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"Idol" Fans -- Get Rid of Stefano, Bring Back Pia!

4/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fans are bombarding the show and FOX ... demanding they bring Pia Toscano back ... and give Stefano Langone the boot.

Our "Idol" spies tell us hundreds of fans have been begging FOX to recognize the injustice of kicking Pia off the show, and bend the rules.  It appears these fans are organized, because they come with a singular message -- Stefano has no chance of winning and therefore he should be removed now as a sacrificial lamb so Pia can come back.

We're told the fans have even reached out to Stefano ... pleading with him to remove himself from the competition.

Certainly nothing like what the fans are asking for has ever happened on "Idol" -- but hey, it never hurts to try.


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Vote off the guy with the flowered suit and no singing voice at all! Keep Stephano who has a great singing voice.

Pia could obviously sing but my god she was soooo boring and could not even move with the music. I would never buy a ticket to see someone just stand there like a statue and move one arm up, then down, then move the other arm up, then down. That is all she could do to each and every song. Her uptempo song made her move like she was stomping on grapes. No reason to keep her!

1259 days ago


Pia was very boring to watch ...Stefano got the most he deserves to stay ... I agree his fans are growing and he continues to get better .... American Idol will continue and millions of us will keep watching and voting ...I think the eight left are all good and entertaining to watch ...Especially Scotty,Lauren,James,and Paul ..

1259 days ago


Some people want to change the rules because their choice isn't winning? Pathetic and unfortunately, typical.

1259 days ago


I think ALL of you need to get a little! this Show is about getting SEEN! and Talked About" and that is all....they did that! Pia got a contract she can't do! cause of what she sign'ed to do Idol. the Others are in the same boat! so none of them WIN till After Idol Tour '11 THEN we'll see who shines...

1259 days ago


Whilst I love the judges they are not guiding the viewers this year. They do not offer any criticism to the contestants but seem to not want to hurt their feelings. They praise every contestant, at least Simon was honest.

1259 days ago


I am absolutely sick to death of all this Pia nonsense and how she should be voted back on stage, are you people crazy or did you just start watching the show?? While yes Pia has a good voice she lacked stage performance and could only sing slow ballets. Every time she finished a song all of the judges told her she needed to work on performance and she gave nothing. I was cheering when she was voted off due the fact that it has to take more than a (supposed) pretty face to win.....good luck to all the contestants still on the show and thank you for making this an extremely interesting season....for those of you complaining, pick up a phone and vote !!!

1259 days ago

billy cema    

The judges were almost like practicing contortionists, patting themselves all over because they saved Casey. They sounded like they just saved the world of show business.
But they were'nt satisfied. They made fools of themselves with their unprofessional conduct when Pia was fairly and squately eliminated! In addition, they ignored Stefano's feelings as if he was invisible! Randy should know better; he of all people! He apparently forgot how his people were/are treated like they're invisible.

1259 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

ok, ill give up my dream so pia can get voted out again....ya rite would they really expect him to bow out? stupid!

1259 days ago


I was glad Pia was canned! Although she has a good voice, she has no stage personality. She's a dead fish on stage. She was not the American Idol! This year has so much talent that there will be people crying about every cast off. I knew this would happen as soon as they got rid of Thia. If you like someone you better call in hundreds of votes for them because anyone can walk away with the crown. It's everyones to lose. All it is going to take is a little screwup or lack of confidence on stage and they're gone. I think the moneys on James to win it but Haley is my favorite. Good luck to your choice!

1259 days ago


stefano will go this week- so no worries...but DO NOT bring back pia? she got what she deserved...she was so boring & added nothing to the songs she sang. i wouldn't vote for her & obviously a lot of others didn't either- that's the beauty of IDOL those that connect with voters-WIN!

1259 days ago


The person that should get voted off is Reinhart. She is arrogant and had that ****y smile when she wasnt voted off then struted to the couch. I wish we could vote for the people we wanted OFF the show.

1259 days ago

Julie a beautiful lady with an outstanding voice. It was a shame she was let go so early in the competition but she has landed on her feet with a new recording deal. Stefano should hold his head up high....the American people wanted him to remain on the show because he too is every talented!! Show em all what you got Stefano!!!! People believe in you are you wouldn't still be there!!

1259 days ago


Best Idea I have heard since last week.If Stephano would step down they would be able to bring her back. He is a nice kid but he is NOT going to win anyway..

1259 days ago


that's being unfair to's not his fault that pia didn't get the votes...the fans vote so blame yourselves...hahaha...she's gonna be signing a record deal so what's the big deal... :D

1259 days ago


I blame the judges for using the save too early.

1258 days ago
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