W    

Lebron's mother man-handled by police, kicked to the ground by a valet and had her name dragged through the mud by the media. Lebron James didn't say a word to her defence.

Just ignore all the people coming to support your mother Lebron James. Ignore Oprah, BET and The View Lebron.

Ignore the calls from ABC, NBC and CBS Lebron all they want to do is offer thier support for your mother.

Why won't you make a statement to the press Lebron? Do you hate your mother?

1302 days ago


Dawn # 116------

If you are a "white chick" (very classy way to describe yourself, by the way) why do you hate your own race? Are you ashamed of being white and therefore believe that anytime someone of another race, color, reglion, whatnot does use racism, it must the white man's fault? Look in the mirror and quit hating yourself.

1302 days ago

Olivia W    

Lebron James hates his mother. Let's the press tear her a new ******* over beating a valet and spitting racist remarks at the cops

Lebron James hates his mother and silently let's her good name die.

1302 days ago

Big D    

Wow, I didnt know his Mom was Troy Palomalu. That is a choice pic of her....lol

1302 days ago

Olivia W    

Lebron James's mother attacked a valet, got drunk and made racist remarks to the police.

Now we all get to read about how the media is racist for reporting about Lebron James's mother.


1302 days ago

Olivia W    

This is your time Kanye, Chris Brown, BET, Oprah and The View. This is your moment to come to the defense of poor old Gloria James.

All she did was fall to the ground and she got arrested. How terrible! Where is the support? Won't Lebron help his mother in the press?

1302 days ago
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