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Trump Rips Bill Cosby -- He's a Two-Faced Phony!

4/11/2011 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump is firing back at Bill Cosby after the comedian blasted the billionaire on "The Today Show" last week -- claiming Bill's nothing more than an underhanded backstabber.


It's all over a statement Bill made on "The Today Show," claiming the Donald should either "run or shut up" -- referring to Trump's ambiguous stance on running for President in 2012.

Trump -- who can't publicly declare his candidacy until "Celebrity Apprentice" is over -- returned fire today in a statement, claiming, "While I have never been a fan of Cosby’s, I had always assumed he liked or respected me because every time I met him ... he was always so nice."

Trumps adds, "If [Bill] doesn’t want me to run because he’s obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not ... treat me like his best friend, only to denigrate me when I’m not around."

Check out Trump's full statement after the jump.

The Donald's Statement

April 11, 2011

The other day on The Today Show, right after I was interviewed by Meredith Vieira, a terrific person and reporter, I happened to watch Bill Cosby who was on at the end of the show. While I have never been a fan of Cosby’s, I had always assumed he liked or respected me because every time I met him—the last time at the David Letterman show where I preceded him as a guest—he was always so nice, saying “let’s get together”—asking me out to dinner, and being polite to the point of offering to buy me a suit because he has a “great tailor.”

In any event, as I watched the show, the subject of Donald Trump came up.  I was surprised to hear him blabber, somewhat incoherently “you run or shut up.” The hatred was pouring out of his eyes when he said this. As I am sure he must know I cannot run until this season of Celebrity Apprentice ends. I know that he has taken a lot of heat over the years  in that he seems to be talking down to the people he’s talking to and purportedly trying to help. Actually, based on the way he acted, things are not looking too good for Cosby.

I wish he would be more honest, and if he doesn’t want me to run because he’s obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my “green room” in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend, only to denigrate me when I’m not around. Sadly, he got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance—maybe he is not as dumb as I thought.

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Bill Cosby has only been known to tell it like it is. I'm sure Bill did not know that Donald needed to wait until after the apprentice is over to decide on what he will do. I like Donald but he would not make a good president. Stick with what you do best Donald!!!

1259 days ago


Never trust a cheater. And my friend I believe Bill Cosby was indeed a cheater.....

1259 days ago


Mr. Trump is being "wishy washy" about the whole Presidential bid. I personally think he is just trying to drum up press/attention for himself. As for Bill Cosby...Mr. Trump, just because someone is nice to you in passing does not mean they like you. Some people are just cordial to everyone because that is the kind of person they not wear their disdain for you on their sleeves. Yes, Bill Cosby has been known to be tough on certain individuals, namely black males who think the world owes them something and run around like a bunch of thugs who don't take care of their responsibilities! He has to be tough with these guys! I don't blame Mr. Cosby for being up set at this group of individuals who give the wrong image of black males, and yet have the gall to sit there and claim it is "the man" who is keeping them down, when they aren't doing jack to do anything with their lives! And no, not all black males are like this, but every race has this group of people who think the world owes them everything, and this is who Mr. Cosby talks down to!

1259 days ago


Donald, you would make a great President of the United States.
Don't pay any attention to these FOOLS!

1259 days ago

Home Skillet    

I am voting for Trump. Could he possibly do worse then that unAmerican in office now? I could run the country as well as Obama has. He lied through his campaign and told the public what they wanted to hear.... not what he could do in reality.

Bring on the proof Obama isnt a US citizen Donald and lets get this liar out of office!!!!!

Posted at 1:23 PM on Apr 11, 2011 by Chaz

You birthers are hilarious ... the more you open your mouths, the more you show your ignorance. President Obama is an American - you've seen the birth certificate, and you know it. You like the inflammatory comments that you make here to get people riled up - likely a paid Fox blogger. The entire birther conspiracy theory is as tired as your little tirade. Accept and move on - OBAMA in 2012 !!!!

1259 days ago


Play nicely, boys!

1259 days ago


Jeeze Bill, hate white people much? Kids say the darndest things!

1259 days ago


Trump was a cheater too - does Marla Maples ring a bell??

1259 days ago


Donald Trump . . . You mean the guy who believes that Obama was born in Kenya and Gary Busey is a genius?

Remember it's a lot easier keeping a casino out of bankruptcy than a country. We know Trumps record on that. Trump is a publicity whore not a political whore.

1259 days ago


I am white and I used to love Bill Cosby when I was a kid. But now I believe he is a racist/elitist who, with Opra, are the worst of their kind. Instead of helping their own they put them down. Don't kid yourselves. The African-American leaders WANT to keep their race down so they can keep the power. With no enemy they would have no power over the people. It's hate that keeps them going.

1259 days ago



1259 days ago



MARK MY WORDS...He'll be as jaded as Goldman Sachs!!!

1259 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey! don't blast bill cosby just yet...he'd make a great vice president!! i'm serious!

1259 days ago


I'm with Bill on this one...

PUT UP or SHUT UP Don...

And ya know WHY I don't care for "The Donald"??

Cuz while watching the new Celebrity Apprentice episode...He basically admitted that he prioritizes WINNING over CHARITY...He's a straight-up MEISER...DON'T BE FOOLED PEOPLE!! He's a conman...

My father was in the navy with Bill Cosby's dad...My dad actually has a picture that Bill's dad gave him...I saw the pic, and it was a pic of Bill with his father...Bill is actually a good person...While "The Donald" is not.

1259 days ago


Actually I don't think the 2012 Presidency is worth arguing about one way or another. By the time the election rolls around the Obomination will have squeezed every last drop of juice out of our treasury and I don't think any of us will have enough cash to drive to the polls.

In the last 2 years we have increased our national debt by 40%. That's staggering people!!!! On top of that just this week the Obomination is lobbying to increase the debt ceiling yet again. Absolutely incredible.....

You can blame Bush, or the recession, all you want but the bottom line is that the Obomination is in the driver's seat. We'll just have to see after another 2 years if this country can afford him. Time will tell, tick, tick, tick....

1259 days ago
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