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'Real Housewife of NYC'

is Sandra Bullock?

4/8/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's re-styled "Real Housewives of NYC" yenta Jill Zarin last night (left) -- and Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock back in 2003 (right).

Real Housewives of New York

Jill is eight months older than Sandra.

We're just sayin'.


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summer Carlyle    

Jill Zarin looked hideous and like most posts I too was just aghast at her desperate attempt to look young, hip and cool. Jill, spend the money on a speech pathologist so you may learn proper grammar and speak without annoying the audience.

1230 days ago

Diane K    

Sandra Bullock has so much more class! Not even close...not even in the same country!

1230 days ago


It seems to me that she has done something to her face, it doesn't even look at all like her any more. The top she had on looked like an undergarment (lingerie). And it was weird to see her without lipstick. And it was even weirder to keep hearing Jill's voice coming from a person who looks nothing like Jill.

1230 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

She's a pretty woman but that look definitely is not for her. Bethenny can whore it up & look good, but Jill's look is a little more conservative. And the f*** me shoes absolutely did not help. The hair's not bad, though the extensions seem more trouble than they're worth.

1230 days ago


that outfit was RIDICULOUS last night, and the funny part is how clueless she is. i laughed for so long, with the wanna be 20 yr old pop star looks, corset top with her grandma titties under her chin and the ridiculous high heels. ramona dressed her age and looked appropriate, she looked like a damn hussy.

1230 days ago


That look was so embarrassing! She is an ugly woman, she should just accept that fact. And what a mean spirited, ugly inside broad she is! I am shocked that she is not in her mid 50's, I always thought she was.

1230 days ago


I watched last night, thinking WTH, why didn't someone stop her from going on TV like that! She must not have any real friends or sees a different person in the mirror than the rest of us see! The 1990 Madonna look just doesn't work for a older woman who has no sex appeal. I felt embarrassed for her.

1230 days ago


Jill is way too old to dress like that! if she was trying to make a statement, mission accomplished..." I am an old fool! " I agree that her daughter must be mortified!

1230 days ago


right when i saw her she reminded me of trying to copy Bethany, dark hair, pony tale, shapers.....? The lady has some mental problems, ofcourse she ewon't think so just like Kelly. She looked like a costumed NJ housewife wannabe.....yikes. I feel sorry for her husband, kid and stepkids..

1230 days ago


Wow - she is about 15 years too late to Vogue (aka Madonna). LOL She looked ridiculous. I would love to hear what Bethenny had to say. Jill is an obnoxious, fake, mean girl. So glad Bethenny got everything she so richly deserved - total success in both her personal & professional careers. In yo' face Jill!

1229 days ago


Ramona looked great.
Jill looked ridiculous. That corset top she was wearing is from her line of shape wear that is coming out this fall. She fancied herself to be an advertisement for her new spanx-type clothing line. I doubt anyone will buy it for fear of looking as ridiculous as Jill did. She has lost a little weight but says that she did not, so that everyone will think her girdle type clothing works magic.

1229 days ago


Um -- more like I dream of Jeannie wanna be. She looked hideous.

1229 days ago


CLEARLY, this woman has no friends, because if someone I knew tried to walk out of the house looking like THAT, I would flat out tell her she looks like CRAP. She is closer to 60 then 30 and even at 30 the look would be ridiculous!!! That has to be a joke. Could you imaging your wife or mother walking around, IN PUBLIC and ON TELEVISION wearing THAT. I'M BLIND. MY EYES!!!

1229 days ago


I'd betcha this is the best compliment given to Jill Zarin!
Sandra is a beautiful woman and a class act plus the It girl in L.A. ... so to compare Jill to her will probably give Jill a bigger ego than she already has lol.

1229 days ago


Hellz TMZ why are you insulting Sandra like that?? Sandra has done nothing to you.

1229 days ago
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