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Super Lawyer Outraged

at Kim K Cosmo Cover

4/11/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famed lawyer Mark Geragos -- one of the most outspoken people in the L.A. Armenian community -- is furious that Cosmopolitan ran a picture of Kim Kardashian on the cover of Turkish Cosmo, saying it's another example of Turks rubbing salt in the wound of the Armenian people.

Geragos -- a friend of Kim K's -- tells TMZ ... Turkey seems to be on a campaign to co-opt L.A. Icons.  First, Geragos says, the Turks used Kobe Bryant's image to promote Turkish Airlines, and now Kim.

Geragos says he believes the Kim K cover is a combination of taking advantage of a celebrity and rubbing salt in the wounds of a people who are the victims of genocide.

Geragos says, "Anyone who has synapses firing would never do such a thing."


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How is glorifying someone who is already the biggest media ho of the moment (Kim) by gracing her on the cover of a mag. a slight? I can see if they showed her covered in blood or something that this might be taken in a bad way, but WTF is she complaining about? She loves to show her face and A$$$ all over the internet/TV etc... she should be digging this cover! By the way, I am most certainly NOT TURKISH. Get a life Kim.

1255 days ago


Thanks to Granny Kris and the amount she got paid for Kimmie on the Turkish magazine cover! Anyone who thinks it happened any other way is foolish.

1255 days ago


Harvey, you owe an apology to all Armenians.

1255 days ago


Allegedly? Did you show that to Mark Geragos(ian), Harvey? I bet he'd have a little chat with you.

1255 days ago


Armenians think they are special. Get over it. That's why they drive around in Mercedes Benz like its going out of style. You think the Turks only slaughtered the Armenians? You called the modern-day Turks who are the children of the children of the Ottomans "responsible"? This Armenian ideology is racist. They throw their money around and act offended. Turkish Airlines is not allowed to use Kobe as a spokesperson? Why because their butts are clogged up with unforgiveability? Please. This is a political issue, used to advance the image of a overwhelmingly mean-spirited Christian minority.

1255 days ago

what He said    

Get over it Mark Garagosian!

Armenians kill more people with the billion dollar payout by the government and fraudulent medical schemes.

Stealing is in God's Top Ten of What Not to Do. So if you are looking to be compensated for BS by Turkey then protest Thanksgiving but DONT set up a fake medical business and bill the govt. for millions phony claims millions of people are effected and are in the line of fire you stupid armenians.

1255 days ago


If someone signs a contract with international syndication rights it seems a bit late to get upset when the picture appears in countries they may have a beef with. In fact silly not to have stipulated which countries are prohibited during negotiations.

1255 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

Haven't heard from or about ole' Markie in a while. Guess he'll jump on the Kardashian Don't Forget About Me Bandwagon! I'm still here, you love me right.....

Grow a pair Markie.

1255 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

#10 YOU SHOULD CHILL OUT MAN(WOMAN)AND NOT HATE SO MUCH IT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.I know what will help you.You can start a Kim K fan club.

1255 days ago


Bravo Bravo for that perfect article Kim K Superstar.
Armenians now have one voice as will use it to their benefit. Lets see how far this goes. I hope Kim K read all this the truth hurts...

1255 days ago


Oh good LORD, they're trying to make a BUCK off her and could probably care less about her feelings.

She signed paperwork to distribute this picture on Cosmo...which we all know she LOVES to have her picture EVERYWHERE...don't you think it's a tad HYPOCRITICAL to jump the Turks for putting her face on their Cosmo and THEN drawing more attention to it by saying how "outraged" she is?

That broad will do ANYTHING for publicity, including trading on the dead of her ancestors!.

1255 days ago


Baby K, you put it into words that are so revealing about her. You should be a writer for her show, you are my hero today.

1255 days ago


If she were really truly "outraged" she should haul her big ass up to Congress and petition her PRESIDENT to fully acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

Has Obama ever really come out and called it a Genocide? Or is too afraid to upset the Turks?

1255 days ago


NEW RULE - When you're a POS that represents child molesters, wife/baby killers, woman beaters, and all other general s***bags, you don't get to comment on someone else's lifestyle choices.

1255 days ago



1255 days ago
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